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Holiday Shopping Guide: Cyber Monday and Beyond – Nov 27, 2017

Holiday Shopping Guide: Cyber Monday and Beyond

by Gingersnap | | November 27, 2017

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Are you looking for that perfect gift for the quintessential Damian Lewis fan? Or perhaps a little gift for yourself? Even though today is Cyber Monday, who needs an excuse to shop for all things Damian related?  Why not shop year round?  You’ve come to the right place! Here is your one-stop resource shopping guide for our favorite ginger actor.  Happy shopping!

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Holiday Gift Giving Guide 2017

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Now Out on DVD/Blu-ray: Queen of the Desert Featuring a Familiar ‘Ginger Prince’ – Sept 26, 2017

Now Out on DVD/Blu-ray: Queen of the Desert Featuring a Familiar ‘Ginger Prince’

Source: Queen of the Desert film

Queen and Prince.  See what I did there?

If you missed Queen of the Desert during its limited run in movie theaters, featuring a familiar ‘Ginger Prince’ we all know and adore, you can now own it on DVD and Blu-ray beginning September 26, 2017.  You can purchase it from Amazon, Best Buy and other online sources. It has been available for streaming since April 14, 2017 from both Amazon Video and iTunes.

The Ginger Prince and Queen – Source: Queen of the Desert film

Originally released in 2015, Queen of the Desert is a biopic chronicling the adventures of the pioneer Gertrude Bell, played by Nicole Kidman, who was an influential diplomat and intelligence agent serving the United Kingdom in the Middle East. Our main man Damian Lewis plays Bell’s paramour, Lt. Col. Charles Doughty-Wylie.

Nicole Kidman and Damian Lewis – Source: Queen of the Desert film


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Bobby Axelrod Merchandise Available in Billions Showtime Store – Feb 19, 2017

Billions Merchandise Available in the Showtime Store

by Gingersnap | | February 19, 2017

How about your very own Bobby Axelrod standee for all your selfies?

Source: Showtime Store

Need an Axe T-Shirt?

Source: Showtime Store

Source: Showtime Store


Source: Showtime Store

Source: Showtime Store

Piggy Bank (original is NOT bleeped out)

What’s the point of having f*ck you money, if you never say f*ck you? – Bobby Axelrod

Source: Showtime Store

For the Noggin’

Ornament for the Tree or Rear View Mirror

Cover Your Ass Blanket Throw

Kicks – BillionsxGREATS

Items are subject to availability, as Showtime marketing items vary from season to season. View store here.
For information about how to purchase the shoes pictured above or Axe’s signature cashmere hoodies, view here.

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Signature Cocktails Served at the Billions Season 2 Premiere Party – Feb 13, 2017

Signature Cocktails Served at the Billions Season 2 Premiere Party

by Gingersnap | | February 13, 2017

Want the inside scoop about the Billions premiere party?  We have the skinny! It was both fashionable and elite.

As the advert states, “The best assets are liquid” …liquid gold that is!

Damian attended the Billions Season Two Premiere party on February 13, 2017 at New York’s Cipriani’s. The event was hosted by elit Vodka® and came complete with a signature cocktail menu that could wet any billionaire’s appetite!

elit® created a namesake drink called “The Bobby” which was aptly named after the character Bobby Axelrod, whom Damian plays on Showtime’s Billions.

“The Bobby” is three parts white truffle infused elit Vokda® and a dash of dry vermouth, served in a frozen martini glass with a truffle cheese-stuffed olive for garnish. Yes please!

Other signature cocktails on the menu were the Liquid Asset, The Acquisition, The Merger, The Takeover and Blood in the Water.

Let’s dissect each signature drink on the menu:

Liquid Asset ingredients are elit Vodka® sprinkled with gold flakes. That’s right, edible gold flakes!

The Acquisition has elit Vodka®, Aperol, St. Germain and fresh ruby red grapefruit juice.

