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  • Jodi is the name of a lucky girl who had a brief chance encounter with Damian Lewis at a notary office in North London last Friday! She said that he was wearing shorts and a jumper (sweater) having just finished playing a game of football (soccer). Click here to read more about the encounter and click here for photos of Damian playing football.
  • (Spoliers!) “A Customer from Lincoln” gave a 5 star review to The Baker starring Damian Lewis on the Sofa Cinema site saying:

    This is not a rom com, not a black comedy and certainly not a thriller. It’s an out and out quirky British comedy. Hitman (Damian Lewis) tires of his life and seeks to get away from it all in a small Welsh village where, in an attempt to blend in, he becomes a baker. Unfortunately for him, local village half-wit, with a passion for blowing up sheep using home-made fertiliser bombs, stumbles upon Lewis’ real ‘identity’. This soon becomes known amongst the predominantly male occupants of the village who, thinking he is merely undercover, seek his services to rid themselves of overbearing wives and annoying neighbours – well you would wouldn’t you! Lewis has an encounter early on with local vet (Kate Ashfield) which adds a bit of romance to proceedings – including passion frenzy involving a variety of cake making ingredients – beats whipping up a Victoria sponge! This film has no pretensions about setting itself in any genre – it’s just 90 mins of easy to watch, fun.

    This hilarious film is currently available for purchase on region 2 DVD.

  • This site offers information about charitable work done by celebrities including Damian Lewis. Damian is an ambassador for the Christian Aid organization; click here for more information about his work with this worthy group.

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  • UK magazine alert! Thanks to Jen for the news that the May 2008 issue of Empire Magazine (UK edition) includes an article about Rupert Wyatt’s new film for Picture Farm, a prison-escape drama titled The Escapist that features Damian Lewis. Click here and here for screen grabs from the online, interactive edition. Click here for a partial transcription of the article (thanks to Ann). Please contact Selene if you are able to scan the full article to share it with fans located outside of the UK (and thank you in advance!)
  • Great news for Canadian fans of Life starring Damian Lewis as LA Detective Charlie Crews. The series will begin rerunning in Canada on Showcase starting April 2nd; and a big thank you to Shirley for the heads up!
  • Film Threat is currently featuring an article about the April RiverRun International Film Festival in Winston-Salem, NC and the US premiere of Gareth Lewis’s new film The Baker, produced by and starring Damian Lewis.
  • Reminder! The Situation starring Damian Lewis will broadcast in the US on April 1st on the Sundance Channel.

  • Thanks once again to Jen for the news that An Unfinished Life with Damian Lewis will air on Australia’s Movie One channel in April and May.
  • Click here and here to enjoy lovely new Damian Lewis fanart created by Fabiana.
  • Vote for Charlie Crews (Damian Lewis) in TV Guide’s Sexiest Nerd contest!

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  • Film festival update:

    » Damian Lewis will not be able to attend the opening night of the BritSpotting Film Festival in Berlin on April 10th that will feature his new film The Escapist but producer Adrian Sturges will be there and possibly one cast member.

    The Escapist will only screen in Berlin and not in any of the other cities included in the festival tour.

    » Writer/director Gareth Lewis will attend screenings of his new feature The Baker at the RiverRun International Film Festival but his brother Damian will probably not be able to make it; producer Adrian Sturges is also unable to attend.

    During the next few weeks representatives of the RiverRun festival will be visiting local venues to present a RiverRun Roadshow to residents of the Winston-Salem, NC area to generate interest in the festival; click here (PDF file) for more information.

  • Lara de Matos of Independent News and Media reviewed the South African television premiere of Life starring Damian Lewis and stated:

    “…It’s not often I find myself in a position where I’m unable to come up with a single criticism of a show, but try though I did, Life proved every bit as brilliant as its producers promised it’d be…”

    British actor Damian Lewis has Crews’ offbeat character perfectly pegged, with an edge of eccentricity that belies the traumatic times he endured while wasting away in prison (for a crime he didn’t commit)…

    Lewis’ oddball persona is supported by a stellar cast, which includes Adam Arkin as Crews’ former “jail mate”, Ted, and Sarah Shahi (of The L Word fame) offers up a powerful performance as Crews’ hardnosed partner suffering with a few drug-related demons of her own.

    But the creators are careful to ensure that the darker side to the storyline is never lost amid all the characters’ idiosyncrasies, which they constantly bring to the fore in an unobtrusive manner.

    This, they achieve by means of a filming style reminiscent of NYPD Blue, which sees snips of one-on-one interviews with supporting roles explaining the circumstances surrounding Charlie’s past and present. Miss this one and you’ll be doing yourself a serious disservice.”

    Life, Thursday, on M-Net at 7.30pm

  • (Spoilers!) Click here and here for more lovely picspam for The Forsyte Saga Series 1 provided by firthgal.

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  • Exciting film festival news!

    » Rupert Wyatt’s film The Escapist featuring Damian Lewis will open the BritSpotting – British and Irish Film Festival in Berlin on April 10th! Click here for more information.

    » Chromophobia starring Damian Lewis will also screen at the BritSpotting festival on April 11th and 12th.

    » This press release (PDF file, page 1) for the RiverRun International Film Festival indicates that director Gareth Lewis will accompany his film The Baker starring Damian Lewis at the film’s US premiere in Winston-Salem, NC. Tickets will go on sale tomorrow (March 27th) and the screening dates are listed below:
    – Friday 25, 11:00am Gold Theatre
    – Friday 25, 6:30pm Main Theatre
    – Saturday 26, 9:00pm Babcock Theatre

    The festivals are open to the public and the fans are encouraged to turn out and show support for these important, independent films.

  • Vote for Charlie Crews (Damian Lewis) in TV Guide’s Sexiest Nerd contest!

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  • Click here for more photos of Damian Lewis at the recent Prince’s Trust & RBS Celebrate Success Awards.
  • The RiverRun International Film Festival in Winston-Salem, NC will screen The Baker on Friday and Saturday, April 25th and 26th.
  • An outdoor “Movies Under the Stars” screening of Stormbreaker with Damian Lewis will take place in Seminole, Florida on April 18th; click here for more information.
  • (Spoilers!) Michael Ausiello of TV Guide had this to say about the second season of Life starring Damian Lewis:

    “Apparently Charlie Crews (Damian Lewis, aka David Caruso with a Sense of Humor) is getting a new coworker. Captain Brian Tidwell, a new, as-yet-uncast series regular, is a hard-drinkin’ and -gamblin’ and -sexin’ kind of a guy, a perfect foil/temptation for Crew’s Zen-spouting goofball flirt. It’s unclear how Tidwell will jell with Charlie’s crabby partner Dani and his roommate/former cellmate Ted, but here’s hoping for a poker night in their collective future.”

  • According to the Media Life site NBC will present their fall season lineup next Wednesday, April 2nd. The article goes on to say that the network has “already handed renewals to two new scripted shows, “Life” and “Chuck,” with the promise that they’ll receive a splashy relaunch next fall…”
  • (Spoilers!) Life will premiere in South Africa on M-Net on March 27th and has selected the program as the “Show of the Week!”
  • (Spoilers!) The Personal Pineapple site has posted a “Re-watch and Discussion” page for Dig a Hole (episode 10 of Life).
  • Keep voting for Charlie Crews (Damian Lewis) in TV Guide’s Sexiest Nerd poll!