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The 10 Best Showtime Dramas According To IMDb

Homeland and Billions

by Nathan Sharp | ScreenRant | January 11, 2022

Showtime has produced some excellent dramas throughout its history, many of which have won awards and become important products of pop culture.

Showtime is a major player in cable television. While it doesn’t quite have the prestige of an HBO or the popularity of an AMC, it has nevertheless become a household mainstay thanks to its strong lineup of television shows. Many shows that have aired on Showtime have gone on to enjoy incredible success, both in terms of popularity and critical evaluation. Some have even become iconic mainstays of popular culture.

They can’t all be winners of course, but Showtime’s greatest dramas are well-renowned within critical television circles, as is evident by their strong ratings on IMDb. These are the best of them all.

4 out of 10
Homeland (2011-20): 8.3/10

Homeland is by far one of Showtime’s most successful shows, running for eight seasons and nearly 100 episodes. While some believe that the Showtime series was ruined, others believe that it was consistent throughout. Regardless, its legacy has been firmly established.

It received 98 award nominations and 35 wins throughout its run, including eight Emmy awards. Awards were given out for its editing, casting, writing (x2), and acting (1 for Damian Lewis, 2 for Claire Danes), and it won the main award of Outstanding Drama Series in its very first year.

3 out of 10
Billions (2016-): 8.4/10

The premise of Billions doesn’t exactly sound enticing, but it makes for wonderful viewing regardless. Damian Lewis stars as hedge fund manager Bobby Axelrod, a ruthless and powerful man who accrues wealth through various illegal means. The man pursuing him is United States Attorney Chuck Rhoades, played by the always wonderful Paul Giamatti.

The series has earned good reviews throughout its run and scored two Critics’ Choice Television Awards nominations in 2018 – Best Actor in a Drama Series for Giamatti and Best Supporting Actor for Asia Kate Dillon. The latter performance is particularly notable, as it made Billions the first American show to star a non-binary character.

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