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Damian Lewis Tweets Picture Outside Music Studio

Amps and Mics

by Damian Lewis | Twitter | March 22, 2023

L to R: Joe Webb, Will Sach, Billy Adamson and Giacomo Smith. Photo Credit: Damian Lewis

Damian tweeted out this photo with the caption, “Now that’s a band.” And from his Instagram account he shared, “Meet the band.” The photo was taken just outside of Creation Studios, a music studio and luthier located in the heart of Camden, London on Kentish Town Road and Royal College Street. We’re guessing they were either renting some rehearsal space or laying down some tracks for Damian’s upcoming debut album set to be released this summer. Can’t wait!

For more information about Creation Studios, visit their website here.
View photos of studio time and album artwork here

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Legendary Footballer John Barnes Coaches a Young Damian Lewis

From the Archives

by Gingersnap | | June 24, 2022

We have long suspected and can now definitively share that the photo above, which has been floating around the internet since 2015, is indeed a young Damian Lewis. A little backstory for you – Damian recently shared on The Anfield Wrap podcast with Andrew Heaton that he and some of his pals were coached by legendary footballer John Barnes during his Watford days. Since Barnes played for Watford from 1981–1987, that would make Damian somewhere between the ages of 10-16 during that timeframe.

To narrow down Damian’s age even more, video of The John Barnes Story documentary (26:20 in), which originally aired in 2015 on ITV 4 as part of the Sports Life Stories series, states Barnes found time to coach on the green playing fields of Eton College during his career and we know Damian attended Eton for five years, between ages 13-18. The documentary also states Barnes provided coaching sessions at Eton for “the under 14’s.” My guess, Damian is probably between the ages of 13-14 in this photo. We’d like to thank football fan Simon Corney for his initial clue shared on Twitter back in April, 2015. And finally, we’d like to thank Andrew Heaton who confirmed with the Fan Fun Team that the photo is in fact, Damian. Mystery solved 🙂 And if you need more confirmation, John Barnes confirmed himself:

View more images in our Gallery here

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Let Them Eat Cake…

Damian Lewis Turns….15? 🙂

by Gingersnap | | February 11, 2022

“I noticed some people had the candles the wrong way round…Thank you⁩ for this little beauty x x x”

Damian got the cake we had delivered to him on behalf of the Fandom and Fan Fun team. He tweeted out this photo. Looks yummy….the cake, too! 😉 Enjoy your day, Damian! See the 51 birthday cakes fans from all over the world made him, here.

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Damian Lewis for Ruth Strauss Foundation

Eye on the Ball

by Gingersnap | | April 26, 2020

Damian participated in the virtual/online RSF26 Challenge in support of the Ruth Strauss Foundation while quarantined. How many taps can he get? For more information about the Ruth Strauss Foundation, visit their website here

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Celebrate Damian’s Birthday Month With Us – Jan 30, 2019

Social Media Challenge

by Gingersnap | | January 30, 2019

To celebrate Damian’s birthday on February 11, we are celebrating him the entire month of February with a 28-day Actor Challenge on Twitter.  Be sure to play along by following Twitter accounts Fan Fun with Damian and Gingersnap. Simply reply to our tweet each day, as listed below, and we will re-tweet you! Here is the day-to-day guide:

  1. February 1 – How/when you discovered Damian
  2. February 2 – Favorite film
  3. February 3 – Favorite television series
  4. February 4 – Favorite television mini-series
  5. February 5 – Favorite scene from a film, television series, or mini-series
  6. February 6 – Favorite movie still photo
  7. February 7 – Favorite television still photo
  8. February 8 – Best director/writer Damian has worked with
  9. February 9 – Favorite photoshoot
  10. February 10 – Best acting performance, any genre
  11. February 11 – Make a birthday wish for Damian!
  12. February 12 – Favorite attire/clothing item
  13. February 13 – Favorite iconic photo with another celebrity
  14. February 14 – Favorite picture with Helen <3
  15. February 15 – Favorite .gif
  16. February 16 – Favorite overall photo
  17. February 17 – Favorite Damian selfie
  18. February 18 – Favorite character from a television series
  19. February 19 – Favorite character from a film
  20. February 20 – Favorite female cast mate
  21. February 21 – Favorite male cast mate
  22. February 22 – Favorite award Damian has received
  23. February 23 – Dream pairing with another actor
  24. February 24 – Favorite interview and/or favorite answer in an interview
  25. February 25 – Which Damian Lewis character do you most identify with?
  26. February 26 – Favorite video/YouTube clip
  27. February 27 – Which fact about Damian do you find most interesting and why?
  28. February 28 – My favorite thing about Damian is…
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Damian Visits Book of Kells – March 26, 2018

