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New interview, ‘Stolen’ broadcast date, ComicCon panel

  • New interview on the website:

    What research did you do into trafficking for this role?

    I went to a police trafficking unit and spoke to the man who set it up. Trafficking goes on all around us. There are people being trafficked in and out of the country at an alarming rate and it’s difficult to bring prosecutions because they often come in with valid passports. After they arrive they’re smuggled off into the shadows and face exploitation.

    Was it disappointing when your US police series Life was cancelled?

    Yes. The work was terrific and the creator of the show is incredibly talented. I had a wonderful character and the storylines were interesting. It was fun living in LA for a couple of years but you work very hard and very long hours. I was starting a family and was away from them a lot. Goodness knows how people do it for seven years in those long shows. Cable shows are different because they have shorter runs so you have five months of the year to do other things.

    Why did you want to become an actor?

    Acting was something I instinctively did and liked. I was happier acting than doing anything else. I was disenchanted by the idea of university and decided to try for drama school. I came out of drama school, got work, kept working and I’ve been incredibly lucky since.

    Was there a particular performance that inspired your interest in acting?

    I put on a production of The Long And The Short And The Tall with some friends at school and played Wackford Squeers in a production of Nicholas Nickleby. My dad used to take us to see West End musicals as holiday treats – things like Guys And Dolls. I loved the theatre as a kid and still do.

    Read the rest

  • According to online tv guides, Stolen will broadcast July 3rd from 9:00pm – 10:30pm on BBC1!

  • Showtime will have a panel at this years Comic-Con (July 21) and debut an “exclusive first-look” at Homeland. Morena Baccarin will introduce the trailer. No Damian apparently. Source

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ES Magazine article

Damian Lewis and Helen McCrory are both featured in this week’s ES Magazine and talk about family and their old party animal days.

Helen and I partied very, very hard before we met and then we collided at the Almeida in 2004 [in Five Gold Rings] and together we partied even harder. We used to lose entire evenings listening to jazz at Ronnie Scott’s. We love to dance, and when we weren’t out we’d put on music really loudly and dance around the house, just the two of us.

I proposed to Helen in Paris. I tried to do it on the Pont Neuf – I was sweating bullets and wrestling in my overcoat pocket for the ring, which had got stuck in a little Cellophane bag, but when I finally got it out, a gaggle of Japanese tourists surrounded us like a flock of seagulls, taking pictures, and the moment was totally destroyed. I now take Helen back to Paris for three days without our two kids [Manon, four, and Gulliver, three] every February for our anniversary. We walk about the city, and sit in bars drinking rosé.

Click here to read the rest.

Update: I’ve added screencaps from the e-dition to the gallery.

Small update from Michael, Damian’s assistant: Damian left the UK on Wednesday and is now in Charlotte. According to the Homeland Casting Facebook, filming starts on June 14th.

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Five Minutes With: Damian Lewis – June 4, 2011

Sporty, Intelligent, Funny

by Matthew Stadlen | Five Minutes With… | June 4, 2011

BBC News has posted the “Five Minutes With…” interview here on their website. The interview was originally recorded on April 18, 2011. Or you can view video below:


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BBC Breakfast Interview

Damian Lewis was on BBC Breakfast on Tuesday morning to discuss Stolen. According to the interview, the BBC drama will broadcast in July. Damian also mentioned Homeland will be airing after the series Dexter, which has been broadcasting on Sundays in the fall these past few years.

Update: Click here to download the clip from our Media pages.

Gallery Links:

TV Appearances > BBC Breakfast (24 May 2011)
Television > Stolen (2011) > Clip1 Screencaps

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New Telegraph Interview!


The ex-Etonian talks schooldays, silly movies and choosing his own career


Although he must be fed up with every interview ever written about him mentioning his red hair – often in tones that suggest he was born with a third leg – today it’s not Damian Lewis’ hair that first catches the eye. It’s what’s on top of it. This is a small red and black-checked trilby hat. It’s the sort of headgear only an actor, or possibly an unusually flamboyant butcher, would ever dream of wearing.

We’re meeting in an engagingly sleazy theatrical club on the Charing Cross Road, a place where the walls are hung with pictures of actors and actresses in a variety of exotic costumes. There’s also a wafty scarlet satin curtain screening us off from the rest of the place. None the less it’s Lewis’s hat that I keep glancing at as it sits on the table between us. Is it a joke? A touch of absurdity to quell any suggestion of vanity? Or is it the opposite? Something he actually thinks looks good on him?

After an hour in his company, I’m still not sure. All I know is that Lewis probably doesn’t give a damn what anyone thinks of him or his hat. More than any other actor I’ve ever interviewed he seems entirely contented in his own skin. Admittedly, this isn’t saying much, but in Lewis’s case the self-assurance seems to come off him in waves.

Read the rest at the Telegraph website.

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‘Homeland’ teaser and Daybreak interview!

  • Showtime has posted a nice little preview of Homeland that features Damian. Click here for a download.

  • Damian was on ITV’s Daybreak on Tuesday promoting Your Highness. A clip of the interview can be viewed on the ITV site here (UK-residents only). Click here for screencaps from the interview.

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Upcoming appearance, new interviews

  • Upcoming events: Damian Lewis is expected to be present at St. James’s Palace in London on July 5th in a gathering of Ambassadors from the Prince’s Trust. Click here for more on his activities as Ambassador.

    Damian will also be taking part in the celebrity golf tournament Mini Masters 2010 in aid of Leuka at Duke’s Meadows Golf Club in Chiswick on July 16th! Click here for ticket information. Thanks to Linda and Ryanne for the news!

  • Damian was interviewed by Richard Bacon at Wimbledon on Friday by BBC Radio 5 Live. Click here at the BBC website to download the podcast. He was also part of the Wimbledon with Tarango and Skelton program; click here for that download. Update: Click here to download the Bacon interview.

  • Damian tv in Australia: The Situation will be screening on Movie One this month – click here for broadcast times. Thanks to Jen for the news!