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  • The final episode of Alan Sepinwall’s rewind of Band of Brothers is now available; click here for his review of “Points” (episode 10).

    And click here to read a blogger’s review of this brilliant, epic series starring Damian Lewis.

  • Sian Brewis of the Leicester Mercury describes Life starring Damian Lewis as “funny, smart and thoroughly watchable.”
  • British television channel ITV3 is currently rerunning The Forsyte Saga starring Damian Lewis, upcoming episodes will air on July 9th and 16th:

    » ITV3 July 9th at 10:00pm
    » ITV3 Plus 1 July 9th at 11:00pm
    » ITV3 July 16th at 10:00pm
    » ITV3 Plus 1 July 16th at 11:00pm

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  • New “Tubey Award” polls are up at the Television Without Pity site with lots of chances to vote for Damian Lewis and Life! The relevant polls are:

    Group 1-4 group:
    » Best Drama: Life
    » Best Single Episode – Drama: “Not for Nothing” (Life) or “One” (Life)

    Group 9-12:
    » Favorite Character: Charlie Crews (Life)

    Group 17-20:
    » Best “Hell Yeah!” Moment: Charlie Crews kills Roman with one punch to the throat

    Group 21-24:
    » Neverending Subplot That Most Needs to Be Resolved: The conspiracy against
    Charlie Crews (Life)
    » Best Line of Dialogue: “I need a bigger gun.” – Charlie Crews (Life)

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  • Thanks to Sandra and Ann for the link to vote for Damian Lewis and Life in Television Without Pity’s “Tubey Awards”. The relevant polls include:

    Group 1-4:
    » Best Sidekick: Ted Earley (Life) or Bobby Stark (Life)
    » Best Villain: Roman (Life)
    » Best Badass: Charlie Crews (Life)

    Group 5-8:
    » Best American Accent by a Non-American Actor: Damien Lewis (Life) (misspelled!)

    Group 9-12:
    » Best On-Screen Death Scene: Roman (Life)
    » Best Season Finale: Life

    Group 17-20:
    » Most Painful Series Cancellation: Life
    » Broadcast Network Show Most In Need of a Move to a Cable Network: Life
    » Best Dream / Hallucination / Vision Sequence: Charlie is hallucinating that he’s back in the prison (Life)

    Group 21-24:
    » Most Welcome New Character: Jane Seever (Life)
    » Best Smackdown (Non-reality Show): Charlie Crews vs. Roman (Life)

  • British actor James Purefoy, the star of NBC’s new series The Philantrhopist, told the New York Daily News about the advice he received from colleagues Damian Lewis and Kevin McKidd about working in Hollywood on a network television series:

    I spoke to Damian and Kevin because they both worked with NBC. I said, “Tell me the truth, how do they treat you.” They told me it’s tough, the scheduling is punishing. You have to really fight for creativity because you’re actually spending most of your life learning lines…”

  • In the US June 30th is the last day to view The Escapist with Damian Lewis as a satellite/cable “Video On Demand” pay-per-view feature under “IFC In Theaters”.

  • The Escapist will screen in Charlotte, North Carolina on July 11th for the “Charlotte Film Society’s Saturday Night Cine Club”.

  • Inspired By Music, the new book of celebrity photographs (including Damian Lewis) by Cambridge Jones, will be released on July 1, 2009 and Tower Books is offering the volume at the discounted price of $24.99 (US). Proceeds from sales of the book will benefit
    The Prince’s Trust charity. Thanks again to Ann for the link!

  • Helen McCrory’s new film The Special Relationship will start filming in London on July 20th under the direction of Richard Loncraine; click here for more information.
  • Alan Sepinwall of the New Jersey Star Ledger has published two more articles in his series on “revisiting Band of Brothers; click on the links below for “The Last Patrol” and “Why We Fight”. Thanks to Leah for the links.

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  • Click here to view charming photos of Damian Lewis taking his little girl Manon and his son Gulliver for a stroll in Venice Beach, CA. These pictures were posted on Splash News on April 21, 2009. (Thanks to idle.hands for the link!)

  • Click here to download an audio file (in mp3 format) of Damian Lewis’s narration of the June 5, 2009 BBC documentary titled “Keep on Running: 50 Years of Island Records”. (Thanks to Kaz for the clip!)

  • Click here and here a wonderful series of 1993 and 1995 black-and-white portraits of Damian Lewis by Sasha Gusov. Thanks to Ann!

  • Stuart Levine of Variety lists Damian Lewis as an “underdog contender” for an Emmy nomination for his portrayal of Detective Charlie Crews on Life.

    Mary McNamara of the Los Angeles Times also included Damian in her list of actors that deserve Emmy nominations, saying:

    And just because I cannot let it go, Damian Lewis deserves it for “Life,” NBC’s cancellation of a great show notwithstanding.

    We can’t let it go either, Mary! 😥

  • Panorama Entertainment holds the US distribution rights for The Baker starring Damian Lewis. A limited theatrical release of the film is expected this year; click here for more information.

  • Alan Sepinwall of the New Jersey Star Ledger has written 2 new installments in his series on “Revisiting Band of Brothers”. The new articles are for episode 3 “Carentan” and episode 4 “Replacements”.
  • According to “Flashbacks of a Fool” with Helen McCrory will open in New Zealand on July 30, 2009.

  • A new music video titled “100% Damian Lewis” has been posted on YouTube by littleshahrukh.

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  • Thanks to Connie from New Jersey for sharing her personally autographed composite image of Damian Lewis as Major Richard Winters. The autograph was obtained in London (for Connie) by Georgi from Australia!

    Damian Lewis fans are all part of one, big, happy, international family! 😀

  • The Escapist with Damian Lewis is the ”£0.99 iTunes UK Film of the Week”!

  • Thanks to Ann for the news that The Escapist is screening in Saratoga, NY on June 5th and 7th and that An Unfinished Life will screen in Schaumburg, IL on June 24th.

  • Click above for a new music video by Navhy23 titled “Life – When I Grow Up”.
  • The Region 1 DVD for Life – Season 2 starring Damian Lewis as Detective Charlie Crews will be released in North America on August 25, 2009. According to Jeff Hodges at the 5-disc set will offer these extras:

    Life – Season 2 – DVD Extras:

    – Deleted Scenes

    – The Business of Miracles – Commentary with Creator/Executive Producer Rand Ravich, Executive Producer Far Shariat and Series Stars Damian Lewis, Sarah Shahi, Adam Arkin & Donal Logue

    – Did You Feel That? – Commentary with Creator/Executive Producer Rand Ravich, Executive Producer Far Shariat and Series Stars Damian Lewis, Adam Arkin & Donal Logue

    – Hit Me Baby – Commentary withn Creator/Executive Producer Rand Ravich, Executive Producer Far Shariat and Series Star Adam Arkin

    – One – Commentary with Creator/Executive Producer Rand Ravich and Executive Producer Far Shariat