Life Season 2 Episodes

Broadcast Episode Title Casting sides
08/09/29 2×01 Find Your Happy Place Download
08/10/03 2×02 Everything … All The Time Download
08/10/06 2×03 The Business of Miracles Download
08/10/10 2×04 Not For Nothing Download
08/10/17 2×05 Crushed Download
08/10/24 2×06 Did You Feel That? Download
08/11/05 2×07 Jackpot Download
08/11/12 2×08 Black Friday Download
08/11/19 2×09 Badge Bunny Download
08/12/03 2×10 Evil…And His Brother Ziggy Download
08/12/10 2×11 Canyon Flowers Download
08/12/17 2×12 Trapdoor Download
09/02/04 2×13 Re-Entry Download
09/02/11 2×14 Mirror Ball Download
09/02/18 2×15 I Heart Mom Download
09/02/25 2×16 Hit Me Baby Download
09/03/11 2×17 Shelf Life Download
09/03/18 2×18 3 Women Download
09/03/25 2×19 5 Quarts Download
09/04/01 2×20 Initiative 38 Download
09/04/08 2×21 One Download

Episode 2×01 – Find Your Happy Place

Broadcast date: 29 September 2008


John Armstrong, a man whose job is to bring greeting cards and wedding announcements at a stationary store, is suspected of murdering people by putting people in trunks and letting them suffocate. An ice cream truck driver sells more than ice cream from his truck. (Source:

ANOTHER TRUNK ANOTHER BODY—In the season two premiere, detectives Charlie Crews (Damian Lewis) and Dani Reese (Sarah Shahi) are on the hunt for a serial killer when three numbered trunks containing suffocated bodies are found scattered across Los Angeles. With their new boss New York transfer Captain Kevin Tidwell (Donal Logue) pressuring them to get answers, Crews and Reese race to find a connection between the murders before the killer strikes again. Meanwhile, Ted (Adam Arkin) and Crews attempt to track down the daughter, the lone survivor, of the family Crews was wrongly convicted of killing. Brent Sexton also stars. (Source: NBC UNiversal)

Episode 2×02 – Everything … All The Time

Broadcast date: 03 October 2008


UNDERGROUND PARTY CIRCUIT CLAIMS LIFE OF FAMILY MAN — Charlie Crews (Damian Lewis) and Dani Reese (Sarah Shahi) investigate the death of a family man who is found beaten and bound to a chair at the bottom of an empty pool. Captain Tidwell (Donal Logue) is convinced the murder was an act of gang violence and sends the detectives on assignment. After interviewing the victim’s daughters and two gang members, Crews and Reese’s only clues are an underground party circuit, a bottle of steroids, and a myth about a man only known as Monster. Meanwhile, Ted (Adam Arkin) gets an unexpected visit from Dani’s father who is determined to find out what information Crews has on him and consequently has a request of Ted. Crews also enlists the help of his ex-wife Jennifer (Jennifer Siebel) to reach out to Rachel (Jessy Schram), the lone survivor of the murdered family Crews was wrongly convicted of killing. Brent Sexton also stars. (Source: NBC UNiversal)

Casting Calls:

Patrick Bridger
Early-Mid 20s, Caucasian, Beautiful, privileged. He’s one of the elite Beverly Hills kids whose sense of entitlement and power rivals some of the most influential people in town. He views LA as his city, and expects that he can do whatever he wants, whenever, and wherever with no regard to the law or consequences. He’s an example of what money can buy in a city where material wealth is a badge of honor. His friends all look up to him as their leader and follow him through whatever door he might open, no matter how he treats them. Guest Star;

Annabelle Shore
Early-Mid 20s, Caucasian. A stunningly beautiful girl in amazing physical shape, she is clearly a girl that comes from Beverly Hills-type wealth and comfort. Despite this, she is the only one of her friends to hold any sort of job. Her whole world revolvees around her small pod of friends, and she is especially loyal. To and under the control of “alpha male” Patrick Bridger. Guest Star;

Benny Buckley
Early-Mid 20s, Caucasian. Also a member of Patrick’s posse of rich friends, Benny is the pudgy guy who Patrick keeps around as comic entertainment. Benny will do anything for Patrick and is grateful to be included in the cool crowd. However, because he is weak and a total follower, Patrick knows not to trust him with anything terribly important. sptv050769 Guest Star;

Dr. Clara James
Late 30s-40, Caucasian. Dr. Clara James is a smart, beautiful and sexy psychiatrist who is treating all the members of Patrick Bridger’s posse, especially Marty Hawkins. Guest Star;

Dr. Bridger
Early 50s, Caucasian. Actually in his early 70s but in such good shape that he looks 50, Dr. Bridger is the very wealthy, cocky, amazingly fit owner of Flext Health Club. Because he is a doctor, he can provide his clientele with his own brand of steroids and protect their anonymity since they are his “patients”. One Day Guest Star;

Carmen Horter
17, Hispanic. The very pretty, angst-ridden, goth teenage daughter of the recently murdered, Manuel. Carmen has a lot of teenage attitude, but as she learns more and more about her father’s death, she also has a lot of guilt and sadness because she believes herself to be responsible for putting him in a position that caused his death. Guest Star. Note: Seeking 18 years old to play 17;

Emma Horta
12, Hispanic. Manuel’s (the victim) younger daughter, Emma is a sweet, quiet tomboy. She initially stays very quiet, but it turns out that she also knows more about her father’s murder than she had been letting on. However, she also feels responsible because she fears that her disobeying her father led to his death and has been carrying around the guilt with her grief. Guest Star or Possible Co-Star;

Stella Horta
Late 30s, Hispanic. The strong but grieving wife of the victim, Stella has to deal with not only the loss of her husband but also with the fact that her two teen daughters believed they had something to do with his death. Guest Star or Possible Co-Star;

