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Wolf Hall: The Mirror and the Light First Look Slideshow

Exclusive Photos 

by Staff |  | April 3, 2024

Photo Cred: BBC

MASTERPIECE PBS and the BBC have revealed a first look at Wolf Hall: The Mirror and the Light, based on the final novel in Hilary Mantel’s multi award-winning trilogy, as filming comes to a close.

The new pictures show Mark Rylance as Thomas Cromwell, Damian Lewis as King Henry VIII, Kate Phillips as Jane Seymour, Lilit Lesser as Princess Mary, Jonathan Pryce as Cardinal Wolsey, Harriet Walter as Lady Margaret Pole, Harry Melling as Thomas Wriothesley, Thomas Brodie-Sangster as Rafe Sadler, Timothy Spall as the Duke of Norfolk, Alex Jennings as Stephen Gardiner and Charlie Rowe as Gregory Cromwell. View more first look photos and photos from set here.

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First Look at Damian Lewis in the Final Season of Billions

Nighttime Meeting

by Justine Browning | Entertainment Weekly | June 26, 2023

Power, wealth, and high-stakes drama are heading toward an epic conclusion as the final season of Billions approaches. EW has your first glimpse at what’s ahead with exclusive images from the upcoming season 7, including the highly anticipated return of Damian Lewis as bad-boy finance bro Bobby “Axe” Axelrod. Official trailer drops tomorrow, June 27, 2023.

In one shot, he’s seen taking a nighttime meeting with Mike “Wags” Wagner (David Costabile), Taylor Mason (Asia Kate Dillon), and Wendy Rhoades (Maggie Siff). Lewis, who departed the series at the end of season 5, will return for six of the final season’s 12 episodes. (Gingersnap note: The nighttime meeting appears to be from filming at Tower of London back on November 4, 2022. View those photos here.) View more first look photos in our Gallery.

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Damian Lewis Spotted with Showrunners of Billions

Hanging with Coach Calipari

by Gingersnap | | April 26. 2023

Photo Credit: John Calipari Instagram

Damian has been all over the streets of New York this week, either with his guitar busking or with his girlfriend Alison Mosshart. But now it’s down to business as he reprises his role as Bobby Axelrod for season 7 of Billions. Damian is seen here with Billions showrunners David Levien and Brian Koppelman at the restaurant Rao’s in East Harlem, with what looks like script pages in hand for episode filming 😉 Damian is definitely sporting that “Axey” hair. Also pictured is Kentucky head men’s basketball coach John Calipari who took to Instagram today to share this photo with the caption “Bumped into my friends David Levien and Brian Koppelman today and they were hanging with Damian Lewis.” View more images in our Gallery here

We’re looking forward to seeing Axe back on our small screens soon!

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Quentin Tarantino Gives Insights Into Damian’s Steve McQueen – July 4, 2019

Photostills Further Reveal Quentin Tarantino’s 9th Film

by Staff | ANI News | July 4, 2019

We are about three weeks away from Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, which opens in theaters July 26th! Still no sneak peek photos of Damian as Steve McQueen, but Quentin Tarantino recently shared his insights with ANI News regarding Leonardo DiCaprio’s rival role with Damian’s Steve McQueen:

“Leonardo DiCaprio plays an actor named Rick Dalton who had a very successful NBC series called Bounty Law. It started in the ’58-’59 season and ended in the ’63-’64 season. It came out the same season as Steve McQueen came out with Wanted Dead or Alive, and they’re pretty much identical shows. McQueen on Wanted Dead or Alive played a slim, cocksure bounty hunter named Josh, and on Bounty Law Rick Dalton played a slim, cocksure bounty hunter named Jake. And they were both equally popular on television for the time and the fan magazines played up the rivalry: ‘Josh or Jake, who’s the biggest hunk? We let our readers decide!’ He became quite popular and like McQueen during his hiatus, he started doing movies. And they did okay, but during McQueen’s hiatus, eventually, he did The Magnificent Seven, and that was that. So when McQueen goes back to his series to finish his last season, he’s a fucking movie star. Rick is still Jake…he doesn’t pull off the TV-to-movies transition.”

