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David Costabile Teases Billions Season 5 Return, Gives Season 6 Update

Filming Rest of Season 5 and Season 6 At Same Time Was Tricky

by Meaghan Darwish | TV Insider | August 24, 2021

David Costabile continues to entertain with his role as hedonistic henchman Mike “Wags” Wagner in Showtime’s Billions which resumes its fifth season beginning Sunday, September 5.

After more than a year off-air, it’s a welcome return for sure as fans were left on a cliffhanger following Todd Krakow’s (Danny Strong) ousting as secretary, leaving Axe (Damian Lewis) and Wags’ future plans in the lurch. “Well, I can’t really tease anything, other than nothing,” Costabile jokes, before teasing,”I can say [that it’s] very distinctly possible that we would continue down this particular perilous path.”

It’s also been one bumpy ride getting back to filming, as Costabile recalls a roughly year-long gap between filming Season 5 episodes. “We finished last March 12th, and we were on the eighth episode of the fifth season at the time,” he details. “We had done about half of it. And we came back at the beginning of March this year and started again.”

When the stars did finally return to set, Costabile shares that they worked on episodes for Seasons 5 and 6. “It was a real mind-bender in terms of the timeline, actually figuring out what was happening when, and not predicting what was going to be happening as you knew the next part of the next season,” he says. “So it was tricky.”

It’ll all be worth it in the end for viewers, though, as the actor promises, “We’re in the midst of making a whole other season for everybody. So there won’t be such a long break for the viewers.”

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