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Damian Lewis: Walk and Talk

Strolling in Central London, Discussing Mission Creep

by Damian Lewis | Twitter & Instagram | June 22, 2023

Damian took a little stroll in Central London while recording a message to his audience and fans, explaining his debut album Mission Creep (released June 16) is very much a storytelling, sort of rootsy album. As for his musical and creative influences, the album has three covers: Neil Young, J.J. Cale and Jelly Roll Morton. In the beginning, Damian and his band did not set out to make an album, only get together and play some covers. But he enjoyed writing the very personal song ‘She Comes’ so much that he found himself writing 8 other songs. In terms of his music experience in comparison to acting, Damian shared that his friends think it’s nice to see him up on stage as himself than as a character. He went on to state that there is a difference when you’re performing a character because you disappear, transform into something else. Playing concerts and gigs, he’s very much himself. And we like that 🙂

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Damian Lewis Talks Ed Nash Through the Songs That Soundtracked the Pivotal Moments in His Life

Nine Songs

by Ed Nash | The Line of Best Fit | June 9, 2023

Whilst his friends were exploring the worlds of Goth and Post-Punk, the young Lewis spent hours perfecting the Presley quiff and developing a lifelong love of ‘50s music. Fast forward to today and his acting career couldn’t be more different to his hero, rather than the missteps of The King of Rock and Roll’s film roles, Lewis’s body of work on screen and stage can only be described as illustrious.

Following his breakthrough as Major Richard Winters in Band of Brothers, he’s shapeshifted through a range of characters, from Homeland’s Nicholas Brody to a delightfully devious Henry VIII in Wolf Hall, bringing an old-school charisma each part, which came full circle with his take on Steve McQueen in Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood.

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London Jazz Festival Review: Damian Lewis

Four Out of Five Stars

by John Bungey | The Times | November 21, 2022


Jazz in all its forms — from funky to free-form, catchy to headscratchy — enjoyed its 30th annual splurge in the capital with 300-plus festival gigs by assorted stars of the genre — and one gatecrashing film star.

On the final night, a festival debutant with an album out next year wowed the crowd at the Tabernacle, Notting Hill. Quite why the actor Damian Lewis’s show of rocking, rootsy Americana should be part of a jazz festival is anyone’s guess. But his own songs had real flair and if “the acting malarkey”, as he called it, ever fails, his Martin guitar will prove a useful fallback.

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Damian Lewis Performs Songs From Upcoming Debut Album at Tabernacle London

Closing Out the London Jazz Festival

by Gingersnap | | November 20, 2022

Damian Lewis played an intimate performance to a sold-out crowd at the Tabernacle on closing night of the London Jazz Festival on Sunday, November 20, 2022 with special guest Hattie Whitehead.  Doors opened at 7:00 p.m. and he took the stage around 8:35 p.m. Band members remained the same from his Omeara performance including, Giacomo Smith, Will Cleasby, Will Sach, Kitty Liv, Dave Archer and Joe Webb. His opening song was Down in the Bowery and the remaining set list included Hole in My Roof, Soho Tango, Zaragoza, Little One, Neil Young’s Harvest Moon, Never Judge a Man by His Umbrella, Warren Zevon’s Werewolves in London, Tom Waits’ Little Trip to Heaven, I Wanna Grow Old in Paris, Makin’ Plans, Jelly Roll Morton’s Why?, She Comes, and JJ Cale/Eric Clapton’s After Midnight.

Damian’s brother Gareth Lewis was in the crowd, as well as his children Manon and Gulliver. Others spotted were friend Dominic West, Mark Strong, Ben Chaplin, Allie Esiri, Sharmila of CureEB and based on her tweet, apparently Elizabeth McGovern was in the audience! The show was again promoted by Neil O’Brien Entertainment, with Rhydian Roberts in attendance. View performance videos and more images in our Gallery here.

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Damian Lewis Guitar Shops in Nashville

Gruhn Guitars

by Gingersnap | | November 3, 2022

While Damian was in Nashville, TN last week he stopped by Gruhn Guitars, the world’s premier guitar store specializing in vintage instruments since 1970, and picked up a new Martin Gruhn Special 28-style guitar. As their Instagram post indicates, “He’s clearly a fan of the Adirondack top and bracing. And, it didn’t cost him billions!” Damian shared a picture on his Instagram account of his new D28 Martin stating, “If it’s good enough for Neil Young, Dylan and the Beatles…” We couldn’t agree more, Damian!

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The 10 Best TV Needle Drops of 2020 – Dec 29, 2020

2020 Best TV Songs/Soundtrack Moments

by Sean T. Collins | Vulture | December 29, 2020

“Vision” is right there in the name of the damn thing, but as a medium, television is as much dependent on sound as it is on sight. This year, from comedies to dramas, from terrestrial networks to streaming services, a good soundtrack was often as big a part of a show’s critical conversation, and as crucial a component in separating great TV from the rest of the pack, as any other element. As part of our annual holiday tradition, we’re once again counting down the year’s top music cues, for those glorious moments when sound and vision collide. Crank ’em up!

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Damian and Helen Attend Bob Dylan and Neil Young Summertime Gig – July 12, 2019

 Teen Cancer America Suite

by Gingersnap | | July 12, 2019

Damian, Helen, and Darren Strowger attend the Teen Cancer America Suite at Bob Dylan and Neil Young’s British Summertime Gig in Hyde Park on July 12, 2019 in London, England. The evening’s event was one of the biggest shows of this summer. Neil Young took the stage from 6:00-7:45 p.m. and Bob Dylan played from 8:30-10:15 p.m.

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Damian Singing “Rockin’ in the Free World”


A 3rd clip has surfaced! Click above to watch Damian sing Neil Young’s “Rockin’ in the Free World” at the Homeland wrap party on November 3rd! Update: Click here to download the clip.