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  • The Hollywood Interview has published additonal information for the August 25th release of the region 1 DVD for Life – Season 2:

    LIFE: SEASON TWO, stars Damian Lewis as a police detective reinstated to the force after being wrongly imprisoned. Using his Zen-like take on his second chance at life to solve cases unconventionally, Lewis keeps the bad guys of LA at bay. Bonuses: Deleted scenes; Gag reel; Commentary by cast and crew. Widescreen. Dolby 5.1 surround.

  • The region 2 DVD for Life – Season Two is available for pre-order in the UK from with a December 28th release date.

  • Vote for Life and Damian Lewis in this week’s edition of the Tubey Awards in the categories below:

    » Favorite Character: Charlie Crews (Life)

    » Most Underrated Show: Life

    » Best “Hell Yeah!” Moment: Charlie Crews kills Roman with one punch to the throat (Life)

  • Click here and here for new Life fanart by “Detective Charlie Crews.”
  • Erin Banker’s entertaining article about marriage to a red-headed man includes this comment:

    “…redheads are an increasingly distinguished tribe, not least the incredibly sexy Damian Lewis (Band of Brothers, Life)…”

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  • The Baker starring Damian Lewis will screen at the Kansas International Film Festival in September.

  • Vote for Band of Brothers as the best television show of the decade in this Guardian poll. (Thank you to dantrans for the information!)

  • Thanks to Ryanne for the news that the region 2 Life –Season 1 DVD is now available in The Netherlands.

  • Zoe Salmon has told The Sun that “I flipping love Damian Lewis!”

  • writer Ken Tucker recently commented that:

    NBC… is the network, after all, that had no idea what a treasure it had in its recent Damian Lewis crime show Life.

  • Blogger simonf has posted more details about the recent sighting of Damian Lewis in Belfast:

    He was dressed casual, sweatpants from what I remember and was unshaven. He had just come out of a restaurant at lunchtime. And yes he did look as handsome and striking in person as he is on the screen. 😀

  • Washington Post staff writer Lisa de Moraes says that she would watch Damian Lewis even if he was just “reading my grocery list!” 😆

  • Click here to view the trailer for the Fantastic Mr. Fox, the animated film featuring the voice of Helen Mccrory as “Mrs. Bean.”

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  • Click here for a “Two Minutes With Damian Lewis” Evening Standard interview conducted at the London premiere of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, the blockbuster film that features Helen McCrory in the role of Narcissa Malfoy.

    The interview included questions for Damian Lewis about Your Highness, his latest project that is currently filming on location in Northern Ireland:

    ES: What are you up to at the moment?

    DL: I’m shooting a new film called Your Highness with Natalie Portman and Charles Dance.

    ES: What’s it about?

    DL: It’s a medieval caper about two brothers who go on a quest to rescue a fair maiden. I play the head of a dastardly pack of knights who are chasing them.

    ES: Any plans for the summer?

    DL: I’ve already been on holiday. I’ve just got back from southwest France with my wife Helen (Narcissa Malfoy). We went to Gascony; it was lovely. The spirit of Cyrano was strong — I was having cutlass lessons every day.

    Thanks to Ann for the news and to Idle Hands for the scan! 😀

  • The Region 2 (UK, EU, Japan, MidEast, Egypt, SoAfrica) DVD for Life – Season 2 will be released in the UK on December 28, 2009 and is now available for pre-order.

  • Click here (profanity warning!) and here to read fan comments about Damian Lewis and his outstanding acting talents.

  • Profanity warning! Click here for an audio interview with Danny McBride, co-star and co-creator of Your Highness.

  • This recent NBC Nightly News segment honored the memory of recently deceased Easy Company veteran Shifty Powers.

  • Click here for news about The Fantastic Mr. Fox, the upcoming animated film that will feature the voice talent of Helen McCrory.
  • Click here and here for new Life music videos from backpacker128.

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  • Congressman Holden of Pennsylvania has introduced a new resolution in the U.S. House of
    Representatives to award Major Richard Winters the Medal of Honor. If you’ve seen Damian Lewis’s portrayal of Major Winters in Band of Brothers then you understand why he deserves this recognition. U.S. citizens are asked to contact their Congressional Representatives to request support for H.R. 3121.

    Click here to read the text of H.R. 3121 and click here for letter-writing suggestions. Thanks to Connie and Linda from the MajorDickWinters site for the information!

    Click here to access the above composite image of Damian Lewis and Major Winters that was created by Ryoko.

  • Information posted on IMDb (click on the links below) suggests that Damian Lewis will play the “Evil Wizard Leezar” in his new film titled Your Highness. The production is currently filming on location in Northern Ireland.
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  • According to VideoETA the region 1 (US and Canada) DVD for The Escapist with Damian Lewis is estimated for release in September 2009.

  • Penne Hackforth-Jones’s review of The Escapist includes this comment:

    I loved Damian Lewis in another fantastic variation of himself…the first I have seen since the telly production of ‘Life’. A very loathsome reptile he can be too.

  • Kaz shared this Times Online article titled “Why Brits rule on US TV” that states:

    And why did Damian Lewis (Eton, RSC) win roles in two series of Life?

    So grim is this state of affairs that America’s National Public Radio interrogated the makers of Life, who confessed: “What we found out about English actors is that they’re funny. We had a hard time finding an American tough guy who will be the butt of the joke, whereas Damian has no problem doing it. He’s like half Stan Morrow and half Steve McQueen.” It turns out that slightly imperfect looks and even British bad teeth are more convincing. The Life producers added: “You could argue that in our system, if you’re a young actor who isn’t leading-man handsome, you’re probably not going to get nurtured the way that you would in England, just based on talent.

  • The HeyUGuys site is featuring photos from Cambridge Jones’s new book Inspired By Music including images of Damian Lewis that are available in the Warehouse.

    Damian Lewis is an ambassador for the Prince’s Trust; profits from sales of the book will benefit this charitable organization. The volume can be purchased at Starbucks stores in the UK or it may be ordered online from Amazon (UK) and
    Tower Books (US).

  • Thanks to Linda for the news that Flemish channel 2BE will broadcast Stormbreaker with Damian Lewis in Belgium on Saturday July 18, 2009 at 20h40.

  • Click above to enjoy a new Life music video titled “Life – Charlie Crews – Mercy” by 07ransom.

  • Vote for Sarah Shahi, Damian’s Life co-star, in’s “Brunette vs Brunette” contest. Thanks to Katreniah for the link!

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  • The first batch of Tubey Award “final nominees” has been posted and you can now vote for Life starring Damian Lewis in the “Most Painful Series Cancellation” category. Thanks to Ann for the link.