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  • Thanks to Ann for sharing the link to ITV’s page (and video clip) for Confessions of a Diary Secretary (Damian’s portrayal of Prime Minister Tony Blair is not included in the clip) and also the Radio Times listing for the UK broadcast on February 28th.
  • This article about Dr. William Schimmel – a musician who performs on the soundtrack for The Baker – states that the film is “due for release in May”. [KathyV]

  • Click here for a video clip featuring Sean Penn and Director Philip Haas discussing yesterday’s California Film Institute screening of The Situation starring Damian Lewis.

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  • Composer Alex Wurman’s web site now offers three intriguing and delightful audioclips from the soundtrack of The Baker starring Damian Lewis, written and directed by Gareth Lewis, and produced by Damian Lewis, Adrian Sturges, Daniel Shepherd, and Justin Williams:

    » Village Fugue (2:12)
    » Strassenjockey (0:32)
    » Martha Explodes (0:50)

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  • Click here for Variety’s “Film Production Chart” for The Escapist starring Damian Lewis. The UK distribution rights are held by Vertigo Films but Goalpost has distribution rights outside of the UK.

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  • Update on Merit Badge (the pilot for Life) a new television drama starring Damian Lewis: in addition to some script changes the schedule for shooting the program has been delayed and will start on February 20th and run through March 12th. If the pilot is picked up the serial program will air on US television on the NBC network.
  • This article in Variety discusses film-making opportunities in Ireland and includes a brief mention of The Escapist, written and directed by Rupert Wyatt and featuring Damian Lewis.
  • The Region 2 DVD for The Queen co-starring Helen McCrory is now available for pre-order on with a release date of March 12th. (Note: this DVD will only play in Region 2 DVD players – UK, EU, MidEast, Egypt, South Africa, and Japan – or in region-free/multiregion players.)

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  • Boogie Woogie update: Actress Meredith Ostrom told the Daily Mail she would be “making a film called Boogie Woogie soon” The Daily Mail also says Gillian Anderson may star in the film. Last we heard it was in limbo. Thanks to Ann for the link!
  • Click here for a new pic of Damian at the Irish Film And Televison Awards. Click here for a few more pics of Damian at the BAFTA Awards.