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  • New Damian Lewis videos; thanks to Ann and Garthfan35 for the links! 🙂

    » Click here to view a video message from Damian Lewis recorded on June 30, 2007 in support of the Friends of the Earth’s “The Big Ask” campaign for strong environmental climate control laws.

    » A new video clip titled In Production has been added to the NBC official site for Life.

    » Click on the links below for recently added YouTube videos featuring Damian Lewis:
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  • Connie reported receiving news of a “shipping delay” from for the newly released DVD of The Situation starring Damian Lewis; US delivery of current orders is projected between August 16th through the 24th. 🙁
  • This interview with actor Stephen Moyer from the Manchester Evening News includes a description of the “Friday night expat community” of British celebrities living in Los Angeles including Robbie Williams and Damian Lewis.
  • Thanks to everyone for voting in the Hello! Most Attractive Man of the Month contest; Damian came in as a strong second place behind winner Daniel Craig.

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  • Fleeting glimpses of Life with Damian Lewis!

    » Sue from South Australia reported that Channel 10 has begun running very brief “coming soon” promos for Life.

    » Ann posted this link for an online clip of Access Hollywood’s Wednesday night fall lineup program that briefly profiled Damian’s new series.

  • Thanks to gryffynchan for sharing this Anglophenia article about British redheads that includes a very sexy photo of “ginger and proud” actor Damian Lewis.

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  • The Region 1 DVD for the The Situation starring Damian Lewis was released today in the US and Canada and is also available for rental from Netflix.
  • Another article (this one in The St. Petersburg Times) discusses the large number of British actors starring in the upcoming US television season, including Damian Lewis in Life and says:

    “…Lewis…who can draw gasps by switching seamlessly from his British speaking voice to an American accent in mid sentence, offered a simpler explanation for his move. “I read a lot of unbelievably crappy film scripts . . . so it was nice to get a decent one for this show,” he said. “And why are there a lot of Brits here? Because you keep asking us. Thank you very much.” 😆

  • Helen Mirren’s Oscar-winning film The Queen featuring Helen McCrory as Cherie Blair will air on ITV1 in the UK in September. Ms. McCrory also appears in Becoming Jane a new film about Jane Austen that will be released in the US on August 3rd.
  • Joanne reported that the Band of Brothers mini-series starring Damian Lewis is now available on veoh.

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  • Join a live online/radio chat with Director Philip Haas tonight (6:20 PM US Eastern Time) on the Lars Larson show. Haas will be discussing his new film The Situation starring Damian Lewis which will be released in North America on DVD on July 31st.

    Click here for information about participating in the Lars Larson program.

  • Some news about The Baker!

    A big thank you goes out to Ryan from Grosmont, the Welsh village that was the main site for the filming of The Baker starring and produced by Damian Lewis. Ryan shared information about the special, sold-out screening of the film in Monmouth, Wales on July 21st at the charming Savoy Theatre.

    Ryan said that Director Gareth Lewis was in attendance as well as Welsh actor Dyfan Dwyfor. The screening was offered by the producers as a thank you to the people of Grosmont and was followed by a reception at the Angel Inn which is featured in the movie as The Daffodil. The film’s producers have also made a charitable donation to the local Church of St. Nicholas to help with needed repairs.

    Ryan found the film “highly entertaining and very amusing”; click here to read his entire message. Click here (PDF file) to view an advertisement for the special screening that appeared in the Monmouthshire Beacon which indicates that the film has a “PG” rating.

  • An unconfirmed report indicates that Australian actress Claudia Black had to withdraw from the cast of Life (the new NBC series starring Damian Lewis) because she is expecting another child due to be born in November.
  • There are two new articles in The Toronto Star and Variety about international actors starring in the upcoming US television programs including the “faux American” Damian Lewis in Life.
  • UKTV has created a very nice page for Warriors (the BAFTA-winning drama starring Damian Lewis, Ioan Gruffudd, Matthew Macfadyen and Jodhi May.) The page offers several photos of Damian and other cast members as well as information about filming the production. Click here for information about obtaining copies of the hard-to-find region 2 Warriors DVD.
  • Relax and take a “ginger break” by clicking here and here to enjoy Damian Lewis music videos created by svirginak and posted on YouTube.
  • There’s still a few more days so keep voting for Damian Lewis as the Hello! Most Attractive Man of the Month!

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  • TV Scoop has rated the Top Ten British Actors on US TV with Damian Lewis coming in at the number 2 spot behind the legendary Angela Lansbury and ahead of the legendary Hugh Laurie!
  • In this 60 Second Interview stylist Gok Wan talks about the fashion advice he’s given to many individuals including Damian Lewis.
  • Thanks to bettwoforgood for calling our attention to this YouTube clip of Damian Lewis and his teammates practicing football in preparation for the 2006 Soccer Aid charity match benefitting UNICEF.
  • Damian Lewis has fans across the globe; vote in our geography poll and tell us what part of the world you call home!
  • Vote for Damian Lewis as the Hello! Most Attractive Man of the Month!