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  • Click here for an article about the Tremblant Film Festival including “Welshman Gareth Baker” (Who? They mean Gareth Lewis!) winner of the Best Director award for The Baker starring brother Damian.
  • Get ready to vote for Damian Lewis as the Hello! Most Attractive Man for the month of June starting June 29th; you can vote every 15 minutes.
  • The UK’s ITV network has announced their US television acquisitions for the upcoming season and they don’t include Life starring Damian Lewis! 🙁 Hopefully, another network such as Five or UKTV–Living will pick up Life for broadcast in the UK, click here for more information. Damian Lewis fans living in regions that have not yet announced Life for the new season are encouraged to contact their local networks and request the program.

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  • A special screening of The Baker starring Damian Lewis will be held in Wales on July 21st!

    A preview screening of award-winning director Gareth Lewis’s new film The Baker will be held in Monmouthshire where much of the film was shot. The screening will be open to members of the public and the proceeds will help to fund repairs for the local village church!

  • Attention Band of Brothers fans; click here to view a video clip of Kenneth Branagh speaking Shakespeare’s immortal lines “we happy few, we band of brothers” from Henry V. Several other well-known UK actors also appear in the clip including Ian Holm, Brian Blessed, and a very young Christian Bale, aka Batman! (If you’re not a Shakespeare fan then the Band of Brothers section of the speech starts around 1.50 minutes.)

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  • We won! Hurray! Great job! ➡

    It was a very close race but Damian Lewis beat actor Jesse Spencer (the handsome, young Dr. Chase on House) to be named Hello! Magazine’s Most Attractive Man of the Week! The monthly contest starts on June 29th and the competition looks tough! (Daniel Craig, Eric Bana, and George Clooney! Yikes! Start resting up your fingers now because they’re going to get a workout!) 😥

  • A number of US libraries have hosted (or are planning) Stormbreaker book and/or film events for pre-teens and teens. A discussion of the film took place today in Cincinnati and another is planned for Huntsville, AL on July 19th.

    The Stormbreaker DVD features Damian Lewis and makes a nice gift for a young adult (or consider donating a copy to your local library or Childrens Hospital!)

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  • Congratulations to Mr. Gareth Lewis! 🙂

    For being honored as “Best Director” by the Canadian Tremblant Film Festival for his debut feature film The Baker starring Damian Lewis! ➡

  • Keep voting for Damian Lewis in the Hello! Most Attractive Man of the Week contest! It’s a very close race and the competition ends early Tuesday morning (US time) – that’s early Tuesday afternoon (UK time)!

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  • Vote for Damian Lewis in the Hello! Most Attractive Man of the Week contest!
  • On June 5th this blogger encountered Damian Lewis grocery shopping at the Waitrose supermarket on
    Holloway Road in London.