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Maj. Richard Winters Dies

  • RIP Major Winters.

    Hershey native, Major Dick Winters, the World War two hero has died.

    News 8 has learned about his passing through a close family friend.

    Winters passed away January 2. He was laid to rest on Saturday, January 8.

    He had requested a private, unannounced funeral service.

    Winters grew up in Lancaster, attending Boys’ High School and Franklin and Marshall College.

    After graduating, and a few months before the attack on Pearl Harbor, Winters joined the army.

    Later, he commanded the group of World War II heroes known as “the band of brothers”.

    The family said a public memorial service will be held at a later date.

    In three weeks, Major Dick Winters would have turned 93-years-old.


    More: – Dick Winters, of ‘Band of Brothers’ fame, dies – Dick Winters, who inspired ‘Band of Brothers,’ remembered as an American hero

    The Washington Post – Dick Winters dies; WWII hero commanded ‘Band of Brothers’

    Damian Lewis had this to say about the Major in the preface he wrote for Biggest Brother, a biography of Major Richard Winters:

    … At boot camp I called him for the first time, and through a series of

    phone calls I set about slowly trying to earn his trust. What emerged as I

    got to know him was a man not given to late night in bars, reminiscing, not

    given to romanticizing his past glories. He was a man whose recollections

    were analytical, pragmatically ordered, not emotional, a man who was much

    happier answering questions on technical maneuvers or what boot he wore his

    knife on (the left by the way), than what he felt, as he found himself

    isolated from his men, staring at a whole company of Germans, on top of that

    dyke in Holland, for example. “I was always just concentrating on getting

    the job done, ” would be his typical reply. It dawned on me what a happy

    coincidence it was that I had felt slightly removed from the “hype” at the

    beginning of the job, a little detached. For it was precisely his ability

    to distance himself from any hysteria and to remain calm and lucid in

    moments of danger that made Dick Winters a natural leader of men. But not

    only that. Once I had his trust, I found a warmth, a wickedly dry sense of

    humor and a willingness to listen that is not often found in men of


    After the series had filmed I went and visited Dick and Ethel at home in

    Hershey, Pennsylvania. We chatted and joked as he showed me some of his

    momentos and walked me around their beautiful farm (another major

    achievement in his life). He treated me like a son and told me that he

    thought I’d done a pretty good job portraying him, although he was unsure at first! I thought, yup, that’s him. Authoritative, nurturing and honest all at once. I felt immensely proud that I’d had the opportunity to portray this man, a decorated war hero whose story I’d been entrusted with. It had needed a precision and an unfailing commitment to the truth. It’s what Dick always demanded, of himself and others.

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New project? ‘Homeland’ casting news and gallery update

  • The Hollywood Reporter has more casting info and news on the Homeland pilot:

    Diego Klattenhoff has been cast in the Showtime pilot Homeland. Klattenhoff is a Canadian actor who starred in the 2008 ABC series Men in Trees with Anne Heche.

    In Homeland he’ll play Mike Faber, a Marine colonel and the best friend of Scott Brody (Damian Lewis), the lead character who returns after years in exile in Iraq only to raise the suspicion of a CIA agent (Claire Danes) who suspects that Brody may now harbor anti-American, jihadist tendencies.

    Mandy Patinkin plays Danes’ boss. And Laura Fraser co-stars as Brody’s wife.

    Adapted from the Israeli television series Prisoners of War, Homeland is executive produced by Howard Gordon and Alex Gansa, veterans of Fox’s terrorism drama 24. (Klattenhoff had a small part in the 2009 season of 24.)

    The pilot begins shooting in early January. Gordon, Gansa and Prisoners of War creator Gideon Raff wrote the pilot script. Dexter’s Michael Cuesta will direct for Fox 21.

    Homeland is the first pilot developed under David Nevins’ watch as president of entertainment at Showtime. Nevins described Homeland as a departure for the premium cable network.

    “It’s a great psychological study like all the best Showtime shows,” he said. “But it actually is much more than that in the fact that it’s a psychological thriller with a real ticking clock and real edge-of-your seat elements.”

  • New Project? Damian is listed on the Lords of Magic IMDb page as being rumored for a role in the project. The film written by Gary Van Haas and to be directed by Rob Walker concerns the story of “British Lords and their attempts to conjure spirits and summon the dead. A journey into the arcane world of ‘real magic’ when famous writers such as Arthur Conan Doyle, H.G. Wells, and William Butler Yeats practiced magic in the occult as an art.” There’s a good synopsis at the Angel Motion Pictures official website. The film is listed as being in pre-production and is tentatively set to begin filming in Belgium in 2011.

  • Gallery Update: 2 old photoshoots of Damian have been added to the albums below.

    2006 Greer Studios

    2008 Patrick Fraser

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Damian Lewis cast in the Showtime pilot ‘Homeland’!

