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Damian Lewis Spends Adventurous Weekend Cycling in Cumbria – March 16, 2015

Homeland and Wolf Hall Star Damian Lewis Visits Cumbria

Actor Damian Lewis spent an adventurous weekend cycling and running in Cumbria.


Damian Lewis with Dan Richards, owner of Lake District Cycling, at Penrith Station

The actor, known for his roles as Nicholas Brody in Homeland and Henry VIII in Wolf Hall, came up with his friends on Saturday morning from London on the first train.

He hired a bike from Lake District Cycling at Penrith Station before he and his friends cycled to Glenridding. They then spent the day running up and down Helvellyn, England’s third highest mountain, in wintry conditions.

A few weeks ago Dan Richards, owner of Lake District Cycling, was rather surprised to receive an answer phone message from Mr Lewis, asking if he could hire a bike.

Mr Richards said: “He was a genuinely charming, lovely guy. They committed to doing something that was a bit bonkers, frankly, but they all did it and seemed to have a really great time.”

The friends stayed the night in Penrith at The Agricultural Hotel before returning back to London on Sunday.

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Damian Lewis Interview, The Times, June 1, 2010

Damian Lewis

The star of The Forsyte Saga, 39, lives in London with his wife, the actress Helen McCrory, and their two children

Damian Lewis

I used to be a bit of a party animal. These days I can’t go out relentlessly and be a father as well. I have two children, aged 3 and 2, so instead I tend to do silly “dad” things such as going on 150-mile bike rides with my friends just to prove that we can do it. We did a ride in the Cambrian Mountains and Brecon Beacons over three days at Easter out of a sense of adventure, but we’ve all been in physiotherapy ever since.

I’ve got my own five-a-side football team called the Tufnell Touch. It’s just me and a few mates: five fit, handsome men struggling with mid-life crises. There aren’t any other celebrities in the team: they can be temperamental, and you need a strong mind to play with me.

I started playing football aged 6, but back then, I was just banging footballs over the playground netting and getting into trouble with the nuns.

I’m naturally a pale, skinny Englishman, so if I need to get some muscles, I go on little fitness regimes. Sometimes I’ll get a personal trainer, other times it will be weights in the trailer. There are very few sports that I won’t do. Though you’ll never see me curling.

Maintaining my “girlish” figure is a constant worry. But really, if you’ve ever played competitive sport to a half-decent level, you get used to being in shape. I don’t do it for work, I do it to be healthy.

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