Gang Banger #1 and #2
Early 20s, Hispanic. These gang members get brought into the station for questioning during a roundup. They end up talking about steroids and even have some on them illegally. They reluctantly help the police locate the group who host the surreptitious parties where the steroids are dealt. Co-Star;

Annabelle Shore, Senior (The Mother)
Mid-Late 40s, Caucasian. She’s Annabelle’s mother and a high-powered attorney. She is smart, strong, powerful and attractive. She protects her own and will not take anything she views as out of line from the police. Co-Star;

Marty Hawkins
Mid 20s, Caucasian. HUGE, with muscles bulging, even bigger that a football player. He is massive in a way that no one can achieve naturally and is likened to a monster when he lets his anger, huger and overall temperament give in to the muscle enhancing drugs he’s using. He will do anything for Patrick and is the muscle for Patrick’s minions. He doesn’t really have any opinions for himself, and likely could have been a football player or some professional athlete if he had set his mind to it. Very Nice Co-Star. Note: Seeking Actors Who Physically Appear Larger Than Life.

Medical Examiner
Female, mid 30s to mid 40s. A female doctor who is more on the masculine side who is intelligent, well-spoken and very experienced. (possible recurring role)

Young Doctor
Male, mid-30s. A warm compassionate doctor who is treating someone close to Charlie Crews. (Co-star)

Uniformed Officer
Male, late 20s to mid 30s, African-American, One of the first officers on the scene, the Uniformed Officer fills in Crews and Reese about the crime scene. (possibly recurring role for the right actor)


Episode 2×03 – The Business of Miracles

Broadcast date: 06 October 2008


FROZEN STIFF — The body of a cancer research scientist is discovered literally frozen solid, baffling Crews (Damian Lewis) and Reese (Sarah Shahi). The crime scene suggests that an animal rights group took revenge on the doctor by switching out his oxygen tank with pure liquid nitrogen. As the detectives delve into the victim’s tangled private life, they become increasingly skeptical about the identity of the murderer. Meanwhile, Crews is determined to prove Jack Reese (Victor Rivers) was involved in his incarceration, and Ted (Adam Arkin) asks Crews to act as a reference for a business school interview. Donal Logue also stars. (Source: NBC UNiversal)

Episode 2×04 – Not For Nothing

Broadcast date: 10 October 2008


US AGAINST THEM — A university’s prison experiment goes horribly wrong when one of the students acting as a corrections officer ends up dead. Crews (Damian Lewis) and Reese (Sarah Shahi) are in a race against the clock to find the killer. As they interview both prisoners and guards, the detectives discover the social experiment may have done more damage than good. Meanwhile, determined to figure out Jack Reese’s (Victor Rivers) connection to his case, Crews obsesses over a recording he obtained from a wiretap he placed on Reese. Donal Logue, Adam Arkin and Brent Sexton also star. (Source: NBC UNiversal)

Casting Calls:

Male, 40’s to early 60’s, Caucasian. A University professor who has created a social experiment where students are randomly assigned to be either prisoners or convicts in a mock prison scenario. Hathaway is incredibly smart and charismatic. He is an academic who plays his cards very close to the vest…it’s hard to tell what he’s thinking or just how involved he is in the incidents that took place and whether or not he’s enjoying it all. ALSO PLEASE SUBMIT STAR NAMES. GUEST STAR.

male, mid –late 30’s. The first time we see the Detective, he is drunk and crying and is being dragged into the precinct for discharging his weapon without cause. He’s a bit of an emotional sad-sack whose first wife is leaving him and he is totally falling apart at the seams. NICE 1-DAY GUEST STAR.

[ TATE ]
male, early 20’s, Caucasian is an articulate, arty, sensitive guy who was a poetry major before the experiment. He wants to be included with the cooler frat guys, but clearly he is not. He takes a more aggressive, smart ass role once the prison experiment begins in order to fit in and likes the attention that it brings. Could be a suspect, though he did seem to like the victim more than the others. sptv050769 GUEST STAR.

[ WILL ]
male, early 20’s, sweet faced emo nerd who was a chemistry major before entering the prison experiment. He gets picked on over and over by the guards, but seems to want to get on their bad side. He instigates and even martyrs himself to get punished for things other inmates did to prove a point. PLEASE SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES. GUEST STAR.

female, early 20’s, a big girl, and a little piercing. She was a lot softer before the experiment started, and the authority position has toughened her. She is sorry things got so terribly out of hand and shows us glimpses of the sweet, shy girl she was before this started. She is clearly a bit unnerved (she’s a smoker) by all that’s happened but also surprised by her new confidence and strength. She could be muscular and fit to overweight and not into fitness. GUEST STAR. PLEASE SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES.

male, early 20’s, Caucasian, a grinning skater/art punk who whistles; he thinks the prison experiment is totally cool and is up for seeing some CRAZY as he likes to call it. When things really do get out of hand, he is thrown by it and does not necessarily like how real it has all become. He gives a lot of attitude and likes to be loud, but when it comes down to it, he really is mostly all talk. GUEST STAR.

female, early 20’s, cute and pretty, great figure, she’s a college student, into Hello Kitty and Disney, purple, cute girly things. Everything about her is cute. Until she volunteers to be part of the “Prison experiment” and becomes an aggressive, tough, jealous girl who beats up another girl who she thinks is now dating her boyfriend. When we see her violent, more feral side, we establish how she could be a suspect. A NICE CO-STAR. PLEASE SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES.

male, early 20’s, Caucasian, typical fraternity guy – big, athletic, likes to party and been known to haze pledges. He is given the role of head Correctional Officer in the prison experiment and takes his role a little too eagerly and aggressively. What happens to him really isn’t such a surprise as the reality of the situation really is similar to an actual prison scenario. A NICE CO-STAR.

