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Finding Clues in the Billions Season 3 Trailer & Teaser – Jan 26, 2018

Billions Season Three: The Ultimate Pissing Contest Continues

by Damianista | Fan Fun with Damian Lewis | January 26, 2018

Source: Showtime

We kicked off the festivities for Billions Season 3 with a detailed coverage of Billions at TCA 2018 and now that we have an airdate, a trailera teaser and the new season poster, speculation rules until Season 3 premieres on March 25 10pm EST.

They edit the promos in a way so they do not give away much but a taste of what is coming. So “reading” them is not very different than reading the tea leaves, or in my home country, Turkey, the coffee cup.  Still, I cannot help dive deep into them, dissect them, try to put the pieces together and ultimately have fun!

A few seconds into the trailer we find Axe, in his own words, not hiding, not cowering, not defeated… However, indicted!

An indictment establishes, often via a grand jury, there is sufficient ground to charge a suspect with a crime. Then the suspect responds to the indictment with a guilty or a not guilty plea. I wonder if the short exchange between Axe and Orrin Bach implies Axe has already plead not guilty and they are discussing defense.

Axe (maybe talking about Chuck using Boyd to get to him): “What he did, it’s a fucking crime.”

Bach: “Maybe. But it’s not a defense.”

Source: Showtime

Axe’s disbelief in how he has ended up here is palpable. His frustration is all over his face. Does he still think he did nothing wrong? I doubt it. Whatever we may hear him say along the way, Axe knows he has taken the pissing contest way too far  and seriously fucked up along the way.

Once indicted, you are usually prohibited from leaving the state and you  need to ask for the court’s permission to travel. So now that Axe cannot go to Axe Capital in Westport, Connecticut as he pleases, Axe Capital comes to him.

Welcome to NEW Axe Capital Headquarters in New York!

Source: Showtime

And this new location answers my earlier question about why on earth Axe and Wendy are talking on the streets of Manhattan rather than in the office in set photos we saw back in September.

Source: Getty Images

Axe also seems to live in the Axelrods’ city apartment, a luxurious penthouse downtown with a stunning view of  One World Trade Center. Given Axe’s rise to glory started when the planes hit the towers, it is quite ironic it is his view right now.

Source: Showtime

Billion dollar question: Now that the boss is indicted, how is business at Axe Capital? Are the investors pulling their money or staying loyal? I have looked for clues in the real-life SAC Capital case. When SAC Capital was indicted, many speculated the fund would collapse. But the government did not freeze their assets and encouraged brokerage firms to do business with SAC to protect the fund’s investors and trading partners. While most investors eventually withdrew their money, the fund stayed in business since only $6B of the $15B they had at their peak was outside money and the rest was Cohen’s fortune and employee money accounts. Do we know how much of the money Axe Capital manages is from outside?

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