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Damian Lewis Featured on – March 13, 2015

Damian Lewis for

Damian visits Savile Row tailoring – he’s partial to a bit of Huntsman and Burberry. His wife Helen McCrory once commented that he carries a suit better than any man she knows! Instagrams Damian –

Damian Lewis looking splendid in one of our lapis blue suits this week! #huntsman #savilerow #huntsmansavilerow #uk #london #damienlewis #manoftheweek #gentleman #british #tailoredsuits #huntsmanscreen






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Hamlet days

I have no idea whether this is true, but it’s a cute story. From Richard Kay’s Mail Online column:

Plummy-toned Old Etonian actor Damian Lewis didn’t seem to care who could hear as he regaled his wife, actress Helen McCrory, and their children Manon and Gulliver on the top deck of a No.  14 bus travelling down Piccadilly.

‘His theatrical projection drowned out the destination announcements,’ says a fellow passenger. ‘I assumed at first it had to be someone on their mobile. I was six rows away yet I could hear his conversation crystal clearly.’

The Band of Brothers star was recalling bumping into the National Theatre actor Paul Freeman. Says my exasperated traveller: ‘Lewis suddenly declaimed: “He was Claudius to my Hamlet.”’ Fancy…


Thanks to oziegirl17.

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Damian on Black Sky Radio next week!

  • Damian Lewis will be LIVE on Black Sky Radio on Wednesday, March 2nd
    at 9:30pm GMT (4:30pm EST) as part of the Band Of Brothers Cast Interviews 2010/11!

    You can listen to the broadcast live online via the Band of Brothers Cast Interviews 2010/11 blog or at the Black Sky Radio website.

    Questions for Damian Lewis can be sent to producer Ross Owen at Questions can also be posted in the chatroom held here during the live interview.

    Interviews with Band Of Brothers cast members have been airing live almost every week since June in celebration of the drama’s 10 year anniversary. To listen to past interviews or for more information, visit the Band of Brothers Cast Interviews 2010/11 blog. For the latest updates, visit their Twitter and Facebook pages.

  • Damian Lewis’s personal assistant, Michael, sent us a small update. No broadcast date to report for Stolen but to look out for Damian in the Metro, The Times, the Daily Mail and other papers. Regarding Man is Wolf to Man, he thinks “this is all dependent on Homeland. There are a few other things Damian is working on and in discussions with, this will all be confirmed once Homeland is decided on.”

  • In an interview with TV Squad Homeland producer Howard Gordon says that the tentative broadcast date for Homeland is September.

    On to ‘Homeland,’ with Claire Danes and Damian Lewis. Would you describe it as more of a psychological thriller than an action thriller?

    Yeah, very much so … ’24’ always had a kind of heightened reality. I think it had a nice emotional integrity, but always in a heightened kind of context. This really does feel like it’s happening in the real world, because it has that kind of slow, observational, very human storyline. So it is more of a psychological thriller. I think in some ways, it’s taking some of the same material, obviously, and looking at it in an entirely different way.

    You’re working with Showtime for ‘Homeland.’ How is that experience different from working with a network, the things that you can do, the pace that you can employ to tell the story?

    Showtime feels to me like the difference between … a major studio movie and independent film. There’s a kind of fearlessness there, to be nuanced and to be slow … to take your time, I should say. Slow is not a good word. But, just the medium itself. The fact that there are no commercial breaks changes the rhythm and changes the whole experience. And of course, the latitude you have in terms of material.

    What’s the timeframe for it? Is there a planned premiere date?

    The idea would be in September. Nothing is written in stone. We have to finish this (pilot) first, and they have to like it, but I think it would come out next September.


  • The Cambridge Jones exhibit, Talking Pictures, is now on display at the Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery in Barnsdall Art Park from March 3rd to April 24th. The exhibit features celebrities like Damian Lewis, Matthew Rhys, Ioan Gruffudd, and Michael Sheen who are of Welsh descent. See this PR Newswire article for more info.

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‘Life’ broadcast in Australia

  • Damian Lewis fans in Australia: Life is now airing weeknights at 7:30pm
    on the pay channel 13th Street. More details here on the 13th Street website. Thanks to Jen for the headsup!

  • Soccer Aid 2010 update: Actor Michael Sheen and Manchester United star Ryan Giggs have been added to the Rest of the World team. The Soccer Aid charity match, which will raise money to benefit UNICEF, will be played in Manchester United’s Old Trafford stadium and broadcast live on ITV1 on June 6th. More info on the new additions here and here.

  • Helen McCrory, in rehearsals for The Late Middle Classes, was interviewed by critic Mark Shenton on stage at the Donmar Warehouse on May 11th and among other things mentioned that she and “Damian watch hardly any television
    (occasional news), Damian taught her to appreciate film, they go to the
    theatre a lot, they are not planning to live in the States (not for now
    anyway), children keeping them busy, how much she admires Damian as an actor
    (and not just saying that because she’s married to him, she said).” Thanks to Tina for the report! 🙂

    Previews for The Late Middle Classes begin May 27th.

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Upcoming appearance, new ‘Your Highness’ release date

  • Damian Lewis will be taking part in a celebrity poetry reading for the Josephine Hart Poetry Hour on May 17th! Tickets (£2.50 – £3.50) are now available here at the National Theatre site. Many thanks to Ann for the headsup!

  • New release date: Universal Pictures has moved the release date of Your Highness from October 1st to April 8, 2011! Read more about it here.

  • In an interview with, Daredevil co-writer Antony Johnston mentions Damian as an actor cabable of portraying “the heroism and vulnerability” of the Marvel Comics character. Damian Lewis has been the object of fan discussion at CBM on who should be cast in a potential Daredevil film.