[ EJ ]
male, early 20’s, Caucasian; he’s pre-law and knows when to stay quiet. He becomes the “prison rat” when he realizes he will get better treatment (i.e. hot cocoa) if he turns on his fellow inmates. NICE CO-STAR.

male, early 20’s, Indian, wiry. By all means not a big guy, in fact, he could use a good meal; but clearly he misses the food from the outside world and not that of the prison experiment he agreed to participate in. He goes around to everyone asking for their food and is always the first in line when anything is given out. Because of this, he seems willing to do anything anyone would ask, so clearly a suspect. CO-STAR.

[ FRAT BOY #1 ]
Male, 21, Caucasian. An obnoxiously typical, cocky jock of a frat guy, he’s in good shape despite all the beer and partying. He’s in charge and when he barks out orders to the other brothers and the pledges, they hop to it immediately…NICE CO-STAR.

Male or female, 40s to 50s. The amazingly uptight lawyer for the University where the failed social experiment took place. Lawyer Laird is constantly looking over the shoulders of the detectives while they conduct their investigation in an interest to protect the University…NICE CO-STAR.

[ EJ ]
Male, early 20s, Caucasian. A smaller, intellectual type, this pre-law student knows when to stay quiet when things are going crazy around him. He willingly becomes the “prison rat” when he realizes he will get better treatment (i.e., hot cocoa) if he turns on his fellow inmates. PLEASE SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES…NICE CO-STAR.

Female, early 20s. Slightly-funky and a smart-mouth, she is described as “a 1950’s nerd gal.” She can’t stand her cutesy roommate who has pictures of kittens on her wall. FACIAL PIERCINGS HELPFUL BUT NOT REQUIRED…CO-STAR.

Male, early 20s. Just an average, C+ student kinda guy who is more interested in getting credit for participating in the shortened experiment than he is for the person who was killed…CO-STAR.


Episode 2×05 – Crushed

Broadcast date: 17 October 2008


A worker at a tow/wrecking yard is killed on site. The investigation has the team question fellow workers as well as the family of Arthur Grey, an ex-badass who cleaned up is life and now is a music mogul. The episode will also focus on the widow of a police officer who was accidentally killed 20 years ago. The widow was told it was suicide but there is more to this death. Some students who attend Ted’s business school class are more interested in learning how to cheat the system than following the laws and rules. (Source:

ONLINE LOVE TRIANGLE LEAVES ONE MAN CRUSHED – When a college student is found crushed to death at a wrecking yard, Detectives Charlie Crews (Damian Lewis) and Dani Reese (Sarah Shahi) pay a visit to the victims fiancé and discover the young man was involved in a complex online love triangle in which everyone is hiding behind a fantasy identity. Meanwhile, Crews continues his investigation of Jack Reese (Victor Rivers) by searching for the four cops found in his latest clue — an old photograph of a slain police officer. Donal Logue, Adam Arkin and Brent Sexton also star. (Source: NBC Universal)

Casting Calls:

Male, 40’s to early 50’s, Caucasian. Wealthy, powerful and brutal, Arthur Grey is described as an ex-badass who has cleaned himself up and now wears $5,000 suits. He is a music mogul and a control freak who is used to getting his own way, no matter who gets in his way. GUEST STAR.

female, early 40’s, beautiful Caucasian. A former singer who almost had a real career, she is now in her early 40’s and works hard to still look 22. From a distance, you couldn’t tell her apart from her beautiful daughter, Bethany. Her overly-controlling husband has her uptight, lonely and looking for some sympathy. GUEST STAR.

female, 21, Caucasian. A stunningly beautiful girl, Bethany is the sort of girl that every straight guy fantasizes about when they look at her. Once we get to know her, we see that she is spoiled and has a history of behaving badly and manipulating both her parents and guys to do whatever she wants. sptv050769 TENNIS ABILITY PREFERRED BUT NOT NEEDED. GUEST STAR.

male, 30’s to 40’s, Caucasian. Rob is a big, overweight, unattractive guy who runs the tow yard where the dead body was found. More shrewd than he would appear, he is very reluctant to speak to the police. However, they eventually find out that he had a very active, albeit imaginary, online social life that connects him to the murder. GUEST STAR.

male, late 20’s, Caucasian. Arthur Grey’s executive assistant, Harvey is the slightly-prissy, efficient, uptight guy whose job it is to keep his music mogul boss’ life orderly and moving forward. Surprisingly, it turns out he’s also spending some private time with his boss’ daughter. GUEST STAR.

male, 30’s to early 40’s. (PLEASE DO NOT ALSO SUBMIT THE SAME CLIENT FOR FLEER.) A worker at the tow/wrecking yard where one of their co-workers was murdered, Barco and fellow-worker, Fleer, share with the detectives that they may know something about the killing. PLEASE SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES. PLEASE SUBMIT CHARACTERY TYPES. 1-DAY GUEST STAR.

female, 50’s, Caucasian. Her police officer husband was “accidentally” killed 20 years ago, but she was told it was suicide. However, all these years she has carried her secret belief about what has really happened, and the knowledge has worn her down physically and emotionally. NICE CO-STAR. (10 lines)

male, late 20’s to early 30’s. (PLEASE DO NOT ALSO SUBMIT THE SAME CLIENT FOR BARCO) A worker at the tow/wrecking yard where one of their co-workers was murdered, Fleer is pushed by co-worker, Barco, to nervously share with the detectives that he may know something about the killing. PLEASE SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES. PLEASE SUBMIT CHARACTERY TYPES. NICE CO-STAR. (10 lines)

female, 21. Typical, gorgeous sorority girls who are former roommates with Bethan, Arielle and Marielle are athletic and very pretty. PLEASE SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES. CO-STARS. (6 lines each)

male, early 20’s, East Indian or Asian. Unsmiling and a little nerdy, Vairam is attending Ted’s business school class to learn how to run his top-secret business that he is unwilling to discuss with the class. CO-STAR. (6 lines)

female, mid-20’s, Hispanic. Short and slightly plump or curvy, Rosa has been crying over the murder of her fiancé, Mike. However, her grief evaporates into anger as she discovers that her future husband was having an affair. NICE CO-STAR. (6 lines)

