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  • According to the Hollywood Reporter actress Brooke Langton will replace Melissa Sagemiller in the cast of Life. Ms. Langton will play the lawyer who obtained freedom and a large financial settlement for wrongly-imprisoned Detective Charlie Crews (Damian Lewis).
  • Region 1 DVD Update:

    » The Shakespeare Retold DVD was released in North America today including Much Ado About Nothing starring Damian Lewis and Sarah Parish.

    » On July 31st
    The Situation featuring Connie Nielsen and Damian Lewis will be released on DVD in the US and Canada.

    » Check out the Shop page to find Damian Lewis programs available in your region.

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  • Thanks to Marian for the news that westbound, US domestic United Airlines flights are offering an extensive promotional program about
    Life starring Damian Lewis!
  • Two new promotional clips for Life have been added to the official NBC site; they’re titled “Conspiracy” and “Life Sentence”!
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  • More news about Life starring Damian Lewis:

    » Click here to view the new Why is this man so happy? trailer for the show along with other clips and interviews.

    » NBC has started running several new promos for Life during primetime!

    » Click here to read a detailed description of the Life panel presentation at the Television Critics Association’s summer press tour on Monday that featured Damian Lewis and the cast and crew of Life. (Thanks to Gryffynchan for the link).

    » According to this article posted on the Daemon’s TV site the “the role of Constance Griffiths, the lawyer who helps Charlie Crews (Damian Lewis) overturn his conviction. Originally played by Melissa Sagemiller” has been recast because the producers decided that an older woman should play the character. (However this information has not yet been confirmed.)

    » Cast information for Robin Weigert (Lt. Karen Davis) has been added to NBC’s web site for Life.

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  • NBC hosted their All-Star Party tonight for the cast and crew of their upcoming fall season and also members of the media attending the Television Critics Association Summer Press Tour. Fans were invited to join a Live Blog during the party with the chance to “blog with the stars”. Fans also had the opportunity to post questions for the stars in advance of the party, including Damian Lewis and the cast of Life. (Thanks to gryffynchan for the head’s up about this event!)

    » Update – the NBC blogger has posted the information that Damian Lewis was unable to attend the party because “he was stuck working.” 🙁

    » Live blog for Life on September 26th! According to the NBC Blogger:

    “EVERY SHOW WILL HAVE A LIVE BLOG ON PREMIERE NIGHT (Following the east coast broadcast). So come back the week of 9/24 and you will have the full attention of participating cast and producers.” 🙂

  • The Star Ledger featured an article about the Television Critics Summer Press Tour including these comments about the Life panel with Damian Lewis:

    Like Hugh Laurie, Lewis’ American accent (which he also showed off as the star of “Band of Brothers”) is flawless, and I asked him whether it was hard to do. He answered by seamlessly shifting back and forth between his American and British voices while discussing his dialogue coach, how he often stays in
    American mode here even while not acting, etc. As if to prove the point of how well Lewis does the accent, co-star Adam Arkin followed with a terrible Cockney-voiced, “I have to say that was absolutely extraordinary!”

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  • Once again a big thank you to dryope for fantastic new Damian Lewis pictures!

    » Click here for images from today’s Life panel presentation for NBC at the Television Critics Association Summer Press Tour. The panelist included (L-R) actors Adam Arkin, Sarah Shahi, Damian Lewis; executive producer/writer Rand Ravich; executive producer Far Shariat; and executive producer Dan Sackheim.

    (Notice the shiny, new, gold wedding band on the third finger of Damian’s left hand; like most everything he wears, it fits well and looks great on him!) 🙂

    » Click here for photos of Damian Lewis strolling down a street in Venice, California.

  • The Situation starring Damian Lewis will screen at the Traverse City Film Festival in Michigan on August 1st and 3rd.
  • Click here to read a charming story about the plans of a 7 year-old boy to write and create “100 films” that will feature Damian Lewis as the bad guy!
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