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Billions on Showtime, Season 7 Episode 4: Hurricane Rosie

Hurricanes: Literally and Figuratively

by Damianista | Fan Fun With Damian Lewis | September 2, 2023

Hurricane Rosie is a great episode demonstrating all kinds of hurricanes, literal and figurative, that a billionaire businessman can face when he decides to run a presidential campaign! And the experiences he goes through in the episode makes Mike Prince realize that he cannot make casual decisions as he pleases anymore. Every single thing he does, in fact every single thing any of his employees does on behalf of the company, now matters in a way that it did not before. Prince comes out of the episode, having averted three major crises, as the apparent winner, yet he is clueless about a Cat 5 hurricane coming his way. Its name is Wendy.

Hurricane Rosie:

MPC employees seem to have too much time on their hands that they hang out in front of the TV betting on the potential name and category of a hurricane! And it is simply surreal to see that the bets start at 2-3K and go up to 10K which they send like 10 bucks on Venmo and Zelle! And I plan to give Ben Kim the “Et tu, Brutus?” Award in this week’s MVP awards since even he seems to have a clear conscience betting on a disaster because he will donate a portion of his wins to charity – attesting to the fact that philanthropy is a way to make rich people feel good about themselves. SIGH.

And here come the killjoys! Taylor and Philip are concerned that they will categorize the hurricane as a Cat 5 . MPC holds several billions worth of catastrophe bonds issued by Southern Property and Casualty, one of the major insurers in the hurricane region. And if they grade the hurricane as a Cat 5, this will trigger the MPC bonds to pay out claims, and in Dollar Bill’s words, MPC will be Southern Property and Casualty’s bitch! Philip’s recommendation for everyone is a reference to yet another Kevin Costner movie:

“So, make like Costner in Waterworld, and start praying for dry land.”

The only person who is incredibly confident, as though he is reporting from a Hurricane Hunter, about the hurricane not being a Cat 5 is… Wags! And as Rian thanks the mythical deities Thor, Zeus and Isis when Hurricane Rosie is graded as a Cat 4, Taylor and Philip know that the real God behind all this could be Wags!

Wags had a cracking comeback last week. He now quotes “It’s a miracle. Praise the Lord” from the scene in which Andy Dufresne disappears from his cell in The Shawshank Redemption. But Taylor and Philip saw the movie and they know that Dufresne’s escape was meticulously planned and so could this hurricane category be!

It turns out Wags who visits Chelz at the gym is actually there to see the man who knows it all about hurricanes! And no wonder Wags is all smiles when Al Roker, everyone’s favorite weather anchor, tells him that it is ultimately a real person who decides the category of a hurricane.

“Anywhere human error is in effect, that’s where I get busy.”

In short, the woman who makes the final category decision about the hurricane is now very rich.

Even though Wags saves the company an amount equivalent to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of Bhutan, Prince is furious.

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