  • Damian Lewis has been cast as the male lead in the new Showtime pilot Homeland ! ➡ What a fantastic cast and crew! From

    Showtime’s drama pilot Homeland has assembled a pretty solid cast. Former Life star Damian Lewis has been tapped to star opposite Claire Danes in the pilot from 24 executive producers Howard Gordon and Alex Gansa. Lewis will play the male lead in the project, which centers on Marine Sergeant Scott Brody (Lewis), who returns home after spending eight years as a prisoner of war in Baghdad, and Carrie Anderson (Claire Danes), a driven CIA officer who suspects he might be plotting an attack on America. Scott, who was discovered during a U.S. attack on an enemy base, was brought to the U.S. with much fanfare and is happy to be home with his family, wife Jessica (Laura Fraser), and two kids, but still carries with him the trauma of his imprisonment and torture. Lewis, a British screen and stage actor, is best known in the U.S. for his roles in the NBC quirky drama Life and HBO’s Emmy-winning World War II mini-series Band of Brothers.

    Also cast in Homeland is another British actor, David Harewood (Blood Diamond). He will play David Estes, the the youngest Deputy Director of Intelligence in CIA history, decisive, political, professional, but ultimately self-serving who is frequently exasperated by Carrie’s obsessive determination to follow up any lead, no matter how small or politically inconvenient. Production on the pilot, whose cast also includes Mandy Patinkin, is slated to begin Jan. 10 in Charlotte, N.C.

    Click here for the IMDb page. Futoncritic also has a nice page on production developments. Other news articles on the production and cast:

    Deadline – David Nevins On The Move At Showtime: Picks Up Thriller From Howard Gordon


    Deadline – Mandy Patinkin In Showtime’s ‘Homeland’

    Deadline – TV CASTINGS: Laura Fraser Joins Showtime Pilot ‘Homeland,’ Two Added To ‘True Blood’

  • The green band trailer for Your Highness was released today and you can check out the HD versions at iTunes Movie Trailers. Some of the naughty bits that were included in the red-band trailer have been removed so some of Damian’s scenes are missing. If you’d like to download them, try these links I’ve posted at Mediafire: 480p, 720p, 1080p. You’ll find a download of the red band trailer here on the site.

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Damian tops “Hottest Redhead” poll

Damian Lewis has topped the men’s division of the “Hottest Redhead” poll conducted by Apollo Cinemas. 🙂 From the
Monstors & Critics website:

Mad Men star Christina Hendricks has come first in a new poll to find the world’s hottest redhead.

The 35-year-old sexy star is best known for playing curvy secretary Joan Harris in the hit US show and she beat off competition from actress Mandy Moore, 26, and British singer Florence Welch.

The poll was carried out by Apollo Cinemas and Band of Brothers star Damian Lewis, 39, topped the boys poll after beating stars such as Paul Bettany, Mick Hucknall and Prince Harry.

Other stars that made the female poll included: Lily Cole, Lindsay Lohan, Geri Halliwell, Nicole Kidman, Nicola Roberts, Isla Fisher and Sarah Ferguson.

In the boys survey, stars such as Toby Stephens, Boris Becker, Rupert Grint, Joe Swash, Chris Evans and Paul Scholes also polled in the top ten.

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‘The Baker’ screening in CT

The Baker will screen at Warner Theater in Torrington, CT on December 16th as part of a lead-up to next year’s CT Film Festival where The Baker won the 2009 Audience Favorite Award. Visit the Warner Theatre website for ticket information.

The Baker is available on DVD and Blu-Ray in the US and Europe. Click here for links. It’s also available in streaming – standard and HD – from Netflix.

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BBC Press release on ‘Stolen’

  • The BBC Press Office

    has more on the BBC One film Stolen:

    Damian Lewis plays Detective Inspector Anthony Carter in a fast-paced thriller about human trafficking in Britain today, where

    children are brought here for a better life but end up working illegally outside the system.

    It’s a story of modern child slavery that demonstrates the broadening scope of single dramas on BBC One.

    Stolen follows the story of one man, Anthony (Lewis), and three children.

    Anthony works in the Human Trafficking Unit, battling to make a difference to the plight of exploited children being smuggled

    into the UK and from there, to anywhere and to any fate.

    Anthony has a wall of snapshots in his office of unknown children, children without passports, without identity, without

    family, without hope, who have been smuggled into this country to be enslaved and exploited: Rosemary 11, is a terrorised young

    girl from West Africa, who thought she was coming to England to be educated. She is sold as a house servant; Kim Pak, 15, is a

    gardener in a Vietnamese cannabis house, imprisoned in a semi in suburbia; Georgie, 14, from the Ukraine, is put to work in the

    food industry, making sandwiches.

    If Anthony could save just one of those faces on his wall, it would be worth it.

  • According to the online magazine, Blast, Damian Lewis has signed a limited amount of special edition art prints of Brian Fox’s portrait of Major

    Richard Winters. The portrait is part of The Major Richard Winters Leadership Project, a campaign to raise money for a monument

    in Normandy and a documentary film that will focus on Major Winters’ leadership during WWII. Damian Lewis will narrate the film.