[ ED ]
male, early 20’s, Caucasian. Wearing a cheap suit but trying to seem impressive, Ed is a student in Ted Earley’s (Adam Arkin) business school class who is more interested in learning how to cheat the system rather than work within it. CO-STAR. (5 lines)

[ MAYA ]
female, 25. A gorgeous young woman, she is enrolled in Ted Earley’s (Adam Arkin) business school class. Despite her stunning looks, she is determined to take every class in the business school before she graduates and seems quite motivated to do well. PLEASE SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES. CO-STAR. (4 lines)

female, early 20’s. Sitting in Ted Earley’s (Adam Arkin) business school class, all she wants to know is if the class is for a grade or pass/fail. Once she hears the answer, she packs it up and leaves. PLEASE SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES. CO-STAR. (1 line)


Episode 2×06 – Did You Feel That?

Broadcast date: 24 October 2007


Jane Brimmer, the owner of an armoured car company, is beaten by escaped convicts during a robbery. The convicts also rob a bank. (Source:

SHAKING THINGS UP—An earthquake hits Los Angeles and the city is a mess. In the middle of all the havoc, Crews (Charlie Crews) and Reese (Sarah Shahi) must track down an escaped criminal and killer they put behind bars a year ago. At first, the detectives want to find him in order to prevent him from being killed, but it becomes clear that the escapee is far from a victim. Meanwhile, Ted (Adam Arkin) suffers an inconvenient injury from the earthquake and makes a call for help. Donal Logue and Brent Sexton also star. (Source: NBC Universal)

Casting Calls:

– female, mid-20’s, Hispanic. Short and slightly plump or curvy, Rosa is distraught to learn of her fiancé’s murder. However, her grief and shock evaporate into anger as she discovers that her future husband was having an affair. 1-DAY GUEST STAR.

– male, mid-30’s to 40’s. A public defender (i.e., not slick or fancy) who is assigned to defend a client who is making his job more difficult. CO-STAR. (3 lines)

[ WIFE ]
Female, late 30s to 40s, Caucasian. A failed, wannabe rock star type, this loudmouth, neurotic woman is pinned under an armoire after an earthquake. She calls for the cops and tries to blame her husband for pushing it on her…CO-STAR. (7 lines)

Male, late 30s to 40s, Caucasian. The failed, wannabe rock star type husband of the neurotic wife, he is clearly weary of her hysterics and has a dry humor about wanting to be put out of his misery…CO-STAR. (3 lines)

Female, early 20s. A pretty girl who falls into Crews’ lap during a small earthquake and finds him attractive. PLEASE SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES…CO-STAR. (2 lines)

Male, early-to-mid 40s, Caucasian. Having been held hostage by a very large and scary ex-con for hours, he is terrified for both himself and the lives of his wife and children…CO-STAR. (NO DIALOGUE; SEVERAL PAGES OF ACTING)

Female, 16, Caucasian. Being held hostage, she is terrified for her life and is forced to make dinner for her captor…CO-STAR. (NO DIALOGUE; SEVERAL PAGES OF ACTING)

Male, 10 to 12, Caucasian. He is terrified as his family is being held hostage and he is being used as a human shield. However, when he has to be brave, he is able to do so…CO-STAR. sptv050769 (NO DIALOGUE; SEVERAL PAGES OF ACTING)

Episode 2×07 – Jackpot

Broadcast date: 05 November 2008


THE WINNER TAKES IT ALL—A woman is found in a pool of blood sitting at a table with a romantic dinner set for two. The investigation leads Crews (Damian Lewis) and Reese (Sarah Shahi) to a support group for lottery winners full of eccentric characters. The detectives soon discover lottery winners often suffer broken psyches after suddenly becoming richer than they ever could have imagined. Meanwhile, Rachel (Jessy Schram) refuses to tell Crews anything about her family’s murder or about Jack Reese, however, the two unexpectedly realize they share a common bond. Erik Estrada (“CHIPs”) makes a cameo. Adam Arkin and Donal Logue also star. (Source: NBC Universal)

Episode 2×08 – Black Friday

Broadcast date: 12 November 2008


When a murder takes place in a mall on the biggest shopping day of the year Charlie Crews (Damian Lewis) and Dani Reese (Sarah Shahi) end up searching for more than just the killer. In a moment of confusion the body disappears, Crews and Reese are then faced with the task of tracking down both the body and the killer in one of the largest malls in America on one if the busiest shopping days of the year. Meanwhile, Crews gets an unexpected visit from an F.B.I. agent. Donal Logue and Brent Sexton also star. (Source: NBC Universal)

Casting calls:

Male, 30’s- early 40’s, Caucasian. Not the brightest and seemingly harmless, Larry plays the part of bumbling mall security guard very well, but in actuality, he’s taken over a ring of thieves – Erika, Jeremy, and Clay – that the victim, Mitchell, was running. He ably convinces the kids that Mitchell isn’t dead, and that Mitchell put him in charge. Larry wants to be more than a mere security guard; he wants have what Mitchell had and will do whatever it takes to make that happen. GUEST STAR.

Male, 17, Caucasian. Zak is an urban, wiry kid who is suspicious of all authority and grown-ups at first, but ultimately turns out decent and responsible. He’s also reasonably well-educated. His parents died, leaving Zak and his little sister Carin to fend for themselves. The other kids at the mall think he’s strange and ostracize him. Zak does not want Carin to go into foster care so everything he does is to protect her. PLEASE SUBMIT LEGAL 18 AND UP. sptv050769 GUEST STAR.

