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Billions on Showtime, Season 7 Episode 3: Winston Dick Energy

Performance Anxiety

by Damianista | Fan Fun With Damian Lewis | August 26, 2023

The first Axe-less episode in the final season has three storylines that are light-hearted compared to those in the first two. A few lead characters doing soul-searching brings complexity that leave the viewers asking for more!

I do not know if Chuck’s first order of business as the U.S. Attorney of the SDNY has been to release Jock Jeffcoat from prison, but one of the first  is to offer a job to Ira as the two are eating a lavish breakfast from Russ & Daughters in some office at the SDNY. When Ira asks if they are having their breakfast in a random office so Chuck would not have any food smell in his office later, Chuck says the office is Ira’s if he wants to.

To be honest, it is not very difficult to convince Ira even though his first reaction is about the long hours, long odds and shitty pay. But a quote from Montaigne, a name plaque ready to hang on his office door and Chuck’s usual  “we’ll get them at all costs” speech to his staff do the trick and Ira Schirmer becomes Chuck’s Deputy U.S. Attorney.

At Mike Prince Capital, there is a send-off party if one can call it that. it is Winston’s last day of work at the company and he says “you’re welcome!” to his colleagues who do not look like they will miss him one bit.

Even Rian, who seems to be the only one that will be missing Winston, finds it weird that she will miss her colleague, but then he was the only one that looked at her the same way after they were forced to move to the main floor which Rian calls “Princident.” Haha.

Talking about Rian, I wonder whether Prince put her name on the list he submitted to Bradford in the last episode…  but he is now in his office, I find him not attending Winston’s party a tad rude, talking to Bradford about his SuperPAC FEC disclosure that he will share with Chuck.

For those of you that are not familiar with American politics, a Super PAC is a type of independent political action committee that may raise unlimited amount of money from individuals, corporations, and unions. But it is not permitted to contribute to or coordinate directly with parties or candidates.

What Prince wants is Chuck to go after his Super PAC and nothing else. So he is throwing him some read meat to chew on. Prince believes that he may not afford to have Chuck Rhoades in his nature.

The day after Winston leaves the firm, the security lets Philip know that a former employee is on her way to MPC.

Hello, Bonnie!

For those of you that have not followed Season 6 closely, Bonnie did not leave MPC on friendly terms. She had a hard time adapting to the new office culture. And when Prince cut her number of clients by half and tasked Wags with overseeing her trades when she traded against her own colleagues,  Bonnie got angry, screamed swear words and left the firm. I believe that is why Philip has found out about her arrival from the security!

Bonnie shares the news that Winston is pitching some Risk Management Software on the street. Since he has just left MPC, it is very likely he developed the software while working at the firm which means the software belongs to MPC. The software is called WDE aka Winston Dick Energy that names the episode.

Now, is Bonnie doing this because she has a big heart? Of course not! She wants a raise in her comp at her new firm. If she receives a job offer from MPC, she is happy to forward them the pitch deck tomorrow! Oh, and it is two birds with one stone for Bonnie that she does a “call me” to Dollar Bill as she gets on the elevator to leave.

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