From Billions to Ireland

by Gingersnap | | March 26, 2018

According to this Tweet, Damian visited The Book of Kells Exhibition and Old Library at Trinity College Dublin in Ireland. Read more about the Book of Kells here.

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Bobby Axelrod is a Twitter Emoji – March 19, 2018

Billions Hashtag on Twitter

by Gingersnap | | March 19, 2018

For those fans who have Twitter, simply tweet any of these hashtags – #Billions, #BillionsPremiere, #TeamAxe, or #TeamChuck for a Chuck Rhoades vs. Bobby Axelrod head-to-head emoji  as we ramp up towards the season three premiere. Let’s get #Billions trending!

Tune in to the season three premiere on March 25 at 10 pm EST on Showtime and don’t miss our weekly recaps at Fan Fun with Damian Lewis.

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Damian Spotted at Pre-BAFTA Dinner – Feb 14, 2018

Pre-BAFTA Dinner Fun

by Gingersnap | | February 14, 2018

This Tweet just in: Damian attended a Pre-BAFTA dinner this evening at the Spencer House in London and according to Deadline, legendary New York publicist and hostess Peggy Siegal co-hosted the dinner with James Bond producer Barbara Broccoli and theater producer Jessica de Rothschild. Damian is seen photographed here with actress Allison Janney.  The 71st British Academy Film Awards (BAFTA) will air Sunday, February 18 and we hope Loving Vincent wins Best Animated Film, in which Helen McCrory voiced Louise Chevalier.

Original photo source: Instagram @giancarlogiammetti
Secondary source: Deadline

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Damian Spotted at Brasserie Zédel Last Night – Feb 14, 2018

A Valentine’s Day in Memoriam Tribute: A Play on Words

by Gingersnap | | February 14, 2018

According to this Tweet, Damian joined Hal Cazalet, singer, actor, composer and lyricist, as a surprise guest at London’s Brasserie Zedel last night in honor of P.G. Wodehouse, who passed away on Valentine’s Day in 1975.  P.G. Wodehouse is one of the great writers of the twentieth century, best known for the Jeeves and Wooster characters. And it seems Damian lent his singing chops for all the Brasserie Zedel guests to hear. According to their website, Brasserie Zedel is a Parisian brewery, American bar and cabaret that serves traditional French food surrounded by a historic Beaux Arts/Art Deco interior.

Dressing room selfie with Damian, Hal Cazalet, Hugh Wooldridge Simon Beck and Lara Cazalet.

Source: Instagram @simonbeckmusician

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Billions Season 3 Trailer Released in Australia – Feb 5, 2018

Power Has a New Name

by Gingersnap | | February 5, 2018

Stan Australia released a new Billions season 3 promo, which includes several different scenes than what has been previously released in the United States thus far.

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Escape the Blizzard of 2018 with ‘Billions’ – Jan 4, 2018

Escape the Blizzard of 2018 with Billions

by Gingersnap – – January 4, 2018

Do what Bobby Axelrod suggests – escape the cold weather and eat some warm grub while catching up on the first two seasons of Billions on Showtime.

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Game4Grenfell: The Best Pictures as Team Ferdinand Win Celebrity Charity Match – Sept 2, 2017

He’s a Ham!

by Staff | The Telegraph | September 2, 2017

Damian Lewis playing Game4Grenfell, a charity football match in aid of the victims of the Grenfell Fire tragedy.  Grenfell Tower Charity Match, Loftus Road, London, UK – 02 Sep 2017

Source: Instagram

Source: Sky1

Source: Damian Lewis Twitter


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