    For more information on the The Major Richard Winters Leadership Project, visit the Tim Gray Media website and the


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Update on the BBC1’s ‘Stolen’

  • There are new details on the upcoming BBC drama Stolen. The 90-minute television film is scheduled to broadcast on BBC One in 2011.

    From the Yorkshire Evening Post:

    Band of Brothers star Damian Lewis is to appear in a new BBC drama about human trafficking.
    The actor will play a police officer tracking down trafficked children in Stolen on BBC1 next year.

    The film, directed by Justin Chadwick who made The Other Boleyn Girl starring Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johansson, follows the lives of three modern-day child slaves including a teenager forced to work in a cannabis factory and an 11-year-old girl sold as a house servant.

    Executive producer Polly Hill said: “It’s a thriller with an important story to tell and this combination makes for a very exciting drama, and one which we are thrilled has attracted Justin back to television.”

    From Digital Spy:

    Damian Lewis has signed up to star in a new BBC One thriller.

    Stolen focuses on Lewis’s character Detective Inspector Anthony Carter, who works in the human trafficking unit.

    The story follows Anthony as he tries to save three children who have been smuggled into the UK.

    The show’s executive producer Sita Williams said: “We have wanted to make this film for a very long time, and I’m delighted that the BBC has commissioned it – to bring this subject to a wider audience.”

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New BBC project! + HIGNFY, again!

  • New Project Update: Damian’s personal assistant, Michael, has updated us on Damian’s new project: “He has been cast in a TV film which is produced by the BBC titled “Stolen” he goes to Manchester in the next few weeks to begin filming, he will be there for approximately a month. At the moment there is no release date for the film on the BBC but it will be early in the New Year. The film is writer by Stephen Butchard and directed by Justin Chadwick who directed “The Other Boleyn Girl” as a film and various TV series such as “Spooks”, “Life Force”, “Red Cap” and “Bleak House”.”

    Click here for the film’s IMDb page and here for the site’s Stolen project page.

    According to the BBC press release, “it’s a story of modern child slavery” that deals with the “subject matter of human trafficking in Britain today, where children are brought here for a better life but end up working illegally outside the system.” The 90-minute film is being made by RSJ Productions and will broadcast in 2011 in the 9:00pm slot. More articles on the production at The Guardian, The Stage, and Vision+Media.

  • Damian Lewis will again appear as guest host in a new episode of the quiz show Have I Got News For You on Thurday, November 18 at 9:00pm on BBC1. For more info click here (Many thanks to Ann for the headsup!) The extended version Have I Got a Bit More News for You will broadcast Saturday, November 20 at 9:20pm on BBC2. This will be Damian’s 3rd stint as guest host on HIGNFY. Click here on the TV Appearances page to download his 2009 appearance.

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BFI Appearance

  • We heard from Damian’s new personal assistant, Michael, this week and he was kind enough to pass on the news that Damian will be at a Directors UK event at the 54th BFI London Film Festival on Monday and that as far as projects go “Damian is currently working on some of his own stuff.” We’ll just have to wait and see what that “stuff” turns out to be!

  • Reminder: The first episode of the Afternoon Play Number 10 broadcasts on Monday from 2:15pm – 3:00pm and may be listened to live on the BBC Radio 4 page.

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‘Number 10’, ‘Your Highness’, ‘The Baker’ DVD release

  • Damian Lewis will again be playing Tory PM Simon Laity in the BBC Radio 4 Afternoon Play Number 10. The political drama will again be serialized in 5 parts with the first episode broadcasting on October 25th at 2:15pm. For information and download links from last year’s series click here.

    A summary of the first episode from the BBC website:

    Simon Laity- the new Tory PM – is trying to enforce across-the-board spending cuts but his ministers have all gone native. Then it’s leaked that he has commissioned a report which calculates the gain to be made by slashing the armed services budget in half. The Chief of General Staff goes ape.

    Meanwhile they are interviewing companies to run the Number 10 coffee bar, and Amjad from Crown Appointments wants Simon to choose a new bishop for Yeovil.

    And then there’s a British woman now married to a suspected senior Al-Qaeda terrorist who has just entered the country. She turns out to be here for an NHS kidney transplant. The hospital goes on strike.

  • First Loook: Promotional stills from Your Highness have been released and you can see Damian in the background of one of them. Damian will play “the head of a dastardly pack of knights”. Your Highness starring Danny McBride, James Franco, Natalie Portman, Zooey Deschanel is set for release on April 8th of next year.

  • DVD news: The Baker, retitled Assassin in Love, is finally available in the US on dvd and Blu-ray. Click here on the site for shop links. Also, the Band of Brothers Blu-ray box set, normally priced at $100, is priced at $34.99 at Target this week! :O

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‘Man is Wolf to Man’ update, Cambridge Jones’ exhibit

  • According to an article on the the website, Man is Wolf to Man will be filming in South America this Fall.
  • The Cambridge Jones’ exhibit, entitled “Talking Pictures”, is on display through Nov. 27th at the The New York Public Library for the Performing Arts and features celebrities like Damian Lewis who are of Welsh descent. Click here at the New York Public Library site for more information.