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  • Francine Stock interviewed Damian Lewis today on BBC Radio 4’s Film Programme about his new movie The Baker and Damian did a very credible impression of cast member Michael Gambon talking about his beloved Bentley automobile! Click here to download and listen to the program in MP3 format (Damian’s interview starts approximately 16 minutes into the show.)
  • The Daily Mail has an early review of Helen McCrory’s new film Flashbacks of a Fool which opens in the UK on April 18th.

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  • More great clips thanks to Dotty! ➡

    Yesterday Damian made a guest appearance on the BBC Breakfast show to discuss his wonderful new film The Baker. Click here to download and view the segment (Quicktime format, 2 parts, Zip file, 68.5 MB) or you can watch the introduction and the interview on YouTube.

    Not only is it a great interview that includes clips from the film but it also offers the opportunity to hear Damian speaking in Welsh! 😀

  • Spoilers! The Personal Pineapple livejournal community has posted a “rewatch and discussion” page for Farthingale (episode 8 of Life starring Damian Lewis.)
  • Great news! This article in Variety indicates that distributor Vertigo Films has finalized a DVD release agreement with Contender for The Escapist featuring Damian Lewis. 🙂
  • Very interesting (but not actually about Damian) news:

    » Flashbacks of a Fool (Helen McCrory’s new film with Daniel Craig) will premiere on April 13th at the Empire Cinema in Leicester Square.

    » New Amsterdam – the new show starring Nikolaj Coster-Waldau who plays the (other) handsome hitman in The Baker – premiered in the US this week on the Fox network. Previews aired on March 4th and 6th and subsequent episodes will broadcast on Mondays at 9 pm (ET) starting March 10th. Click here to read more about it.

    » Many of the Harry Potter web sites were very interested in Damian Lewis’s recent appearance on ITV’s This Morning show both because Michael Gambon (Professor Dumbledore) is in the cast of The Baker and especially because Damian mentioned that his wife Helen McCrory begins filming her scenes for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince this week and that “she’s very excited and checking all the blogs” to read what other excited people have to say about the film!

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  • Dotty has two new clips for us!

    » Damian Lewis was on ITV’s This Morning on Monday. Click here in the Multimedia section to download the interview in Quicktime format. You can also view it here on Youtube. He discusses The Baker, Life, and how Helen will begin filming Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince this week.

    » The Baker is currently featured on the Sky program Premiere Close Up. Click here to download the clip in Quicktime format and here to watch it on Youtube.

  • Has The Escapist found a US distributor? Nothing confirmed yet, according to Picture Farm, but they’ll keep us updated.
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  • Click here for pictures from The Baker premiere at The Ritzy this past Friday! (Thanks to Gemma for the pics!) Click here for a brief mention of the premiere at the Hello! site. The film will screen at The Ritzy through Thursday, March 6th. Click here to book tickets online. The Baker is now available on DVD in the UK.
  • A Life update from today’s Watch with Kristin:

    Charles in Red Lion, Pennsylvania: What’s happening to Life on NBC?

    I am over the moon to tell you it’s coming back. Yay! I just talked to Life boss Rand Ravich, and he tells me that shooting on season two begins in May and that the series should be back on the air sometime in the fall. As for what you can expect for Charlie, Dani and the rest, he tells me, “Season one was a journey into darkness, and I think in season two we’re going to start a little lighter and move back into the darkness as we go through.” Sweetheart, I’ll take my Damian Lewis in any light, thank you very much. Amen to that! ➡

  • The Escapist will be distributed in parts of Europe and Australia through distributors Indie Circle, Sandrew Metronome, and Australia’s Rialto.