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Video: Damian Lewis and Paul Giamatti Discuss Billions – March 23, 2018

A Modern-Day Tom and Jerry

by Samantha Lear | TV Insider | March 23, 2018

The cat-and-mouse chase that makes watching Billions so thrilling is about to up the ante in Season 3.

Ahead of the March 25 premiere, the stars of the Showtime series, Paul Giamatti and Damian Lewis, gave TV Insider a heads up about what’s to come for their respective characters, U.S. Attorney Chuck Rhoades and hedge fund manager Bobby Axelrod.

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Billions Season 3 Finally Shows Real-World Consequences for What Its Bad People Do – March 23, 2018

“Billions Has Never Been Subtle”

by Liam Mathews | TV Guide  | March 23, 2018

Warning: There are light spoilers for Billions Season 3 ahead.

In its first two seasons, Billions — Showtime’s elevated soap opera about a crooked hedge fund billionaire and the U.S. Attorney determined to bring him down — was almost exclusively focused on the interpersonal manipulations of its characters. It avoided examining the larger world in which its titans played and how their petty feuds and reckless actions trickled down to the little people who bear the consequences of financial and political malfeasance.

There were brief flashes of it. Bobby Axelrod’s (Damian Lewis) brutal treatment of an already economically depressed town after his plan to build a casino there fell through is the most notable example, but mostly the show existed in a vacuum. It presented Bobby Axelrod as a bad guy because he’s a vindictive cheater and not for the real, broader reason, which is that the ruthless capitalism he engages in profits off the suffering of people he has the luxury of not thinking about.

That changes in Season 3, which premieres on Sunday, March 25. It’s not the Bernie Sanders Show all of a sudden, but it develops a political conscience it previously lacked. Which is good, because even though he’s a cool, smart guy who loves his kids, you’re not supposed to root for Bobby Axelrod.

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Billions Season 3 Set for Greece – March 22, 2018

Damian Lewis Fandom Has No Borders and Now, Neither Does Billions

by Kristin Brzoznowski | World Screen | March 22, 2018

Ντέμιαν Λιούις = Damian Lewis

Source: Showtime

The third season of the Showtime hit Billions will be airing in Greece exclusively on Cosmote TV.

Starting March 26 at 9 p.m., immediately after its U.S. premiere, Cosmote Cinema 4HD will be airing season three of the drama, which stars Paul Giamatti and Damian Lewis. After the broadcast, each episode will go on-demand through the Cosmote TV Plus service.

For more information, please visit Business News Greece
Source: World Screen

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How Realistic is Billions? – March 22, 2018

For the Love of Trading

by Tom Teodorczuk | Market Watch | March 21, 2018

Source: Showtime

We asked Anthony Scaramucci and other financiers: How realistic is Showtime’s hedge-fund drama ‘Billions’? Is the hit show on the money when it comes to Wall Street?

This story contains some plot details about season 3 of “Billions.”

Things have been busy recently for Anthony Scaramucci. Prior to serving as President Trump’s White House Communications Director for just 11 days, “The Mooch” founded hedge-fund investing firm SkyBridge Capital and a hedge-fund conference known as SALT.

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New Arrivals: Shop Axe Capital Merchandise – March 20, 2018

Axe is the Secret Code!

by Gingersnap | | March 20, 2018

Shop Axe Capital merchandise in the Showtime store and receive 20% at checkout using the code AXE. New arrivals to choose from, including a Wags standee. Discount is valid until 11:59 pm PST on 3/25/18 in celebration of the Billions season three premiere.