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The Unbeatable, Unstoppable, Unparalleled MVPs from Billions Season 4 Episode 10

Billions MVP Fanbook

by Gingersnap | Fan Fun with Damian Lewis | May 29, 2019

Welcome back to our ‘Billions MVP Fanbook,’ a compilation post commemorating all those in honor of achievement for the utmost brazen, uber shameless, ultra scheming, unmatched bad asses to date – from sports references, music, and tasty food to pop culture remarks, shocking twists and ultimate paybacks.

In case you missed our previous awards, you can catch up with season four episode one, episode two, episode three, episode four, episode five, episode six, episode seven ,and episode eight. and episode nine. Now, let us continue with that tradition as we award our Most Valuable Players (MVPs) this week.

Here are our Billions awards for Season 4, Episode 10, “New Year’s Day.”


Two For Two Award – When Showtime released this season’s episode titles earlier in the year, I shared with others that U2 music would make an appearance again in Billions, based on the episode title alone. And I was right. First it was ‘With or Without You’ in season two and now ‘New Year’s Day.’

Loyal As Fuck Award – Axe. Fiji be damned, he’s there for Wendy.

Potential Billions Spinoff Name – Charl and Bub 🙂 The back and forth nick-name calling between Chuck and Axe this episode is giving me Nagasaki feelers again.

I Can’t Drive 55 Award – Lonnie with his perfect Sammy reference “Brought close only to be expelled. Like Sammy Hagar in Van Halen.”

Brian Koppelman prefers David Lee Roth in VH, so I’m pleasantly surprised Sammy got this kind of acknowledgment. Don’t worry, Sammy is fine living it up in Cabo Wabo making his own Tequila.

Lady Trader

Best Hair – Welcome back Lonnie Watley! And as we say in Brooklyn: Big Hair, Don’t Care!

Best Wearing of White After Labor Day – I nearly spit my drink out when Spyros revealed that white doctor’s coat! And the stethoscope! When Ari goes cosplay, he really goes cosplay!

Best Role Reversal – Axe telling Wendy to calm down? Axe telling Wendy to go to Taylor and ask for forgiveness? Wow. Maybe Axe has been listening to Wendy this whole time!


Master of Sign Language – Todd Krakow

Who knew Krakow has mastered the sign language? Hats off to Mr. Treasury Secretary for being extremely cautious in  contract negotiations — you never know who is listening! 😀

Ultimate Team – Axe and Wendy

Axe knew Wendy would be his partner at Axe Capital for life when he witnessed her loyalty in public and her dedication to the greater cause in private. Now we know why he calls her the company’s spirit animal and why he was willing to go to jail for her. He needs Wendy more than anyone at Axe Capital.

So Wendy was right when she once said she built the company as much as Axe did. And they will protect it together valuing the cause more than their personal interests.

So Axe lets Axe Cap employees go home and sends everyone a case of champagne with a tin of caviar while Wendy is on her way to apologize to Taylor. They are the ultimate team.

Most Surprising Profession – Professional Cuddling

Wags seems to be in such a weak emotional state that the only solution Wendy could think of is not a session with her but a session with a professional cuddler! A WHAT?!?! Right.

Believe it or not, professional cuddlers are real. They provide people a safe space to feel accepted, respected and worthy for exactly who they are! 😀 And it seems this is exactly what Wags needs! For Your Information: Anyone can book a therapeutic cuddling session at!

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