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BBC Press release on ‘Stolen’

  • The BBC Press Office

    has more on the BBC One film Stolen:

    Damian Lewis plays Detective Inspector Anthony Carter in a fast-paced thriller about human trafficking in Britain today, where

    children are brought here for a better life but end up working illegally outside the system.

    It’s a story of modern child slavery that demonstrates the broadening scope of single dramas on BBC One.

    Stolen follows the story of one man, Anthony (Lewis), and three children.

    Anthony works in the Human Trafficking Unit, battling to make a difference to the plight of exploited children being smuggled

    into the UK and from there, to anywhere and to any fate.

    Anthony has a wall of snapshots in his office of unknown children, children without passports, without identity, without

    family, without hope, who have been smuggled into this country to be enslaved and exploited: Rosemary 11, is a terrorised young

    girl from West Africa, who thought she was coming to England to be educated. She is sold as a house servant; Kim Pak, 15, is a

    gardener in a Vietnamese cannabis house, imprisoned in a semi in suburbia; Georgie, 14, from the Ukraine, is put to work in the

    food industry, making sandwiches.

    If Anthony could save just one of those faces on his wall, it would be worth it.

  • According to the online magazine, Blast, Damian Lewis has signed a limited amount of special edition art prints of Brian Fox’s portrait of Major

    Richard Winters. The portrait is part of The Major Richard Winters Leadership Project, a campaign to raise money for a monument

    in Normandy and a documentary film that will focus on Major Winters’ leadership during WWII. Damian Lewis will narrate the film.

    For more information on the The Major Richard Winters Leadership Project, visit the Tim Gray Media website and the


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New project, ‘The Baker’ US DVD release, Richard Winters Leadership project

  • New project: According to IMDb, Damian Lewis has been cast as “Gareth” in the film Will. According to the film’s IMDB page, it is being directed by Ellen Perry who is also listed as co-writer along with Zack Anderson. The film also lists actors Kristian Kiehling and Perry Eggelton in the cast and is in pre-production. Click here for the film’s IMDb page.

  • Soccer Aid Reminder/ Update: Legendary French player Zinedine Zidane has signed on to play on the Rest Of The World team against England. More info here.

    Tickets for the match at Old Trafford on June 6th are now available. Call 0844 576 2010 or visit the official Soccer Aid site for tickets. All money raised from the event will go to Unicef.

  • The Baker will be renamed Assassin in Love when it’s released on DVD in the US by Screen Media Films at the end of the year. More info here at Home Media Magazine.

    The film is already available in North America in Region 1 format. Click here for links.

  • Click here at the Tim Gray Media website to learn more about the Richard Winters Leadership Monument and Film project which has full approval of the Winters family. Thanks to Linda in Belgium for the headsup.

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  • Congressman Holden of Pennsylvania has introduced a new resolution in the U.S. House of
    Representatives to award Major Richard Winters the Medal of Honor. If you’ve seen Damian Lewis’s portrayal of Major Winters in Band of Brothers then you understand why he deserves this recognition. U.S. citizens are asked to contact their Congressional Representatives to request support for H.R. 3121.

    Click here to read the text of H.R. 3121 and click here for letter-writing suggestions. Thanks to Connie and Linda from the MajorDickWinters site for the information!

    Click here to access the above composite image of Damian Lewis and Major Winters that was created by Ryoko.

  • Information posted on IMDb (click on the links below) suggests that Damian Lewis will play the “Evil Wizard Leezar” in his new film titled Your Highness. The production is currently filming on location in Northern Ireland.
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  • According to VideoETA the region 1 (US and Canada) DVD for The Escapist with Damian Lewis is estimated for release in September 2009.

  • Penne Hackforth-Jones’s review of The Escapist includes this comment:

    I loved Damian Lewis in another fantastic variation of himself…the first I have seen since the telly production of ‘Life’. A very loathsome reptile he can be too.

  • Kaz shared this Times Online article titled “Why Brits rule on US TV” that states:

    And why did Damian Lewis (Eton, RSC) win roles in two series of Life?

    So grim is this state of affairs that America’s National Public Radio interrogated the makers of Life, who confessed: “What we found out about English actors is that they’re funny. We had a hard time finding an American tough guy who will be the butt of the joke, whereas Damian has no problem doing it. He’s like half Stan Morrow and half Steve McQueen.” It turns out that slightly imperfect looks and even British bad teeth are more convincing. The Life producers added: “You could argue that in our system, if you’re a young actor who isn’t leading-man handsome, you’re probably not going to get nurtured the way that you would in England, just based on talent.

  • The HeyUGuys site is featuring photos from Cambridge Jones’s new book Inspired By Music including images of Damian Lewis that are available in the Warehouse.

    Damian Lewis is an ambassador for the Prince’s Trust; profits from sales of the book will benefit this charitable organization. The volume can be purchased at Starbucks stores in the UK or it may be ordered online from Amazon (UK) and
    Tower Books (US).

  • Thanks to Linda for the news that Flemish channel 2BE will broadcast Stormbreaker with Damian Lewis in Belgium on Saturday July 18, 2009 at 20h40.

  • Click above to enjoy a new Life music video titled “Life – Charlie Crews – Mercy” by 07ransom.

  • Vote for Sarah Shahi, Damian’s Life co-star, in’s “Brunette vs Brunette” contest. Thanks to Katreniah for the link!

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  • Thank you to Linda from the Major Dick Winters site for uploading scans of the “Deluxe Edition” of the new Easy Co. 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment – In Photographs publication autographed by Damian Lewis.

  • Click here to sign a petition asking NBC executives to renew Life starring Damian Lewis for a 3rd season.

  • Vote to keep Life on the air in Zap2it’s “TV Shows On The Bubble” poll.

  • Jeff Simon of the Buffalo News wrote thisarticle in favor of keeping Life on US television.

  • The BBC’s web site now lists the details of Damian Lewis’s upcoming guest host appearance on Have I Got News For You!. The show will air in the UK on Friday, May 1st at 21:00 on BBC One.

    An extended version of the program titled Have I Got A Bit More News For You will run on May 2nd at 22:30 on BBC Two and will feature additional footage not included in the original broadcast.

  • The Escapist with Damian Lewis will screen in Fort Lauderdale, Florida at the Cinema Paradiso from May 13 through May 17, 2009.
  • The Escapist is now available on Region 2 DVD and Blu-ray in Denmark; click here and here for more information.

  • The Escapist is currently available as a “Video On Demand” feature in the UK and the US.

  • Thanks to GroovMonkey for sharing her Charlie Crews fanart with us.