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Billions on Showtime, Season 7 Episode 12: Admirals Fund

Magnum Opus

by Damianista | Fan Fun With Damian Lewis | October 28, 2023

May I just say I will miss Billions so much? Thanks to Paramount+  releasing the new episodes Fridays at midnight, I watched the show two times until 2am taking notes. Then I slept on it and wrote all day Friday taking a lot of pleasure in putting together what I see, what I read between the lines, and my favorite part, speculating about what could happen next in this crazy ride! And I thank all my readers from the bottom of my heart for reading my recaps and or your kind support and feedback.

I give standing ovation to all brilliant minds behind and in front of the camera for this brilliant season and a very satisfying series finale full of Easter Eggs for die-hard Billions fans! Special thanks go to series creators and executive producers Brian Koppelman and David Levien for giving me my dream show for seven years. It has been amazing to have interactions with the best ensemble cast ever over the years. Thank you Kelly AuCoin, Chris Carfizzi, David Costabile, Daniel K. Isaac, Stephen Kunken, Toby Leonard Moore for being so down to earth on social media.

Catching up with Damian on Billions Set, October 2017

Biggest thanks go to the one and only Damian Lewis for always being very kind and generous with me when I caught him on the set and, in particular, for returning to Billions to do his thing one last time despite the sadness he went through in his life. He is the best and I cannot wait to follow and support him in his film and music adventures to come!

While our favorite show is coming to an end, we still have so much to say about it. We will post our Best of Billions Season 7 in a week followed by an updated Season 7 dining guide as well as a music guide and a location guide for the final season. We may even sit down and choose our top ten episodes of the entire series. And we hope you stay with us! 



It is not what we see but what we do not see that dictates the plot in Billions. And so the series finale fills us in about what we have not seen in the last couple of weeks!

The rebels have a meeting at the new Axe Global headquarters as Chef Ryan, who is back from his trip to Copenhagen (the world capital of dining these days, courtesy of Axe) serves them cardamom buns! Axe saying “Worth it!” to Ryan who thanks him for his trip is one of the Easter eggs that brings a smile to the hard core Billions fans!

“So, Game Day.. huh?”

I called it!!! Kate is with the rebels and Wags shouting “Coffee!” for Kate who has just arrived at the meeting, is yet another Easter egg!

We now go back to eight weeks ago: Kate invites Wags to a meeting after their elevator talk in Episode 6 The Man in the Olive Drab T-Shirt. Wags arrives at his favorite burger place Joe Junior with a big appetite but loses it as soon as he sees Wendy there also waiting for Kate! And Taylor joining them in a few minutes means they have been busted. However, thanks to Wendy’s super human persuasive powers, Kate decides to put her country before her personal interests and joins them.

Now, even though I called it that Kate would be part of the rebellion, I thought she has been in it from the get go, particularly after finding out about Prince’s untaxed billions in crypto in Season 6 Finale! But it turns out that Kate has been genuinely fascinated with Prince’s power that would get her what she wanted and needed a serious wake up alarm to find her way back. And here she is for the game day!

Prince is on his way to Camp David and the only person that can make decisions at MPC at the moment, Philip, arrives at the rebels meeting!

Well, I called this one, too! Philip was not a big fan of Prince after what he did to Philip’s favorite professor. We now go back to four weeks ago: Philip starts missing meetings at the company after the Ruloff incident in Episode 7 DMV. Wendy meets him at Corner Bistro and finds out that Philip does not want to see Prince “rising off the rubble of Marc Ruloff” but does not know what to do.

It is Philip’s lucky day because Wendy knows exactly what they need to do. And, lo and  behold, Philip is in! Wendy just makes sure that the two of them have a meeting in Wendy’s office in which Philip openly says he would not participate in whatever Wendy, Taylor and Wags are plotting against Prince and so Prince keeps him close.

Remember Season 4 Episode 12 Extreme Sandbox where Axe sends Rebecca on a retreat with Wendy and destroys her business while she is off the grid? And now the rebels are doing the exact same thing with Prince.

As they are waiting for the game time, the rebels do not leave anything to chance. Hall, who is in disguise as a  road worker lets Axe  know that Prince is arriving at Camp David in 9 minutes.

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