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New Scotsman.com interview

Damian discusses Stolen, Homeland, and plans to do an “improbable” musical:

Lewis played Detective Charlie Crews in the NBC drama Life, and is heading back to the US to make Homeland. “It’s a cable show and is only 13 episodes, like The Wire or Mad Men – hopefully it’ll be as good as those shows.” he says. “It’s a political thriller made by the guys behind 24. I play Sergeant Nicholas Brody, a US Marine found in an al-Qaeda safe-house after being presumed dead for eight years. He is discovered looking like Tom Hanks in Castaway.

“They bring him home, and it’s seen as a great victory for US intelligence – they’re hoping to make him the poster boy of the American war effort. But at the same time, a thrusting CIA operative played by Claire Danes has information that a captured US soldier has been turned by al-Qaeda and represents a serious threat to a major US city. Cue credits …”

Lewis is also contemplating a return to the theatre – he last appeared on stage two years ago in a London production of The Misanthrope, opposite Keira Knightley – but he confesses to mixed feelings: “It is still the most terrifying thing, no question. There is always the thought that you might forget what you’re supposed to be doing and blank entirely. That’s my fear.”

For all that, he says: “I do have plans to go back on stage. I can’t tell you what the show is – except that it’s a musical. It’s not ‘al-Qaeda The Musical’, but it’s something equally improbable. It could be the end of my career!”

Read it all at the Scotsman.com.

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Stolen: Damian Lewis Investigates the UK’s Secret Slave Trade – June 30, 2011

A Gripping Thriller Based on the Real-Life Child Slaves Still Being Smuggled into Britain

by Olly Grant | The Telegraph | June 30, 2011

Ultimately, every fictional drama gets its inspiration from something real. In the case of BBC One’s new thriller, Stolen, it was a 60-second radio bulletin, way back in 2003. “I was listening to the news on 5 Live,” explains writer Stephen Butchard, “and they had a report about an African child who had been trafficked into the country to work as a domestic slave.”

It made him do a double-take. “I thought, ‘Surely that can’t be happening in this country?’” he recalls. “But they said it wasn’t a one-off; it happens again and again. So I fired off an email to the BBC drama department…”

Eight years on, the result of Butchard’s email is about to make it to the screen. Stolen, starring Damian Lewis, takes the idea behind that report and spins it into a multi-stranded thriller about the scandal of modern-day slavery.

Thematically, it’s treading similar ground to Channel 4’s Bafta-nominated 2010 drama, I Am Slave. Yet Stolen broadens the canvas by following three children in very different forms of British-based slavery – an African girl and two boys from Vietnam and Ukraine – with Lewis as an anti-trafficking detective and a kind of lynchpin character, drawing their stories together.

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Damian Lewis: Back in Britain and Starring in Stolen – June 29, 2011

Damian Lewis: Back in Britain and starring in Stolen

The actor has no regrets about leaving Tinseltown for the mean streets of Manchester — and a spot of fishing.

Damian Lewis, the most famous screen redhead since Shirley Temple
Damian Lewis, the most famous screen redhead since Shirley Temple, BBC 

It’s given that most actors don’t have two ha’pennies to rub together. The London-born actor Damian Lewis seems keen to show he’s not one of them – during the interview he holds two pounds coins, clicking them together to punctuate points he is making. It might be a nervous affectation or a show of ostentation. Given the shiny blue suit and polished brogues that he is wearing at BBC TV Centre, it might well be the latter. This is after all, the actor who was thrust into the spotlight in the epic Spielberg- produced mini-series Band of Brothers in 2001, became an overnight sensation, the most famous screen redhead since Shirley Temple, and was whisked off to Hollywood in the wake of that show. But Hollywood didn’t quite work out, and after some dud films and a cancelled TV series, he is back in Britain, his latest role in a BBC TV film Stolen, an earnest, quietly moving film about child trafficking.

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