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Billions Offers First Look at Holland Taylor in Its Final Season (Exclusive Video)

Does Wendy Need a Therapist?

by Sho_Billions | YouTube | August 23, 2023

In upcoming episode 3 “Winston Dick Energy,” Wendy meets with Dr. Eleanor Mayer (Holland Taylor), a highly acclaimed psychiatrist known for her modern Freudian approach and a therapist that many Prince Cap employees have been using. Taylor will star as Dr. Eleanor Mayer in a recurring role, per The Wrap. In this clip, she confronts Maggie Siff’s own highly motivated psychiatrist/performance coach character, Wendy.

“It is no secret that you are extraordinary, Wendy. But I think you can be even better,” Dr. Mayer says in the clip. “I would like to help you with that.”

“Thank you, but I’m not in the market for a performance coach,” Wendy fires back.

“I was suggesting therapy. Isn’t that why you’re here?” Dr. Mayer asks.