View the new movie photo stills below:

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Catching Up with Damian on the Set of Billions Season 4 – Feb 25, 2019

It’s Tradition Now

by Damianista | Fan Fun with Damian Lewis | February 25, 2019

I personally promised several of you to write about my conversation with Damian when I caught up with him on Billions set back in December as soon as I come back from vacation. I have been buried under teaching and committee work and meetings since I came back that I have just been able to find some time to sit and write. And while it may be a while ago and that I do sometimes not remember what I had for dinner last night, I vividly remember my conversation with Damian 😀

This blog has had an interesting relationship with Billions. I launched the blog only two weeks before they started shooting the pilot in New York and I have been very lucky to catch up with Damian on the set once every season since. I do not know how many times you need to do a thing for it to become a tradition, but catching up with Damian on Billions set once a year certainly feels like a tradition now.

The day I “met” Bobby Axelrod on Billions pilot set, February 3, 2015, source: Damianista

And when I saw Billions signs on Park Avenue on a Saturday evening in December, I thought I could continue the tradition. The signs hint that they might shoot at an ultra fancy restaurant where I could easily imagine Axe eat with other billionaires, and was happy that I could continue the tradition. Continue reading Catching Up with Damian on the Set of Billions Season 4 – Feb 25, 2019

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Exclusive Preview: New Images from Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood – Jan 25, 2019

“A Sprawling Tale of Counterculture California and the Final Days of Hollywood’s Golden Age”

by K. Austin Collins | Vanity Fair | January 25, 2019

Quentin Tarantino was six years old and living in the Los Angeles area when, in the summer of 1969, hell broke loose. You know this story: five people murdered over the course of two days that August, shot and stabbed by a clan of hippie impressionables in anticipation of Helter Skelter, Charles Manson’s idea of holy terror. It’s a Hollywood tale—not least because its most famous victim, the pregnant actress Sharon Tate, was the wife of director Roman Polanski, which put the terror square in the back lot’s backyard.

But it’s a Hollywood story for bigger reasons. This was an era, not merely an event; a lifestyle, a people, a widespread obsession—not merely a spot on a timeline or map. The city is a sprawl. So was 1969. And so is the work of Quentin Tarantino, whose last three movies were violent but (mass Nazi execution notwithstanding) playful excursions into history, all of them riffs on the deviant style and rough talkiness of the Westerns Tarantino loves, even the Dirty Dozen-esque World War II picture Inglourious Basterds, in which a motley troop of American badasses, a mock-Tennessean Brad Pitt at its helm, takes its grievances out on Nazi skulls.

View the new and exclusive images here
Read the rest of the original article at Vanity Fair

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Take a Tour of Bobby Axelrod’s Apartment – March 30, 2018

Inside Axe’s Swanky Manhattan Crib

by Gingersnap | | March 30, 2018

We know the REAL New York crib that Axe lives in on Billions is a $45 million-dollar Sky Loft penthouse located at 145 Hudson Street in Manhattan’s Tribeca neighborhood, fit for a king and perfect as a billionaire’s lair. With 7,500 square feet, it features four bedrooms, four and half bathrooms, three wood-burning fireplaces, and two sculptural staircases. And it wouldn’t be complete without a chef’s kitchen, polished concrete and teak floors, and the added bonus of a 4,500 square foot terrace with a view of the New York City skyline. Instead of windows, there are glass walls – the scale is phenomenal.

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On the Set of ‘Billions’ – Dec 21, 2017

On the Set of Billions

by Gingersnap – – December 21, 2017

Looks like Lenny’s Clam Bar provided craft services for the cast and crew of Billions, serving up a nice cold raw bar! Damian and his co-star David Costabile, who plays Wags on the show, are hamming it up behind the custom Billions ice sculpture.

