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Emmys Watch: Damian Lewis on ‘Homeland’ and ‘The Forsyte Saga’, New York Times, September 21, 2012

Emmys Watch: Damian Lewis on ‘Homeland’ and ‘The Forsyte Saga’


Damian Lewis in a scene from “Homeland.”
Damian Lewis in a scene from “Homeland.”Credit Kent Smith/Showtime

On Sunday night at the Emmy Awards, Showtime’s geopolitical thriller “Homeland,” which returns for its second season on Sept. 30, will vie to end the four-year reign of “Mad Men” as television’s top drama. Damian Lewis, who stars as the P.O.W.-turned-plotter-turned-politician Nicholas Brody, was also nominated for best actor in a drama.

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Acorn TV streaming ‘The Forsyte Saga’ (free for now)

You’ll need to sign up for a free trial access (ends August 31) at Acorn TV to watch all 6 episodes.

Acorn Media, which releases DVDs of many British mysteries and miniseries, has just launched the streaming site Acorn TV, and because it’s so new you can watch some of the best of its classic series for free. There’s Michael Kitchen (photo above) as the World War II era detective in the addictive Foyle’s War, Damian Lewis embroiled in Edwardian family turmoil in The Forsyte Saga, and best of all the original Brideshead Revisited, the series that made Jeremy Irons a star and that I still consider the best miniseries ever made. (The recent film version was a laughable distant echo.)

You can watch several episodes for free now at the Acorn TV site, and my first glance shows that the quality is good. And you can watch even more episodes with a free premium trial, which lasts until the end of August. It is a most genteel trial; they don’t take credit card info, so there’s no chance you’ll be charged later (although they’re obviously in business to sell memberships and DVDs.) Catch it while it’s free.

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Damian Lewis: Cherwell Salutes You – May 11, 2011

Damian Lewis: Cherwell Salutes You

Damian Lewis is making me a cup of tea. Dressed in Ugg boots, a checked shirt and a stylish knit cardigan, he’s every inch the metrosexual, cool guy about town: down with the kids in more ways than one, he has to head off after the interview to read his children a bedtime story.

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  • The Escapist with Damian Lewis will broadcast on Film4 in the UK on Sunday, August 2nd at 9pm and will also air that same night on Film4 Plus 1 at 10pm.

  • Click here for “press highlights” for The Escapist including these comments about Damian Lewis’s portrayal of the evil Rizza:

    The film punches well above its clearly low budget weight, thanks to some fine acting – notably from Cox, who dominates the film, Damian Lewis’ chilling psycho and Joseph Fiennes’s scarily pumped-up con. Accept the verdict and serve time with Cox and company and you won’t be disappointed – and you’ll be rewarded by an ingenious and unexpected twist, too. EIGHT OUT OF TEN Daily Star

    An excellent British crime film with none of the embarrassing ‘cor blimey’ caper of previous Brit outings… Brian Cox is outstanding as an aging screw with nothing to loose, while Damian Lewis simmers as the prison boss…The Escapist proves that British actors and film makers don’t need to rely on SFX to get your blood pumping. Josh Woodfin – FHM

    …an impressively pumped up Joe Fiennes, while Damian Lewis is icily threatening as the prison’s calculating big shot. Red

  • The Forsyte Saga starring Damian Lewis is currently running on ITV3 in the UK. The network will begin airing The Forsyte Saga Series 2 on August 6th.

  • This article in the Mirror mentions that Damian Lewis is interested in participating in future “Bunbury” cricket games organized by David English to raise money for charity. Click here to read about Damian’s participation in a Bunbury game that took place in September, 2006.

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  • The final episode of Alan Sepinwall’s rewind of Band of Brothers is now available; click here for his review of “Points” (episode 10).

    And click here to read a blogger’s review of this brilliant, epic series starring Damian Lewis.

  • Sian Brewis of the Leicester Mercury describes Life starring Damian Lewis as “funny, smart and thoroughly watchable.”
  • British television channel ITV3 is currently rerunning The Forsyte Saga starring Damian Lewis, upcoming episodes will air on July 9th and 16th:

    » ITV3 July 9th at 10:00pm
    » ITV3 Plus 1 July 9th at 11:00pm
    » ITV3 July 16th at 10:00pm
    » ITV3 Plus 1 July 16th at 11:00pm