Female, 12, Caucasian. Carin is Zak’s sweet and innocent little sister who is also somewhat urban and street-wise, without being too mature for her age. Her brother is her only family. When questioned, Carin seems to know more than she’s telling, but she fears losing her brother and having to go into foster care so deeply that she remains quiet. Carin latches onto Reese as the investigation progresses. GUEST STAR OR POSSIBLE NICE CO-STAR.

Female, 18, a natural beauty who waits tables at a tedious chain restaurant in the mall. Flirtatious and independent, she ran away from home at twelve and never finished high school. Initially, Erika denies knowing the victim, but it eventually comes out that she is in deep denial about being abused, but continues to remain loyal to her abuser and her friends. GUEST STAR.

Male, 20. A hardened slacker, Jeremy is muscular, does a lot of manual labor, and looks tough, even though he still lives with his parents. Like Erika, Jeremy never finished high school. He was raised in an abusive environment and has a violent streak. Even though Jeremy is low on ambition, he is a dangerous loose cannon who beats up on both Zak and Clay, steals and lies to the police. PLEASE SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES. GUEST STAR.

[ CLAY ]
Male, 20. Clay is a sullen but harmless, out-of-shape slacker and drug-user who is easily influenced and intimidated by his peers. When he’s not at his low-level mall job, he’s getting high and hanging out at Erika’s apartment in his boxers and socks. Sometimes, Clay talks too much when he shouldn’t, and after Jeremy punishes him for this, Clay won’t say a word to the police. PLEASE SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES. GUEST STAR.

– male, mid-50’s to late 60’s, Caucasian. A former cop who has worked his way up to a position of power through his incredible charisma. When he’s not involved with Arena Fighting (think UFC), which he owns, he raises money for children’s hospitals and hosts fund-raisers. When he asks for donations, people willingly give them. However, he may have a darker history and the ability to be tough and dangerous when necessary. RECURRING GUEST STAR.

– male, 35 to 40, Caucasian. Intelligent and shrewd, Sottos is a Special Agent with the FBI who secretly approaches Crews and seems to have some information relevant to Crews’ personal investigations. PROBABLE RECURRING GUEST STAR (MAY BE 1-DAY GUEST STAR IN FUTURE EPISODES).

– female, 40’s. Pretty in a prim, ruler-of-the-roost sort of way, Mrs. Maloney is an Ann Taylor-suited mall manager who likes to gossip (but would never consider it gossiping). She is assisting the detectives in their investigation. PLEASE SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES. CO-STAR. (8 lines)

– female, 39. The matronly, nosy-neighbor-type store manager at Sole Fix Shoe Store where the victim used to work. She seems jealous of Erika’s youth and beauty. sptv050769 PLEAE SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES. CO-STAR. (3 speeches, 1 line)

[ ALF ]
– male, 35 to 45. A K-9 cop with his cadaver dog, Ralph, he is assigned the wearisome task of making his way through one of the largest malls in the country looking for a dead body. MUST BE VERY COMFORTABLE AROUND DOGS. PLEASE SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES. CO-STAR. (1 speech)

(AKA THE MAYOR OF L.A.) male, 50’s. A well-dressed, important man who turns out to be the Mayor of Los Angeles. POSSIBLE RECUR. PLEASE SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES. CO-STAR. (1 speech)


Episode 2×09 – Badge Bunny

Broadcast date: 19 November 2008


THE LIVES OF BADGE BUNNIES EXPLORED — When a drug dealer and an elementary school teacher are found dead in a bad part of town, it looks like the typical drug deal gone bad. The investigation takes a turn when Crews (Damian Lewis) and Reese (Sarah Shahi) discover the dead teacher was a “Badge Bunny,” a term used amongst police officers for women who only date cops. The detectives soon realize the killer could be one of their own. Meanwhile, Crews and Jennifer address their complicated relationship and Ted (Adam Arkin) has trouble retaining students in his business class. Donal Logue and Brent Sexton also star. (Source: NBC Universal)

Casting calls:

– male, 40’s, Caucasian. An older, respected beat cop who is mourning, along with the rest of the department, one of the girls who was part of their cop family. He seems very respectful and helpful but ultimately knows more about what happened to the dead girl and the dead drug dealer. GUEST STAR.

– female, early-to-mid-30’s, Caucasian. The strong, pretty wife of Sean Gordon, Diane used to be a badge bunny (i.e., cop groupie) as well. She is aware of her husband’s infidelities with some of the current badge bunnies, but she tries to look the other way. She is smart, tough and very aware of police procedure and the dangerous realities of their lives. GUEST STAR.

– male, early-to-mid-30’s, Caucasian. Attractive and cute in a friendly, warm way, Sean is a cop’s cop and a stand-up, nice guy. All the girls seem to have a thing for Sean, either now or in the past, as he is warm, caring and a really good guy, despite the fact that he openly cheats on his wife and has serious loyalty issues. He was involved with the victim and we can’t be sure he isn’t somehow involved in her death, though none of his groupies believe that. GUEST STAR.

– female, late 20’s, Caucasian. A very pretty, smart badge bunny (i.e., cop groupie) who mourns the loss of the victim, a fellow badge bunny. She is very savvy to the ways of police procedure and spends a lot of time with Crews, trying to help him with the case. However, she is interested in helping him with more than just the case…she shows up at his house with a couple other bunnies, kisses him and then goes skinny-dipping in his pool. MUST BE COMFORTABLE SHOWING A TV-PG AMOUNT OF SKIN. GUEST STAR.

– male, mid-30’s to mid-40’s, Caucasian. A drug kingpin, he is powerful, quick-thinking and very smooth. He has an eccentricity about him and isn’t necessarily the guy you’d think is a major drug dealer but definitely is outside the mainstream. Nothing ruffles him, not even when evidence is found in his house linking him to the murder of a badge bunny and one of his dealers. He knows he’s been set up, and if the cops want him for this, there’s not a lot he can do. FUN 1-DAY GUEST STAR.

