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Damian Lewis and Kelly AuCoin Break Down Fake Fight Scene in Billions Season One

“Pretend We’re Having an Argument”

by Sho_Billions | YouTube | July 28, 2023

Axe: “I’m gonna poke you. Poke me back.” Dollar Bill: “I’ll poke you all goddamn day!”

Damian and Kelly break down the fake fight scene from Billions season 1, episode 10, “Quality of Life” that aired in 2016. Damian said he loved that scene and stated Kelly is a great comedian. The behind the scenes sit-down revealed that Kelly actually pushed Damian quite hard on his left shoulder during the filming, flaring up an old rotator cuff injury from 10 years prior, which would put said injury around 2005/2006. He told Kelly, “I’m gonna smack you in the chops if you do that again.” LOL 🙂 Enjoy the behind the scenes video: