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Damian Lewis Enjoys Some Golfing in Wales

Ace in the Hole

by Gingersnap | | August 26, 2023

This weekend Damian was spotted in the Welsh countryside of Llandybie near Llandeilo, Wales at the Glynhir Golf Club, stopping in at the golf course’s Pro Shop. Is it me, or is his hair blonder? Perhaps some highlights for a new role or his current vampy role as the malevolent and alluring Uncle Will in the vampire comedy, The Radleys. Or maybe the lighter locks are a result from all that fun in the sun from his recent vacation in St  Tropez.

Damian has shared many times over that he loves going to Wales. From history we know Damian’s North Walian father Watcyn and his grandparents were all Welsh, so he has links to the area having been a regular visitor since his youth. Holidays and weekends were spent either in Llandeilo or around the beaches of Porthmadog, celebrating St. David’s Day was a childhood event and the Welsh team was the only one to back in rugby. The family has a second home there, which they have occupied in Llandeilo for more than 40 years.

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Damian Lewis At the Aberglasney Mansion Opening

Unveiling Historic Mansion’s Renovation

by David Higgs | Wales Online | May 25, 2013

At Aberglasney Mansion on Saturday
He’s the Hollywood A-lister more accustomed to the red carpet than life in rural West Wales.

But yesterday Homeland star Damian Lewis was the star attraction at a tiny Carmarthenshire village, where he spoke proudly of his Welsh heritage. The Emmy and Golden Globe award-winning actor was present to officially open the Aberglasney Mansion at Llangathen, near Llandeilo.

The 42-year-old, whose grandparents were both Welsh, has links to the area having been a regular visitor since his youth.

“We’ve actually had a house down here in the area for 30 years,” he said. “My father is Welsh through his blood line and I support the Welsh rugby team, otherwise he would have taken the belt to me. “My wife Helen has a Welsh speaking mother that lives in Cardiff and she has a grandfather who was the Welsh boxing champion no less, Bobby Morgan.”

Lewis, a friend of local artist William Wilkins, cut the ribbon to mark the official opening of the mansion since its £600,000 restoration.

“One of the things that I learnt being here was what an extraordinary amount of hard work has gone into, first and foremost, the garden, which was really initially the area of historical note,” he said.

Yesterday’s event came 14 years after the gardens opened to the public and is the latest milestone in a remarkable transformation of the historic site.

“I love coming to Wales,” added Lewis. “My father is 100 percent Welsh. On both side of his family, like so many of the Welsh did, they went across to Liverpool and Birmingham looking for work and all fell into Welsh communities and all married each other. “My grandmother was a Welsh speaker. It’s in the blood.”

Source: Wales Online

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Move Over Coen Brothers For the New Kids on the Set

Lewis Filming Duo

by Claire Hill | Western Mail | May 6, 2006

Move over the Coen Brothers, there’s a new film making duo in town, and this time they’re Welsh. Actor Damian Lewis has teamed up with his baby brother Gareth to make their first film together. Claire Hill joined them on location in their beloved Wales

Damian Lewis’s legs are half sticking out of a makeshift vent shaft as the actor attaches knee pads underneath his all- black ensemble.

A gun is visible and is just peeping out from the band of his trousers. Next to his feet, rolls of silver gaffer tape and wires are scattered on the floor. Directly in front of him, in the old paper mill, tucked at the back of a Cardiff industrial estate, someone fashions a gun holster out of an old yoga mat.

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