The Merger, which I personally made at home while hosting my own Billions season two premiere party, contains elit Vodka®, fresh tangerine juice, Prosecco and a squeeze of lemon. It was to die for. Don’t take my word for it. You can now make it yourself.

The Takeover has elit Vodka®, Campari, agave syrup, fresh lime juice and fresh grapefruit juice. I’ll take two please!

And the Blood in the Water drink contained elit Vodka®, Lillet Rose and orange bitters.

And what genius marketing idea but to have Fashion Vignettes in New York Saks Fifth Avenue stores on February 28. Axe’s style is more laid back, with cashmere undershirt and tennis shoes, where as Chuck’s style is typical suit and tie with pocket square.


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Wolf Hall Soundtrack – March 6, 2015

Wolf Hall Soundtrack

Original Music composed and conducted by Debbie Wiseman and performed by The Locrian Ensemble of London

Released March 6, 2015

On its release in the UK in March, the soundtrack to Wolf Hall went straight to number one in the Classical Chart and number nine on the US Classical Chart.


  1. Wolf Hall
  2. Beginnings
  3. Prophecies and Dreams
  4. Devil’s Spit
  5. Monstrous Servant
  6. Forgive Me
  7. The Scholar
  8. Master of Phantoms
  9. Anna Regina
  10. Still I Love Him
  11. The Smallest Compliment
  12. The Unicorn’s Horn
  13. Whom the Lord Loves
  14. Austin Friars
  15. Crows
  16. Angel Wings
  17. Just Words
  18. Entirely Beloved


To sample the playlist, visit YouTube here

Soundtrack can be purchased at Amazon as streaming, MP3 or Audio CD.


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Damian Lewis Writes Foreword for ‘The Outstanding Actor’ Book – Feb 16, 2015

The Outstanding Actor: Seven Keys to Success by Ken Rea, Senior Acting Teacher at Guildhall School of Music and Drama

by Gingersnap | | February 16, 2015

Who better to write the foreword for his Alma Mater than our favorite actor Damian Lewis!

This is a wonderful book with a unique take on how actors can get better and improve their chances of success. If we can all perform with half the warmth and generosity with which Ken has been teaching for the last 30 years, then we will have fulfilled our responsibility as story tellers and audiences all over the world are in for a real treat.

Damian Lewis – actor

Drawing on Ken Rea’s 30 years’ teaching experience and research, as well as interviews with top actors and directors, The Outstanding Actor identifies seven key qualities that the most successful actors manifest, along with practical exercises that help nurture those qualities.
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‘Wolf Hall’ Now Available for Pre-order on DVD/ Blu-ray

Wolf Hall is now available for pre-order on DVD and Blu-ray in the UK. According to, it will be released on March 2nd. Also note, the soundtrack is set for release on March 9th. For a sample of composer Debbie Wiseman’s score, check out this clip from the Woman’s Hour program on BBC Radio 4.

Wolf Hall Blu-ray preview 'Wolf Hall' Soundtrack

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‘The Sweeney’ Available for Pre-order in the UK

The Sweeney is now available to pre-order on DVD and Blu-ray and is set for release in the UK on January 21, 2013! – DVD – Blu-Ray

The “Best British action movie in years” (XFM) – The Sweeney – is available to pre-order now in advance of its release in January 2013.

An adrenaline-pumping UK action blockbuster that took cinema audiences by storm, The Sweeney will be the focus of heavyweight marketing activity and a comprehensive PR campaign reflecting key themes of high-octane London action.

As befits a best of British title, The Sweeney will also come complete with slick O-ring packaging on the DVD and Blu-ray, perfect for banishing those post-Christmas blues. The DVD and Blu-ray release will also include over 1 ½ hours of bonus features, including behind-the-scenes action and brand new featurettes! Entertainment One will also be releasing a Blu-ray Steelbook® exclusive to Amazon and

Follow the Metropolitan Police Flying Squad’s Detective Inspector Jack Regan (Ray Winstone) and his partner George Carter (Ben Drew) as they navigate their way through London’s criminal abyss. Armed and dangerous, the Flying Squad have their own way of operating, and when an old enemy makes a re-appearance on the London crime scene, Regan and Carter will do whatever it takes to get the job done.