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Damian Films Scene With Kelly AuCoin on the Set of ‘Billions’ – Nov 22, 2017

Behind the Scenes With Damian and Kelly AuCoin

by Andrew Bullock for MailOnline | DailyMail | November 22, 2017

NEWS ALERT:   What do we have here? It’s Dollar Bill and Axe together again! Our favorite actor was seen filming yet another scene in New York City while on the set of Showtime’s hit series Billions, alongside Kelly AuCoin who plays Dollar Bill Stearn.

Source: DailyMail

On Monday he was seen shooting scenes with on-screen wife Malin Akerman on the streets of New York City.

But Damian Lewis swapped Malin for co-star Kelly AuCoin on Tuesday – and found himself unsure where to look as Kelly dropped his slacks in front of him.  In what looked to be a comic scene in the American drama series, Kelly stood before Damian in just a pair of checked boxer shorts, on the street, in full view of anyone passing by. The scene appeared to feature some sort of tiff between Bobby and Kelly’s character Dollar, resulting in the awkward trouser drop.

The pair were seen shooting the scene outside of a parking garage, as Damian’s character Bobby Axelrod got into a navy Porsche at the end and drove away.

Source: DailyMail

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Damian Spotted Filming ‘Billions’ Season 3 in New York City – November 20, 2017

Mr. and Mrs. Axelrod on the Set of Billions

by Gingersnap | | November 20, 2017

Source: DailyMail

NEWS ALERT:   Our favorite actor was caught on camera! Damian was seen filming in New York City on the set of Showtime’s hit series Billions, along with Malin Akerman who plays his television wife Lara Axelrod.

As Billions fans know, we saw these two at the end of last season grappling with a strained marriage due to Axe’s business decisions and personal choices.

To research the current filming timeline a bit, showrunner and co-creator Brian Koppelman shared a photo on Instagram of the first table read of Billions season three back on August 30.

On September 4, Page Six reported Billions cast and crew celebrated a season three kick-off event with a high-end whiskey tasting at Mario Batali’s Del Posto restaurant.  And on September 28 it was reported Damian filmed an intense confrontation with Maggie Siff, who plays Wendy Rhoades, the in-house performance coach at Axe Capital.

Source: DailyMail

All seemed quiet in October. Then, on November 14, Koppelman tweeted they were almost halfway through shooting season three. Billions continues to shoot the highly anticipated third season with reports of a 2018 release.

To view more images, please visit our Gallery
View all original photographs at Rex by Shutterstock
Secondary news source: DailyMail

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‘Number 10′ update + old ‘Life’ on-set pics

  • Click here on the Audio clips page to download Episode 3 of the BBC Radio 4

    series Number 10. To listen to the episode online via iPlayer go here on the BBC Radio 4 site.

    Here’s a summary of Episode 4:

    Written by Jonathan Myerson. Simon was due to meet the US National Security Advisor in a room at Heathrow as they both crossed planes. Simon

    is on his way to a European budget crisis conference.

    But now Simon has to travel out to the plane because Buckley, the NSA is jumpy because an arrest warrant has been issued against him – alleging war


    Then suddenly a policeman – Inspector Lagan – manages to enter the cabin, accompanied by Monica, now a Labour MP and a US secret serviceman accidentally

    shoots him in the arm.

    The plane is immediately sealed and Monica is appalled – this inspector needs an ambulance! Tempers flare, torture allegations are thrown and an

    international incident looms.

    Meanwhile, the economy is crashing – Simon was on his way to negotiate with Germany for a bail out for Spain. Simon needs to get there – fast.

  • Episodes 1-5 of the 2007 BBC radio series Agent Zigzag will be broadcasting Monday-

    Friday this week on BBC Radio 7 at 3:45pm. Click here on the Audio page for downloads of episodes 1-5.

  • Gallery Update: Click here at the gallery for old pictures of Damian Lewis filming an episode of Life on Hollywood Boulevard back in July 2007.