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  • Colditz is now available for pre-order from
  • has an
    article on the Hamptons film festival with several references to The
    . The article includes this still of Connie Nielsen from the film. The Situation
    will screen at the festival on October 18, 19, 20!
  • has an interview with director Lodge Kerrigan where Keane and Damian Lewis are discussed.
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  • Click here for an article in Variety about the Hamptons International Film Festival that will open Wednesday night with the world premiere of Damian Lewis’s new film
    The Situation (Damian is expected to attend the event!)
  • According to this article the producers of Brides starring Damian Lewis are engaged in legal disputes over distribution of the film’s profits. (Well, let’s just hope that Damian got paid!)
  • Jess provided us with this
    list of other gifted British artists who were included, along with Damian Lewis, in Saturday’s issue of the Times as The Best of British Talent Portfolio.

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  • Jess shared the news that Damian Lewis was included in Saturday’s issue of the Times Magazine in a feature about The Best of British Talent Portfolio citing his “superb, break-out performance as a schizophrenic in Keane”.
  • US members located in areas where Stormbreaker has already been released are enjoying the chance to see Damian Lewis as Yassen Gregorovich in the film; click here to read KathyV’s comments about the movie.
  • Here’s another online video site offering the Colditz Region 1 (North American) DVD for pre-order with a release date of December 12th.
  • Click here for information (PDF file) about Magnus Fiennes, the composer of the musical score for Chromophobia. According to this article, original artwork created by a local (Isle of Man) teenager was featured in the film.

  • Click here to access the updated schedule of Damian Lewis performances and events – Band of Brothers will be rebroadcast in the UK and the US in October.

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  • Selene posted the link to information about The Situation starring Damian Lewis from this Australian video site – possibly indicating that there are plans to distribute the film down under!
  • Some new Damian Lewis items are currently up for auction on eBay including a promotional postcard for the UK release of Keane and a photo with autograph from the Northern Rock All-Star Golf Cup in August. These images have been added to the warehouse photo Gallery.
  • Stormbreaker featuring Damian Lewis was recently released in countries outside the UK including the US, Canada and others; click here for a nice article about the film from the Malay Mail in Kuala Lumpur.

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  • Stormbreaker or Alex Rider: Operation Stormbreaker starts Friday in select US cities. Try sites like Fandango or Yahoo! Movies to find out if it’s playing near you.
  • The Colditz DVD is set for a December 12 US release! ➡ CD Universe seems to have it available for pre-order already. The distributor RHI Entertainment has a page for the film including a gallery with new pics. No word yet on the tv broadcast. Many thanks to Ann for the headsup and links!
  • The Normal for Norfolk page at IMDb now has more details about the short film including this odd little plot summary. Normal for Norfolk‘s produced by Damian Lewis and Adrian Sturges and written and directed by Damian’s brother, Gareth Lewis.
  • A few more clips have been added to the Audio page including Damian’s 2004 Carol Concert reading and a download of part 1 of The Glittering Prizes. Nothing new – some of them were on the old multimedia page, others were first posted through