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Damian Lewis: Walk and Talk

Strolling in Central London, Discussing Mission Creep

by Damian Lewis | Twitter & Instagram | June 22, 2023

Damian took a little stroll in Central London while recording a message to his audience and fans, explaining his debut album Mission Creep (released June 16) is very much a storytelling, sort of rootsy album. As for his musical and creative influences, the album has three covers: Neil Young, J.J. Cale and Jelly Roll Morton. In the beginning, Damian and his band did not set out to make an album, only get together and play some covers. But he enjoyed writing the very personal song ‘She Comes’ so much that he found himself writing 8 other songs. In terms of his music experience in comparison to acting, Damian shared that his friends think it’s nice to see him up on stage as himself than as a character. He went on to state that there is a difference when you’re performing a character because you disappear, transform into something else. Playing concerts and gigs, he’s very much himself. And we like that 🙂

‘She Comes’ Clip:

Damian’s debut album Mission Creep was released June 16, 2023 and can be ordered from several outlets here. Upcoming shows include the highly anticipated and biggest venue yet Union Chapel on July 11 in London and Mercury Lounge NYC on July 19. Additionally, Damian just announced new September/October UK Tour dates here. Don’t miss out, get your tickets now!

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