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From the Trader’s Desk: Horsemen Are Drawing Nearer! Billions S5 E9 Implosion

Horsemen are Drawing Nearer!

by Lady Trader | Fan Fun with Damian Lewis | September 17, 2021

The Horsemen are drawing nearer
On leather steeds they ride
They’ve come to take your life
The Four Horsemen – Metallica

Happy Friday from the Trader’s Desk. Once you add Wendy (who I think will be majorly pissed at Axe for his role in Tanner flying the coop) Chuck, Prince, and Taylor they will officially become the Four Horsemen who will be riding to finally bring Axe to his demise. I’ll get into why I believe that the bullseye on Axe’s forehead is rightfully earned, but first the tranya!

That Rian is still wearing those high waters! UGGGH! I know I’m harping on it but growing up if you wore high waters you got made fun of mercilessly! Being called Noah or being asked “where’s the flood?” was one of the most embarrassing things anyone could say to you. It meant you couldn’t afford new clothes, which for a teenaged girl is mortifying! The fact that someone wears them as a choice just boggles my mind (and not in a good way).

Second week in a row we get a Van Halen reference (last week “Diamond” Dave Lee Roth got the shout out), and it’s always appreciated. I know Billions co-creator Brian Koppleman loves Van Halen (who doesn’t?) and I was so happy to hear a VH song in this episode, especially after the untimely passing of Eddie Van Halen last October.

I was happy to see that Mafee and I have very similar ticker symbols (VTR, DG, ULTA, GPS) on our watch/trading lists. Perhaps I could become an Axe Capper after all!

I guess the “new” Chuck didn’t last long. He got Prince to do his dirty work with the Delaware AG, and now that Axe got his dad the kidney, he’s got blood in his eyes. In Chuck’s mind, Axe took the one thing Chuck is always searching for: validation from his dad that he is “good enough”. Chuck couldn’t come through with an organ donor, but Axe could. (I can’t wait to hear Senior riff about that turn of events!) Chuck is a man with nothing to lose, which makes him dangerous.

I must address the back and forth between Chuck and Prince regarding wealth. It really got my dander up! Chuck implies that Prince must be a bad guy by virtue of how much money he has. If he has made that much coin, then he must have done that much wrong. If he has that much wealth, he must be inherently guilty.

Tony Iommi – Net Worth – $75M
Brian May – Net Worth – $210M
Ozzy Osbourne – Net Worth – $220M
Bob Dylan – Net Worth – $375M

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