Directed by Nick Love (The Firm), co-written by BAFTA winning John Hodge (Trainspotting) The Sweeney boasts an all-star British cast including not only Winstone and Drew, but also Damian Lewis (Homeland), Hayley Atwell (Captain America: The First Avenger), Kara Tointon (The Football Factory and) Steven Mackintosh (Underworld: Rise of the Lycans).

Source: Geek Syndicate

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New extract from ‘Diamonds Are Forever’

Only a few more days are left to pre-order ‘Diamonds Are Forever’ read by Damian Lewis or any of the new 007 Reloaded audio books for a chance to win hardback novel of the same story, signed by the star reader. For more info, visit AudioGo’s page here.

You haven’t really encountered James Bond until you’ve experienced the original Ian Fleming novels. So what to make of these new recordings (available at AudioGo from 6 September) of the classic stories, as read by a starry array of British acting talent? We put 007 Reloaded in our sights….

4) Diamonds are Forever (read by Damian Lewis)

“Any man of my generation probably has had a fantasy at one time or other about being James Bond,” Damian Lewis admits. “All the girls fantasise about being with him and all the men fantasise about being him.” And it’s evident that Lewis has had a lot of fun inhabiting the world of Bond here, despite this being one of Fleming’s more lukewarm outings. The American hoods that are pitted against our hero just don’t have the pizzazz of, say, Blofeld or Rosa Klebb, although hitmen Wint and Kidd do have an eccentric charm of their own.

Listen to Damian Lewis reading from Diamonds are Forever here:

Source: Radio Times

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‘Diamonds Are Forever’ Available for Pre-order

Now available for pre-order from AudioGo:

Diamonds are being smuggled on a formidable scale from Africa, via Britain, to America. 007’s assignment is to break the ring. It takes him to the racecourse and mud-baths of Saratoga Springs, to the gaming tables of Las Vegas, the ghost town of Spectreville and beyond. The Spangled Mob threatens to be too much even for James Bond, but help is at hand in the shape of co-conspirator Tiffany Case. Includes an exclusive bonus interview with Damian Lewis.

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‘Diamonds Are Forever’ Preview

AudioGO has added a short preview clip (2:51) of ‘Diamonds are Forever’ read by Damian Lewis on their Facebook page. You’ll need to be signed in to Twitter or Facebook to download the clip.

The title will be available from AudioGo for pre-order on August 1st and for download or purchase on September 6th.

Update: AudioGo had posted the clip to their Youtube page

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New Audio Recording – ‘Diamonds Are Forever’

Bond is back with an all-star cast from the cream of British acting talent

Available for Pre-order on 1st August.

Three years in the making, the project has seen distinguished director Enyd Williams and Lucy Fleming for Ian Fleming Publications, working closely with twelve British acting icons to create an exciting, modern ‘007 reloaded’ take on the new, unabridged recordings of these remarkable books.

  • Casino Royale read by Dan Stevens
  • Live and Let Die read by Rory Kinnear
  • Moonraker read by Bill Nighy
  • Diamonds Are Forever read by Damian Lewis
  • From Russia With Love read by Toby Stephens
  • Dr No read by Hugh Quarshie
  • Goldfinger read by Hugh Bonneville
  • Thunderball read by Jason Isaacs
  • The Spy Who Loved Me read by Rosamund Pike
  • On Her Majesty’s Secret Service read by David Tennant
  • You Only Live Twice read by Martin Jarvis
  • The Man With the Golden Gun read by Kenneth Branagh

Each fantastic new Bond title will be available to pre-order on 1st August, and download or purchase on CD from 6th September 2012.

Visit the AudioGo facebook page where you can register for email updates.