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Vogue’s Dream Bond Boys – Aug 13, 2018

Damian Ranks as a 007 Contender, at Least with Vogue 

by Katie Berrington and Lauren Milligan | British Vogue | August 13, 2018

British Vogue released a list of dream boys they’d like to see play the next James Bond.

As speculation amped up last week about who will follow in Daniel Craig’s 007 footsteps, Idris Elba sent the rumour mill into overdrive with an “Is he? Isn’t he?” Twitter tease.

“My name’s Elba, Idris Elba,” he posted, sparking mass excitement amongst his followers, before appearing to dismiss the widespread claims by advising people not to believe “the hype”.

Here, we chart the contenders – the likely and the left-field – who could step into the famous spy’s sleek tuxedo for future incarnations of the franchise (when Craig does indeed hang up his Speedos for good).

#3 – Damian Lewis

One of the older candidates in the running at 47, the actor has the gentlemanly air down pat and was an early front runner for the next Bond – particularly thanks to the fervent following he garnered after his acting skills were brought to the masses in Homeland.

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Damian Makes London Power 100 List – March 1, 2018

The 2018 London Power 100 List

by Nicholas Taylor | London Power 100 | March 1, 2018

#64 – Damian Lewis, OBE

London Power 100 is an annual list of the 100 most influential people in London. Our inaugural list will include a wide variety of high achievers and power players in the city and from the city of London!

The aim of the list is to identify who the movers and shakers in the capital are. The list will be under the watchful eye of celebrated lawyer Nicholas Taylor. Taylor will be in charge of curation of names and overseeing the judging process which begins shortly after the new year.

London Power 100 was founded by Witham based businessman Lewis Drazen. The executive team consists of Viktor Tokarev, Tina Hansen and Amara Khan.

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Bobby Axelrod Character Gets Podcast Award – Jan 6, 2018

Bobby Axelrod Character Gets Podcast Award

by Gingersnap – – January 6, 2018

The Draft Pod is a podcast that takes the fun part of a sports draft, which is picking athletes to build the best possible mock team, and removes the boring part of researching athletes and their stats. On Episode 44 titled, ‘The Draft Poddies’ they hosted an award show to all the “best of the best of 2017.”  Award categories were: Best New Artist (Music), Best Album, Best Song, Best Movie, Best Performance in a Movie, Breakout Movie Star, Best TV Show, Best YouTube Show, Best Character in a TV Show, Best Comedian, Best Viral Moment/Meme, Best Podcast and Best Draft Pod Episode of the Year.

And who got the coveted ‘Draft Poddie’ trophy for Best Character in a TV Show? That’s right, the gold Poddie cup Best of 2017 went to Bobby ‘Axe’ Axelrod (played by Damian Lewis). Just a little more gold to add to Bobby’s Billions!


Source: Twitter @thedraftpod

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VOTE NOW: Best of TV Awards 2017 – Dec 22, 2017

VOTE NOW: Best of TV Awards 2017

by Gingersnap – – December 22, 2017

Hyped by some fans as “Canada’s People Choice Awards,” the annual Canadagraphs ‘Best of TV Awards’ nominees have been announced. And Damian is in the running for his portrayal of Bobby “Axe” Axelrod in the Showtime hit series Billions. Round one is now underway so cast your vote for Damian in the Best Action or Drama Actor category for Billions. Let’s do this Damian Lewis fandom!

Round 1- Unlimited manual voting is permitted.  Any use of a bot voting system will be deleted.
Round 2 & 3 – One ballot per person (person = IP address)

We will announce when rounds two and three begin, so stay tuned!

Vote here

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Keep Voting! Damian Advances to the Sweet 16 Bracket in the Cigar Aficionado Tournament – Nov 13, 2017

UPDATED 11/20/17 – Voting has now closed. Thank you for participating.

Keep Voting! Damian Advances to the Sweet 16 Bracket in the Cigar Aficionado Tournament

by Gingersnap – – November 13, 2017

It was a knockout! Damian’s Cigar Aficionado magazine cover beat out Kevin Spacey’s in round 2 of the celebrity cover challenge and officially advances to the next bracket of the tournament called, ‘The Sweet 16.’

Source: Cigar Aficionado

In ‘The Sweet 16’ round, Damian’s cover is up against Jack Nicholson.  You must keep voting to advance Damian’s cover to the next bracket, ‘The Elite 8.’  VOTE HERE and vote often because you will have a chance to win a box of vintage cigars for yourself.

Source: Cigar Aficionado

Stay tuned as we announce updates based on the voting schedule:

November 13 – Sweet 16 begins
November 20 – Elite 8 begins
November 27 – Final 4 begins
December 4 – Championship begins

For more information, visit Cigar Aficionado’s website and Twitter feed.