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From The Trader’s Desk: I Have Questions…

Billions Season 7 Episode 9 ‘Game Theory Optimal’

by Lady Trader | Fan Fun with Damian Lewis | October 13, 2023

What you gonna do
Time’s caught up with you
Now you wait your turn
You know there’s no return
Hand of Doom – Black Sabbath

It’s Friday, so it’s time for “From the Trader’s Desk” to dive into Billions S7E9 “Game Theory Optimal.”

This was a great episode that had all the characteristics of what we love about Billions – drama, double crosses, and bold moves. I chose the lyrics from Black Sabbath’s “Hand of Doom” because as a viewer, I felt the impending doom of Wendy, Taylor, and Wags. Time caught up with our brave trio, but they have two aces in the hole that will hopefully help them save the day.

I try to change up the Trader’s Desk every once in a while to make it interesting, so this week my approach is “I have questions…”. I’ll state my question, then discuss what I think may or may not be the answer. Please share what you think in the comments.

Before I get to the Q&A, I thought I would check the score card on our “Our Top 3 Billions Characters We’d Love to See Return” post we did at the beginning of the season. Gingersnap has 1 point for her call on bringing Bryan Connerty back, Damianista has 1 point for her desire to see our favorite fixer, Hall return, Holliedazzle is in the lead with 2 points for getting both Bryan and Bonnie right, TheTailThatWagsTheDog also gets a point for a Bryan call back, and in last place is yours truly with a big fat goose egg. We do have 3 episodes left in the season, so there is a chance I could get a point, but it’s not looking good.  Also, hats off to Damianista for the foreshadowing of Scooter finding out where Taylor really was on the “Redemption Tour”. Great call!


Was that a beautiful opening montage?

Billions has always made New York City a supporting character throughout all seven seasons. The homage to all the restaurants that have been featured was a nice touch, with a fitting song, “I’ve Loved These Days” by Billy Joel, playing in the background. I also loved the beautiful shots of Manhattan that were peppered throughout the episode. “The City” is a unique place, and no matter how many times I get to see it in all it’s glory, it will never stop being special.

Did Chuck really just admit he is a criminal?

Why yes, yes he did. While I admire Chuck for putting all his past transgressions on a drive as a way to give trust to Wags and Taylor, I was just happy to hear him admit that he is no better than anyone he has targeted. He’s been cutting corners since he was line prosecutor, so we know that how he operates has less to do with “rich guys bilking the system” like Axe and Prince, and all about his own ego. He is willing to cheat to win for his own benefit. He can soothe his conscience by telling himself it’s for the greater good, but that’s a lie. It’s a good thing he has bent the rules now and then, because I believe him admitting them and giving them to Taylor and Wags was the only way they would agree to bring him on to their team.

Is Kate playing the real long game?

Damianista’s theory that Kate is trying to take down Prince makes sense. We know that she has had big political aspirations since the very first season when she told Bryan she wanted to get to the White House. Prince is in her way, and she’s certainly been in the inner, inner circle at MPC and knows where all the bodies are buried. Her being the one exposing the attempted coup by Wendy, Taylor and Wags undoubtedly makes sure Prince never doubts her loyalty. If she is playing the long game, I will be very interested to see her final moves.

Is taping your employees without their knowledge even legal?

When Scooter quotes Warner Wolf and says “let’s go to the video tape” I’m shocked. MPC has had the place bugged the whole time? He says they didn’t record the trading floor or the bathrooms, but do we put anything past Prince and his paranoia? I did do some research, and in New York State, it is only legal to video tape your business for security purposes and the employer must post a visible notice stating a video surveillance system has been installed for that purpose. Also, NYS is a one-party consent state, which means it is a “criminal offense to obtain, record, share or use electronic, wire or oral communications without at least one party’s consent during that interchange”. Since either Wendy, Taylor or Wags gave consent I do believe that the taping is illegal! I’m hoping Kate knows this and that this ties into the way she is going to take down Prince.

Did Chuck realize that maybe Axe wasn’t that bad after all?

Chuck’s white whale for 5 seasons of Billions was Axe. His desire to …

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