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"actor, dad, redhead and ping pong champion"
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  • ”Merit Badge” the pilot episode of Life starring Damian Lewis premieres March 27th on South African televsion; click here for the show’s page at the M-NET channel.
  • The Personal Pineapple site has added a rewatch and discussion page for “Serious Control Issues” (episode 9 of Life.)
  • This blogger recently spotted the Damian Lewis Family at London’s Natural History Museum!
  • Yesterday The Situation featuring Damian Lewis premiered on US television on
    The Sundance Channel and this viewer described the movie as a “sleeper that gives insight, satisfies” saying:

    “The Situation is a sleeper film that surprises, vindicates, and satisfies on many levels. It delves into participants’ lives on each side in this complex war that touch our own with compassion. Well produced and directed, the excellent screenplay is vividly realized by the talents of the consummate cast, e.g., Connie Nielson. Every actor, Iraqi, American, etc. portrays his/her role with conviction, each extant in their character.

    The gifted writer illustrates a profound insight about the complicated humanity, life and death in this war that we at home cannot completely understand by watching soundbites and hearing biases of MSM. The film elucidates what the CIA officer (Damian Lewis) says: there is no truth in war because every moment, every person, action, event, changes its elusive, brutal reality.”

  • Spoilers! Click here for a review of The Situation on PopMatters.
  • The DVD for The Baker (the hilarious dark comedy created by Gareth Lewis and starring Damian Lewis) was recently released in the UK. The good news is that Amazon.co.uk has sold out their stock of the DVDs; the bad news is that fans are finding it difficult to obtain copies of the film! 🙁

    Other online vendors offer the DVD, click here for the links – but if you live outside of the UK make sure that the vendor ships to your location. Remember, this is a region 2 DVD that will only play on region-free or region 2 DVD players (UK, EU, So Africa, MidEast, Eqypt, and Japan.)

    The Baker will premiere in the US at the RiverRun International Film Festival in Winston-Salem, NC in April. Once you have the chance to see the film be sure to visit film industry sites such as IMDb to rate and review the movie.

  • British author Charles Cumming is a close friend of Damian Lewis. They’ve been friends since school days and in interviews Damian has mentioned that he enjoys Cumming’s books and he has performed public readings of his works. Cumming’s first novel A Spy By Nature was recently released in the US and other novels are scheduled for later release. Click here for photos of the two friends.

    This week Penguin Books is offering a new, online, interactive story by Charles Cumming titled The 21 Steps and a chance to win autographed copies of his books including an advance copy of his new novel Typhoon! (Only UK citizens over the age of 16 are eligible to win – good luck!)

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  • More from Tuesday’s Prince’s Trust event:

    » Click here at the gallery for additional red carpet photos of Damian.

    » Click here at the Prince’s Trust site for info on the winners of the RBS Community Impact Award presented by Damian.

    » Hello! has a story with pictures that includes a comment from someone who met him that evening and describes him as “a funny, polite gentleman.” Liverpool Echo also has an article and pic.

    » Click here on Youtube to catch a few glimpses of Damian on the red carpet. His last significant appearance is at the 2:53 mark.

  • Joellyn, a fan in the US, reports that her The Baker DVD finally arrived (5 days late). If you’re in the US and want a copy but can’t modify your DVD player or buy a new region-free player, she recommends purchasing AnyDVD, a software that enables your computer’s DVD player to play DVDs from other regions. Click here for more info.
  • For an mp3 download of the Brides soundtrack, click here at eSnips. Thanks again to Ann for the link.
  • Click here in the Multimedia section to download the BBC News 24 clip from yesterday.
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Damian Lewis Marie Claire Interview – March 19, 2008

Damian Lewis interview

by Marie Claire Magazine – March 19, 2008

Brit actor Damian Lewis is making it big in Hollywood. He talks exclusively to marieclaire.co.uk

British Band of Brothers star Damian Lewis, 37, stars in and produces The Baker this month. Written and directed by his younger brother, Gareth, the comedy tells the tale of a hitman who decides to quit the life and hide out in a Welsh village.

How was it to be directed by your younger sibling, Gareth?

I didn’t know quite what to expect…I suppose we were quite polite and very respectful of each other. Sweetly, we were also quite loving towards each other. Probably, if we did it again, we might be more frank. We might just say. ‘That doesn’t work’, rather than be respectful of the fact that we’re working with each other.

Continue reading Damian Lewis Marie Claire Interview – March 19, 2008

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  • Damian Lewis was a presenter at the awards ceremony for the The Prince’s Trust and RBS ‘Celebrate Success’ campaign. The awards took place tonight at the Odeon Theatre in London’s Leicester Square. Prince Charles attended the event as well as many other public figures including Gwyneth Paltrow and Kevin Spacey.

    » The Celebrate Success program recognizes the accomplishments of young people who have triumphed over disadvantages such as homelessness, drug addiction, poverty, and unemployment. The Daily Mail reported that Damian presented the RBS Community Impact Award to a team of unemployed young people who revived a Second World War memorial garden in Witton, Birmingham. Lewis said:

    “Civilians who died in the World War II heavy bombing were often buried without a permanent tombstone. I think the young people from this Prince’s Trust team did an amazing thing, providing a crucial place for relatives to remember their lost ones.”

    » Click here for red carpet photos of Damian at the Prince’s Trust event (and thanks to Dryope for the high-quality images!)

    » BBC News 24 asked celebrities at the awards to comment on the sad and untimely death of filmmaker Anthony Minghella; click here for the video clip which includes some remarks from Damian Lewis. (Thanks to currahee060644 for alerting us about this.)

  • A new character will debut on season 2 of Life starring Damian Lewis. According to the Watch With Kristin column on E! Online:

    “They’re adding a new cop to the team named Captain Brian Tidwell. I’m hearing he’s a rough around the edges hottie. Apparently he’s got a thing for sports betting, whiskey and women. Sounds like the guy is a bit of a mess, but in the most endearing sort of way.”

    Thanks to Ann for giving us this news!

  • svirginiak has posted a great Life music video called Charlie Crews Has a New Life on YouTube.
  • Information on IMDb indicates that The Escapist featuring Damian Lewis will be theatrically released in The Netherlands on September 25th; the film is scheduled for release in the UK on June 20th.
  • In addition to the high-quality pics from the Prince’s Trust event Dryope also has images from a new Damian Lewis photoshoot for our enjoyment! 😀
  • This article discusses the Iraq War as told on film including The Situation starring Damian Lewis. The US televison premiere of this Philip Haas movie will take place on Wednesday, March 19th on the Sundance Channel.
  • Linda from Belgium shared the sad news that two more of the original Easy Company Band of Brothers, Maxwell Clark and James ‘Moe’ Alley, passed away on March 14th.

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  • This DVD Times article offers information about the April 7th UK release of the DVD for Chromophobia starring Damian Lewis.
  • Reminder! Fans on both sides of the Atlantic will have the opportunity to watch the television premieres of 2 Damian Lewis performances on Wednesday, March 19th ➡

    » In the US the Sundance Channel will show The Situation with repeats on April 1st, 20th, and 25th.

    » While Belgian and Dutch fans will enjoy the European TV premiere of An Unfinished Life on VijfTV.

  • According to the Daily Mail Damian Lewis and Helen McCrory attended a “Crush Party” after a performance of the Royal Ballet Theatre’s production of Sylvia at the Royal Opera House on Saturday, March 15th.
  • A recent issue of Keep In Touch (PDF file, page 6) offers information about the filming of The Baker, created by Gareth and Damian Lewis, in the town of Grosmont in Wales. The film is now available on DVD in the UK.