– female, mid-to-late-20’s, Caucasian/Hispanic/Asian. Pretty and sweet with long hair, Heidi is a teacher at an elementary school where she worked alongside the victim. She’s the innocent kind of woman that any parent would love to have teach their kids. We are surprised to learn that she is also a badge bunny who has close, personal ties to the police community…specifically to Sean Gordon. MUST HAVE HAIR LONG ENOUGH TO PUT IN A PONYTAIL. GUEST STAR.

– male, late 20’s to mid-30’s, Caucasian. This bartender is a marked contrast with Bartender #1. He works at a seedy bar in a dangerous part of town and has a little edge, even when talking to the cops. He has seen a very different side of Alex Lang. NICE CO-STAR. (9 lines).

– male, 30 to 40, any ethnicity. A regular-guy-handsome beat cop who is also mourning the loss of one of the badge bunnies hits on Reese, mistakenly thinking that she is also a badge bunny (i.e., cop groupie). He is not particularly highly-evolved in terms of political correctness or any sort of sensitivity. PLEASE SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES. NICE CO-STAR. (8 lines)

– female, mid-to-late 20’s, Caucasian. A brunette beauty who is a badge bunny (i.e., cop groupie). She shows up at Crews’ house, kisses him, then join the rest of the badge bunnies, skinny dipping in his pool. She also turns out to be the baby sister of Crews’ ex-partner, Bobby Stark (Brent Sexton). MUST BE COMFORTABLE SHOWING A TV-PG AMOUNT OF SKIN. NICE CO-STAR.

– female, early-to-mid-20’s, any ethnicity. A very pretty badge bunny (i.e., cop groupie) who shows up with a couple other bunnies at Crews’ house, kisses him, and then goes skinny-dipping in his pool. MUST BE COMFORTABLE SHOWING A TV-PG AMOUNT OF SKIN. PLEASE SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES. CO-STAR. (2 lines).

– male, 25 to 35, any ethnicity. One of the nice-guy cops from the local bar where all the cops hang out who gets questioned about the victim and will do anything to help. CO-STAR. (2 lines).

– male, 40’s to 50, African-American. A bartender in the local, blue collar bar where all the cops hang out. He is practically one of the guys. CO-STAR. (1 line)

(Added: 24 Sept)

Female, early-to-mid-20’s, African-American. PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT ACTORS WHO HAVE ALREADY BEEN IN FOR THIS PART! A very pretty badge bunny (i.e., cop groupie) who shows up with a couple other bunnies at Crews’ house, kisses him, and then goes skinny-dipping in his pool. She is having a fun night and is flirty but is NOT a ditz. sptv050769 MUST BE COMFORTABLE SHOWING A TV-PG AMOUNT OF SKIN. PLEASE SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES. CO-STAR. (2 lines).

Source: SpoilerTV

Episode 2×10 – Evil…And His Brother Ziggy

Broadcast date: 3 December 2008


SOVEREIGN LAND —When a sheriff’s deputy is found murdered on an Indian reservation, Crews (Damian Lewis) and Reese (Sarah Shahi) find themselves in the middle of a turf war between Tribal police and the county sheriff’s department. The detectives learn the victim was not well-liked on the reservation and the opening of a new profitable casino may have led to the deputy’s demise. Meanwhile, Crews attends a fundraiser thrown by Mickey Rayborn (William Atherton), one of the individuals Crews believes was involved in the conspiracy against him. Donal Logue and Adam Arkin also star. (Source: NBC Universal)

Casting calls:

[CAPTAIN AMANDA WHITEHAT] female, 30’s to 40’s, Native American. The enigmatic police Captain on a Native American reservation, she initially does not trust outsiders, Crews and Reese, who have come to investigate a death on her tribal lands. She is very protective and seems secretive but ultimately turns out to just be very protective of her people and a good law officer. ONLY SUBMIT NATIVE AMERICAN ACTORS OR ACTORS WHO CLEARLY COULD BE NATIVE AMERICAN. GUEST STAR.

[EVAL VADAS] male, 30’s, Caucasian. Fit and good-looking, Eval is a first generation American, his family coming from Eastern Europe . He and his sister, Ziggy, have created the Vadas Brothers, a business group with a powerful reputation. However, they are basically just get-rich-quick schemers who are taking advantage of the lack of U.S. jurisdiction on the Native American reservation to implement their schemes. GUEST STAR.

[ TOMAS MOUNTAIN ] male, late 20’s to 30’s, Native American. Tomas is a well-respected member of the community and is on the tribal council, despite first seeming to appear belligerent. He is also engaged to Anna Lakelin. However, he was also seen having a very intense fight with the now-deceased Sherriff not long before he was killed. ONLY SUBMIT NATIVE AMERICAN ACTORS OR ACTORS WHO CLEARLY COULD BE NATIVE AMERICAN. GUEST STAR.

[ANNA LAKELIN] female, late 20’s, Native American or looks Native American. Anna is engaged to the main suspect in the murder of Sheriff’s Deputy John Hawes, but she was also very close to Hawes…he was like a second father to her. GUEST STAR.

