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Exclusive First Look: Damian Lewis and Guy Pearce in A Spy Among Friends

First Look Revealed

by Naman Ramachandran | Variety | November 2, 2021

Spectrum Originals/Britbox UK

Variety can exclusively reveal the first look at Damian Lewis and Guy Pearce in “A Spy Among Friends,” a limited series for BritBox U.K. and Spectrum.

“A Spy Among Friends” is based on the New York Times best-selling book written by Ben Macintyre. It is produced in collaboration with Sony Pictures Television, ITV Studios and Veritas Entertainment Group. Lewis also serves as executive producer through his production company, Ginger Biscuit Entertainment. The series has begun production in London and will also shoot in Romania.

Alexander Cary is creator and executive producer alongside ITV Studios’ Patrick Spence and Nick Murphy.

The show dramatizes the true story of Nicholas Elliott (Lewis) and Kim Philby (Pearce) — two spies and lifelong friends, one of whom was betraying the other all along, at the height of the Cold War.

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Secrets and Spies: Damian Lewis Undercover

Tracking Down a Traitor

by Steve Bird | The Telegraph | October 31, 2021

Damian Lewis filming the Cold War drama limited series A Spy Among Friends CREDIT: Julian Simmonds

Budding Bond Damian Lewis stars as the MI6 officer who played cat-and-mouse with Kim Philby.

Damian Lewis’s fascination with spies has seen him play a John Le Carre secret agent and even present an entire documentary series on espionage.

But now, for the first time he has been spotted playing a real life MI6 spy in a new series about the life of Kim Philby during the height of the Cold War.

His role as Nicholas Elliott, an MI6 officer who defended Philby until his treachery became irrefutable, is ideal for Lewis who has insisted he would make a great spy, possibly better than James Bond.

Lewis, 49, was filming in London for the new Britbox series, A Spy Among Friends. Wearing Elliort’s trademark round glasses and pin-stripe suit he was on a specially converted street with 1950’s shop fronts in Pimlico.

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Happy Halloween 2021!

Getting Caught in Damian’s Web

by Gingersnap | | October 31, 2021

Happy Halloween to all our ghoul and goblin fans out there, from all of us at the Fan Fun with Damian Lewis team! You can ‘Trick or Treat’ with us at, but don’t forget to grab your cauldron and head over to our sister site Fan Fun with Damian Lewis for more spooky spectacular goodies. We serve all things Damian – all day, every day!

In keeping with the Halloween theme, you can watch Damian on your small screen in the following:

  • Dreamcatcher (who’s up for lots of killings and blood?!) – stream on Amazon Prime Video
  • Hearts and Bones (no skeleton bones harmed in the making of this) – stream on Amazon Prime Video
  • Wolf Hall (who’s up for a beheading, raise your hand!) – stream on Amazon Prime Video
  • Romeo and Juliet (death by poisoning anyone?) – stream on Amazon Prime Video
  • Alex Rider: Operation Stormbreaker (contract killing with an accent) – stream on Amazon Prime Video
  • Assassin in Love aka The Baker (contract killing…in a cake) – stream on Amazon Prime Video
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Damian Lewis Sighting in London

Soho With a Fan

by Gingersnap | | October 23, 2021

Photo Credit: Biyahero Timbo

Word on the street is that Damian is back on his home turf after a trip to Paris, as seen pictured here with a fan in London’s Soho neighborhood. Reports on social media spotted Damian in Paris earlier last week and we also noticed Billions co-star Stephen Kunken was in Paris around that same time. Could be coincidence, but both Damian and Kunken are starring in A Spy Among Friends soon! See more photos in our Gallery here.

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Billions: One Quote From Each Main Character That Goes Against Their Personality

Not Everything They Say Matches Their Personalities

by Philip Etemesi | Screenrant | October 23, 2021

In Billions, the narrative is heavily driven by the dialogue, with the hedge-fund sector players and their associates all proving to be smart talkers with a firm understanding of various financial issues. For the most part, the characters’ remarks tend to seamlessly highlight distinctive personalities, but on rare occasions, their words go against who they truly are.

Several reasons push the characters to say things they normally wouldn’t. Sometimes they are trying to momentarily be nice; other times the environment or situation they are in doesn’t allow them to talk as they usually do. Whatever the reason, the remarks always feel out of place and better suited for someone else.

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