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‘Tavis Smiley’ Appearance

Damian Lewis made an appearance on the PBS late-night talk show Tavis Smiley on Friday, May 4th. You can download the interview in mp4 format here from our media archive. The interview should be posted on the Tavis Smiley site by Monday. Update: Added screen captures from the interview to the gallery.

Gallery Link:

TV Appearances > Tavis Smiley HD Screencaps (04 May 2012)

Update: Here’s the interview posted on PBS.

Watch Actor Damian Lewis on PBS. See more from Tavis Smiley.

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New ‘Have I Got News For You’

Damian Lewis hosting 'Have I Got News For You' on April 27

Damian Lewis was guest host of Friday evening’s episode of Have I Got News For You. Those in the UK can rewatch it on BBC iPlayer. Click below to watch it on Youtube. Click here to download the episode from our media archive. The extended version Have I Got A Bit More News For You broadcasts Sunday, April 29 on BBC1. Update: I replaced the files posted on Friday with the extended version which aired on Sunday.

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Video clips from the Appy Awards

Click below for clips of Damian Lewis on the red carpet and on stage – making goofy faces – at the Carphone Warehouse Appy Awards on Wednesday. You can download the clips here from the media archive.

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‘Homeland’ Season 2 Preview

No new footage but there are spoilers if you haven’t finished watching Season 1! You can download the teaser from our media archive here. More on Season 2 from TVLine:

The Season 2 premiere of Showtime’s acclaimed Homeland is still more than five months away (on Sept. 30), but this early intel on what’s coming up, courtesy of showrunner Alex Gansa, is burning a hole in our digital pocket. Plus, you may find it interesting to learn that someone you thought was out of the mix in fact is still in it, perhaps more so than ever.

Picking up about six months after the events of the Season 1 finale — that is, Brody’s failed attempt on the lives of Vice President Walden and his inner circle, followed by frustrated Carrie’s submission to shock treatment to cure what mentally ails her — Gansa says Season 2 will kick off with big questions such as, “How’s Carrie’s rehabilitation? What’s up with Saul? What’s up with Brody and his wife, his political career?”

Tackling that first topic, Gansa says viewers will see “right away” how Carrie gets back involved with the investigation into Abu Nazir and his master plan, whatever that might now be — despite the fact that, having copped to mental illness, she is now persona non grata with the CIA. “It would have been too far a jump to bring her back into the fold full bore,” Gansa acknowledges. “However, there are ways that she can work around the edges of the intelligence community that make sense.”

But will Carrie, with bits of her short-term memory fried by the ECT, ever retrieve her realization that Sgt. Brody knew Abu Nazir’s son, who was among the collateral damage of a black-ops U.S. military strike? “There’s a tremendous sense out there in the audience of wanting Carrie to know that she was right, that she’s not crazy and is really good at what she does, and that’s the moment we’re going to be building towards,” says Gansa. “Whether it’s going to happen in Season 2, I can’t tell you.”

In the meantime, the exec producer shares, “Carrie has willed herself into a place of mental health, so she’s very different from where she was last year.”

Read the whole thing at TVLine.

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First trailer for ‘The Sweeney’ released!

<a href=';vid=4266fd17-3ef5-4b1d-9685-51d5c32bc334&#038;from=&#038;src=v5:embed::' target='_new' title='The Sweeney: Exclusive Trailer'>Video: The Sweeney: Exclusive Trailer</a>

Click above to watch the first trailer for the film adaptation of The Sweeney! The film starring Ray Winstone and Ben Drew is due for release on September 21. You can download the trailer in mp4 format from our media archive here.

Gallery Link:

Films > The Sweeney (2012) > Trailer Screencaps (HD)

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More from ‘An Evening with Homeland’

Make sure to check out the links below for more pictures added throughout the day from the ‘An Evening with Homeland’ panel discussion held on Wednesday.

Gallery Links:

Public Appearances > 2012 > 2012/03/21 ‘An Evening with Homeland’ – Arrivals
Public Appearances > 2012 > 2012/03/21 ‘An Evening with Homeland’ – Panel

Click below for clips of Damian Lewis on the red carpet before the panel interview. He discusses the long wait between seasons, the Brody/Carrie relationship, and possible Season 2 story lines. In the last clip he talks about the White House state dinner and meeting President Obama and Warren Buffet!