[LOOMIS LAKELIN] male, 50’s, Native American or looks Native American. Loomis is a beekeeper on the Native American reservation where he lives with his daughter, Anna. He knows that the victim was like a second father to Anna and claims to be grateful to him for his support. However, he has not been entirely forthcoming with Anna about her history. MUST BE WILLING TO WORK AROUND BEES AND NOT BE ALLERGIC TO THEM. GUEST STAR OR POSSIBLE NICE CO-STAR. (10 lines)

[SHERIFF’S DEPUTY SMITH] male, 40’s to 50’s, Caucasian. The resentful Sherriff’s Deputy who is upset that because a fellow Sherriff’s body was found on tribal land, the investigation falls under tribal jurisdiction. He seems racist and considers them amateurs. NICE CO-STAR. (10 lines)

[TRIBAL OFFICER RAMIEREZ] male, 20’s to 40’s, Native American. A law enforcement officer on the Native American reservation, he has been instructed to help the detectives. ONLY SUBMIT NATIVE AMERICAN ACTORS OR ACTORS WHO CLEARLY COULD BE NATIVE AMERICAN. CO-STAR. (5 lines)

[DRIVER] male, Native American. When Crews breaks their car, Crews and Reese are forced to take a taxi around the reservation. However, the driver is clearly more loyal and helpful to his fellow Native Americans than he is to his passengers. ONLY SUBMIT NATIVE AMERICAN ACTORS OR ACTORS WHO CLEARLY COULD BE NATIVE AMERICAN. CO-STAR. (4 lines)

[ELENA VADAS] female, 50’s to early 60’s, Eastern European (Romanian preferred). Elena is Eval and Ziggy’s mother who eagerly invites the detectives into her home, thinking they are there to help her family. sptv050769 AUTHENTIC EASTERN EUROPEAN ACCENT REQUIRED (PREFERABLY ROMANIAN). CO-STAR. (2 lines)

[TERRENCE] male, 30’s. The Very Large Bodyguard for Mickey Rayborn (William Atherton). CO-STAR. (2 lines)

[ZIGGY VADAS] female, late 20’s, Caucasian. Smart and beautiful, Ziggy is the one who realized that the Vadas Brothers sounded more powerful that the Vadas Siblings, so everyone thinks she is a man…until they meet her and see how beautiful she is. CO-STAR. (2 lines)

[DEPUTY JOHN HAWES] male, late 50’s, early 60’s, Caucasian. A Sheriff’s Deputy until he is found dead in the desert, John Hawes appears briefly in a dream that Crews has while sleeping in the Deputy’s trailer. CO-STAR. (1 line)

[ELDERLY MAN] male, 60’s. A guest in the very nice part of the casino’s hotel, he has a word of marriage advice for Crews. PLEASE SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES. CO-STAR. (1 line)

Source: SpoilerTV

Episode 2×11 – Canyon Flowers

Broadcast date: 10 December 2008


During an investigation, Crews must interact with Tex and Squeaky Uhry who are both into murder, occult, vampires, supernatural, etc. The murder of the week is very similar to a series of notorious mass-murderers that happened in the 70s. (Source:

FAMILY TREES—A food bank deliveryman is found buried, up to his neck, in the backyard of a suburban home. What’s even more bizarre than the way in which he was buried is the fact that flower petals were placed around his head and from a distance the victim looks like a large flower. The unusual circumstances of his death lead Crews (Damian Lewis) and Reese (Sarah Shahi) to believe the murder may be connected to a cult from the 70s. Meanwhile, Crews defies the FBI’s warning and confronts Mickey Rayborn (William Atherton) about his role in the conspiracy that put Crews in jail. Donal Logue and Adam Arkin also star. (Source: NBC Universal)

Casting calls:

[SQUEAKY URHY] female, 20’s, Caucasian, skinny. She is a Silverlake artsy type who relishes living in the dark world of murder and mayhem. She’s into goth, the occult, vampires and things supernatural that have to do with death. She and Tex have managed to make a business of their hobby, but need a little more clout for things to really be successful. She is completely obsessed with Johnny Hazlit, one of the country’s most notorious mass-murderers in history. GUEST STAR.

[TEX UHRY] male, 20’s, skinny but wiry (has some strength), any ethnicity. He is a Silverlake type slacker who relishes in the dark world of murder and mayhem. He’s into goth, the occult, vampires and things supernatural that have to do with death. He and Squeaky have managed to make a business of their hobby, but need a little more clout for things to really be successful. He’ll do anything for Squeaky, which becomes very clear. GUEST STAR.PLEASE SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES.

[CLIFTON GARRETT] male, early 20’s, Caucasian. Clifton has a small build but he is cute, young and ambitious. Clifton was raised by his crotchety, older shut-in of a father who wants nothing to do with him and turns out to be related to a notorious criminal. Right now, he drives a limo (and sometimes he services the more attractive female clients), but he is hoping to become a real businessman someday. GUEST STAR.

[FLINT GARRETT] male, early-to-mid-50’s, Caucasian. Angry and crotchety, Flint is something of a shut-in and keeps talking about how he has to protect his super-valuable stuff…stuff that looks like junk from the late 60’s and early 70’s. He has a son who lives with him, but Flint could care less about his deadbeat kid. It turns out that Flint is the son of one of the country’s most notorious mass-murderers in history. GUEST STAR.

[PATRICIA SAMUELS] female, early 30’s, Caucasian. Beautiful and wealthy, she’s a stereotypical trophy wife – the sort of woman who gets all dressed up to lounge in her mansion all day. She is also the sort of woman who has an affair with the cute, young limo driver who sometimes takes her around while her husband is away. NICE CO-STAR. (9 lines)

[MICHAEL SAMUELS] male, 50’s, Caucasian. The controlling, wealthy, patrician husband to Patricia who is upset to find that his wife was cheating on him with some punk who was connected to one of the most notorious mass-murderers of all times. CO-STAR. (4 lines)

[PSYCHO KEITH] male, 60’s, African American. A ragged Richie Havens type guitar player, Psycho Keith is selling memorabilia on the boardwalk at Venice Beach, including items that feature the mass-murderer from the late 60’s, whom he claims to have known. He also gets food from the Beverly Hills Cares Food Bank that the victim worked for. FUN CO-STAR. (8 lines)

[PAINTER] male, early 20’s, Caucasian. A young, hipper version of the farmer from the “American Gothic” old couple painting; scraggly, kinda dim and clearly affected by the fumes he’s been inhaling for years. CO-STAR. (8 lines)

[MINDY] female, late 20’s, any ethnicity. Cute, possibly chubby and unpretentious, Mindy runs the food delivery services for the Beverly Hills Cares Food Bank. She is sad to learn that one of their best drivers was killed, possibly while delivering food for them. sptv050769 PLEASE SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES. CO-STAR. (6 lines)

