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  • Click here in our media area to download three of Damian’s poetry readings from the last Friday’s Newsnight Review. Thanks again to the indispensable Kaz! ➡

  • UK reminder: Season 2 of Life begins Wednesday, June 3rd at 10:00 pm on ITV3! Here’s ITV3’s press release for Episode 1: “Find your Happy Place “.

  • The BBC program page for Keep on Running: 50 Years of Island Records now says that Damian Lewis will narrate the documentary. (Thanks to Ann for the headsup!) The program airs Friday, June 5th at 9pm on BBC4 and repeats later that night at 12:30am and again on Saturday at 10:35pm on the same channel. The Radio Times review:

    This enthralling celebration of the independent record label unfolds like a personal history of rock and reggae. All fans will get their reward with countless well-chosen musical highlights and anecdotal gems. The feature-length film is built around a rare interview with gentlemanly Jamaican, Chris Blackwell, whose family fortune based on sugar and Appleton’s rum meant he could champion ska in 1959. Within a decade he’d built a roster of innovative white acts, ranging from Free to Nick Drake. What’s clear is that Blackwell trusted his artists enough to give them their heads. None more so than Bob Marley. Others including Cat Stevens, Grace Jones, Bono and Sugababes tell why Island was the perfect home for them. Enjoy more performances, including Roxy Music, in Island at the BBC, which follows.

  • Click here for the second in Star Ledger critic Alan Sepinwall’s series of articles that revisit Band of Brothers; the article on the second episode “Day of Days” includes these comments about Damian/Winters:

    The technical achievements of “Band of Brothers” are amazing throughout, but I still get particularly big chills watching the CGI-enhanced tracking shot of Winters jumping out of his plane as the flak flies all around him, floating serenely (as only Damian Lewis-as-Dick Winters can) through all the flak and explosions and carnage around him and landing on the fields of Normandy.

    Yet for all the amazing effects and photography and sound design, “Day of Days” wouldn’t work as well as it does if it didn’t continue to stick with Winters once he hits the ground. There are a few scenes he’s not present for (the destruction of Lt. Meehan’s plane, the business with Malarkey and the German prisoner and Speirs), but he’s at the center of most of the action, and puts a human face on all the mayhem — even if it’s an amazingly calm face.

    My three favorite characters from this miniseries are Winters (so perfect, and yet never dull for being perfect), …

    wildpalebluemoon and Linda in Belgium recommend the recently released We Who Are Alive & Remain: untold stories from the Band of
    by Marcus Brotherton for further reading. Click here for the book’s official website and here for the Amazon link.

  • Thanks to Eowyn for uploading a scan of her personalized autograph of Damian Lewis to the gallery.

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  • Click above to watch a collection of “Charlie Crews Quotes” from season 1 that were posted on YouTube by AmandaBear1988. It may some offer temporary relief for your acute Life withdrawal symptoms! 🙁

    Don’t forget to add your signature to the petition to move Life to the USA Network!

  • Thanks to GroovMonkey for sharing this link for the July 16th Australian theatrical release of The Escapist with Damian Lewis.

    The Escapist was recently released in New Zealand and Graeme Tuckett of the Dominion Post calls the film “a highly recommended thriller” and said that :

    Debutant director Rupert Wyatt has scored himself a Hollywood directing contract with this film, and I am not surprised. The Escapist does everything a prison thriller should do, with a minimum of fuss.

    Blogger Brad Kreft from New Zealand raved about The Escapist saying:

    The director wields suspense with the skill and potency of Hitchcock, heightening the intensity of scenes with manipulative camera-angles and a flawless use of sound. This uncanny control of the audience may be one of the hardest boxes to tick on the filmmaker’s checklist, yet this task is accomplished with ease throughout. While suspense may be the director’s signature play, a twist ending is his victory salute. Possessing a final-scene plot twist worthy of rivaling The Sixth Sense in surprise factor, The Escapist concludes with a final triumphant punch from the filmmakers who know they have created a brilliant film.

    In the US The Escapist is available as a “Video On Demand” TV feature through June 30, 2009.

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  • “Elementary My Dear Stacy” Disney’s Phineas and Ferb episode featuring the voice of Damian Lewis as Agent 00 0 is now available in the US, through September 14th, for On Demand viewing on cable and satellite television sites.

    Subscribers can watch the program at no additional charge under “Disney XD”. The episode is the second half of a “double bill” and starts approximately 10 minutes into the clip following “Day of the Living Gelatin.”

    Comcast On Demand viewers will find “Elementary My Dear Stacy” at:

    Kids > Disney XD > Phineas and Ferb > Living Gelatin / Elementary

  • This ITV Press Release confirms the date and time for the UK season 2 premiere of Life, starring Damian Lewis, as Wednesday, June 3, 2009 at 10:00pm on ITV3. Thanks to Dotty for the link!

  • The Situation with Damian Lewis will air in the US during June on the Sundance Channel on:

    Friday June 5 at 3:30am
    Sunday June 21 at 2pm
    Friday June 26 at 1pm

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  • Click above for “Candyman”, a new Damian Lewis music video by Batista1960. Click here to watch a new “Life & Charlie Crews fanvideo” from Aiwe78.

  • In the US, all 21 episodes of Life – Season 2 are available for online viewing at until August 1, 2009:

    At that time, the season 2 episodes will revert to a ‘five rolling’ schedule with five episodes available at a given time and a newer episode added weekly as an older one expires.

  • Adrian Sturges, the producer for The Escapist and The Baker starring Damian Lewis, is currently taking part in the Cannes International Film Festival’s “Producers on the Move” program; click here for a recent interview that Sturges gave to Cineuropa.

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  • Damian Lewis is mentioned in this Guardian Independent article about the game of Ping Pong as the new craze among Hollywood celebrities. Last year Damian gave a Ping Pong table to the cast and crew of Life and in this Washington Post article Damian is quoted as saying that if he hadn’t become an actor he would have liked to have been a “professional Ping Pong player.”

  • Season 2 of Life starring Damian Lewis will launch in Switzerland on Schweiz 2 on May 22nd, and in Germany on Vox on May 20th, and in
    France on TF1 on May 20th.

  • Director Rupert Wyatt gave this interview for the May 28th New Zealand release of The Escapist featuring Damian Lewis.

  • You can download and listen to Helen McCrory here in the 1995 radio production of the Last of the Mohicans.