To download the clips, visit our media archive here.

More press from the ‘An Evening with Homeland’ event: – Homeland’s Damian Lewis Meets His No. 1 Fan: President Obama
Access Hollywood – Red carpet interview with ‘Homeland’ Producer Alex Gansa (video clip)
Access Hollywood – Red carpet interview with ‘Homeland’ Producer Howard Gordon (video clip)

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At the White House State Dinner

Click below for pictures and video of Damian Lewis and Helen McCrory arriving for a State Dinner hosted by President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama in honor of British Prime Minister David Cameron at the White House on Wednesday in Washington, DC.

Gallery Link:

Public Appearances > 2012 > 2012/03/14 White House State Dinner

As usual, you can download the latest clips from our media archive.

You can read a little more on the event below:

The Washington Post – Who’s at the head table for the White House state dinner for Britain?
The Daily Mail – British stars come out in force to join the Camerons
The Washington Post – Fashion at the White House state dinner for Britain

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More of Damian on ‘The Graham Norton Show’!

Damian Lewis appeared on Friday’s episode of The Graham Norton Show along with guests Gerard Depardieu, Dominic West and Olly Murs. Damian comes in near the beginning and you can see him throughout the show. Update: Click here on our media archive for mp4 downloads.

Update: I made screenccaps from the hi-res video clips the BBC posted on Youtube:

Gallery Link:

TV Appearances > The Graham Norton Show – Screencaps (09 March 2012)

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‘Number 10’ Review

All 4 episodes of the latest BBC Radio 4 drama Number 10 are currently available for listening online on the BBC website. Here’s a review from Radio Drama Reviews Online:

This series of four political plays had just about everything in it: satire, drama, conflict, humour, plus a liberal dose of cynicism about politicians – irrespective of their persuasions.

Each play touched on issues of paramount importance to the contemporary world – the pernicious influence of capitalism, media ownership, the power of the hypermarkets, overseas ‘development,’ computer hacking, street demonstrations and devolution.

Sometimes the satire was reminiscent of political comedies of previous eras: The New Statesman and The Thick of It sprung to mind as I listened to the perpetual bickering between Prime Minister Simon Laity (Damian Lewis) and his various political minions including loud-mouthed Aussie Nathan Loltzn (Mike Sengelow), Georgie (Gina McKee), Connie (Stella Gonet) and oleaginous elder statesperson Sir Hugo (Julian Glover). One member of staff, Amjad Hernmati (Arsher Ali) tried to sustain his integrity, but found himself under pressure to ‘revise’ his judgments in the interests of ‘good’ government (a nicely euphemistic phrase which basically meant suppressing any democratic initiatives, designed to reduce the power of large capitalist organizations and prioritize the rights of the individual).

On the other hand the series did not ignore the human element, as it focused on Simon’s relationship with his partner Alan (John Hollingworth), whose apparently erratic behaviour concealed a secret that would change both men’s lives.

Read the full review at Radio Drama Reviews Online.

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BBC Radio Drama ‘Number 10’ on this week

A new 4-part series of the BBC radio drama Number 10 will broadcast this week Monday-Thursday from 2.15-3.00pm on BBC Radio 4. Damian Lewis again reprises his role as PM Simon Laity. The episodes will be made available to listen to at the BBC website for 7 days after broadcast. Update: You can now download the first episode here from the Media archive.

Here’s a short review of the series from the Radio Times:

The first in the fifth series of Jonathan Myerson’s exceptional drama finds the Conservative Prime Minister Simon Laity (Damian Lewis) facing a number of challenges.

The Scottish parliament has legalised assisted suicide and a couple en route to the Dignitas clinic in Glasgow have been arrested in Northumberland; the Crown Prince of West Tuvalonga is posing a diplomatic problem after being apparently snubbed by Simon’s partner Alan at a state dinner; and the chief strategist is promoting an MP’s idea for an international six-day week.

Myerson keeps all the plates of the various plot lines spinning successfully, striking a fine balance between the absurd, the tragicomic and the serious, and interjecting a few telling gags from time to time. A blunder caught on a still open mic remind you of anyone?

Episode Guides:

Radio Times