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Billions on Showtime, Season 7 Episode 1: Tower of London

Return of the King

by Damianista | Fan Fun With Damian Lewis | August 13, 2023

Advance Warning: This is a long review. I wanted to touch upon everything that happened in the season premiere because it sets the tone for the season…and I also wanted to re-visit a thing or two from Season 6 as a refresher. I just missed writing about this show so much! So please bear with me. One episode in and my mind is spinning. Season 7 may turn out to be the most Billions-y Billions we have ever seen! My one word review for the season premiere: WHOA. Longer version follows. ENJOY!

I have repeatedly said that Billions is going to end with a huge bang and guess what?!?! The final season opens with a huge bang, literally, with Mike Prince throwing a computer he grabs from an MPC employee’s desk at Wendy’s glass office walls shattering them all down.


“What is so fucking wrong about me that you’re sure that I shouldn’t be fucking president?”

Well…I am sure Wendy has a list…but for starters…how about your anger management problem?

Wendy’s face speaks volumes. She certainly did something to stop Prince’s presidential bid. But what is it? This is what we are going to see in the next couple of weeks!

So we go back to five months ago with a super cool Wendy arriving at the MPC offices with The Dollyrots’ “Because I’m Awesome” playing in the background…

“I’m a leader, I’m a winner, and I’m cleaner”

But she finds the MPC offices completely empty except for Prince looking at her from upstairs and saying this is Part II of just him and Wendy. It turns out Part I was when Wendy grilled him in Season 6 and now Prince needs to go deep with her and asks her to be Dave Grohl to his Kurt Cobain. NOW. Because he has decided to run in 2024 and wants Wendy to prime him for the job. But it seems he does not need to listen to a lot of people. According to Prince, politics went downhill when politicians thought they had to listen to people. Huh?

“Not smart people. Not educated people. Just people. The founders never wanted a true democracy but a constitutional republic. You know that.”

Prince is so full of himself that he is not even seeing Wendy’s face as she hears his words about himself being the buck! Moreover, he gives her a “That’s my girl. Uh, doctor.” (which reminds me of Danzig who called Wendy “Mrs. Mojo” which Wendy corrected as “Dr. Mojo.”) when Wendy pretends to agree to getting him there! And I happily add “sexist” to the adjectives I use for Mr. Prince.

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