[CRAZY WOMAN] female, 20’s. A crazy, young woman who looks like she has stepped out of the Addams Family shows up to be one of the many people claiming to have committed a murder that is getting a lot of press. CO-STAR. PLEASE SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES (3 lines)

[PRAIRIE-OUTFITED WOMAN] female, 40’s, Caucasian, not necessarily in such great shape. A real fire-and-brimstone, “true believer” who shows up at the precinct wearing a white bonnet, a long white apron and a pair of white cuffs with lace trim and a white collar. She also claims to have committed the murder in the name of the notorious and long-dead mass murder, whom she believes she had relations with. CO-STAR. MUST BE WILLING TO SHOW A NETWORK TV AMOUNT OF NUDITY. (2 lines)

[HIPPIE] male, early 60’s, Caucasian. An “out there,” Dennis Hopper-esque former hippie who is also one of the crazy people claiming to know about the murder. CO-STAR. (2 lines)

[MALE REPORTER] male, 30’s – 40’s, any ethnicity. An on-camera newsman who is following the murder investigation and notes the similarites to the most notorious mass-murderers of all times from the 70’s. PLEASE SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES. CO-STAR. (1 line)

[COP #1 AND #2] male, late 20’s to 40, any ethnicity. When they pull over a car for a moving violation, they find drugs and a weapon and pull their guns on the suspect. CO-STAR. PLEASE SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES (7 lines and 2 lines).

Source: SpoilerTV

Episode 2×12 – Trapdoor

Broadcast date: 17 December 2008


Crews’s father, Charles Crews, Sr., shows up at his son’s doorstep to try to mend fences. Charles, Sr., is engaged to a much younger woman named Christina Hendricks. The case of the week involves the Russian mafia. (Source:

DEAD ENGINEER’S TRAPDOOR HELPS UNCOVER MOBSTER’S SECRET – When three Russians, including an engineer, are found dead the investigation leads Crews (Damian Lewis) and Reese (Sarah Shahi) to Russian mobster Roman Nevikov (Garret Dillahunt) who Crews believes is somehow linked to his own case. Meanwhile, Crews shoots an intruder who turns out to be someone he knows very well and Reese falls back into old habits. Adam Arkin, Brent Sexton and Donal Logue also star. (Source: NBC Universal)

Casting calls:

[CHARLES CREWS, SR.] – male, mid-50’s to mid-60’s, Caucasian. Charlie Crews’ (Damian Lewis) estranged father is very charming and likeable and still has enough sex appeal to have a much younger, beautiful fiancée (Christina Hendricks) who is in love with him for the right reasons. He shows up at his son’s home to try to mend fences, but Crews knows there’s more going on with his father than just that pretense. SUBMIT STAR NAMES. RECURRING GUEST STAR.

[LIZA HARMON] – female, early-to-mid-20’s. The very pretty, sweet girlfriend of one of the murder victims, she is grief-stricken to learn of his death. A barista at a local coffee shop, she would help him with his English and he would help her with her studies. PLEASE SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES. GUEST STAR.

[HUGE MAN] – male, 30’s to early 40’s. A REALLY big, in-shape dude who is in jail for a long time for something brutal, he is a friend of Charlie Crews and is sent to protect one of Charlie’s jailed friends from the meth heads who are harassing him. PLEASE SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES. CO-STAR. (6 lines)

[MR. HOPKINS] – male, 50’s. The officious, intelligent bank manager of a branch that might be robbed by the Russian mafia. PLEASE SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES INCLUDING LATIN AND ASIAN. CO-STAR. (6 lines)

[PRETTY BARTENDER] – female, 20’s. A smokin’ hot bartender at a very classy, upscale club run by the Russian mafia, she is afraid to talk to the police when her bosses are around. sptv050769 PLEASE SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES. CO-STAR. (4 lines)

[PAVEL ROZHDESTVENSKY] – male, early-to-mid-20’s, Russian/Caucasian. A sweet-faced, intelligent young Russian man who speaks English with a Russian accent. Pavel is an engineering genius but turns up dead because of his connections to a Russian mob boss. AUTHENTIC RUSSIAN ACCENT PREFERRED. CO-STAR. (1 speech)
(1 Actor Selected – View | Remove All)

[CLUB SECURITY GUARD] – male, late 20’s to early 40’s, Russian/Caucasian. This guy looks like an ex-boxer in a suit. Tough-looking and formidable, he is now the security guard at a very exclusive club owned by a Russian mob boss. AUTHENTIC RUSSIAN ACCENT PREFERRED. CO-STAR. (3 lines)

[HARD CASE/HARD CASE #2] – male, 20’s to early 30’s, Caucasian. These are a couple of tough, wiry guys in jail for meth use. They aren’t huge dudes, but they are definitely dangerous and scary. (3 lines & 1 line)

Source: SpoilerTV

Episode 2×13 – Re-Entry

Broadcast date: 09/02/04


The team investigates the death of a former astronaut. (Source:

NASA PILOT SHOT TO DEATH MID-FLIGHT — When a retired NASA pilot is shot to death mid-flight, Charlie Crews (Damian Lewis) and Dani Reese (Sarah Shahi) work to narrow down the list of suspects who include the dead pilots son and his current business partner. They must also take into consideration the pilot was about to pay the Russians 35 million dollars to take him back into space. Meanwhile, Tidwell tries to get Crews to remember who shot him. Adam Arkin and Brent Sexton also star. (Source: NBC Universal)

Casting calls:

[MICK BREEM] Male, late 50s to 60, Caucasian. Mick Breem, also a fit, intelligent former astronaut, runs a company with the victim. He feels the common depression that many astronauts feel when they realize that they aren’t going to get to be back in space again before they die…GUEST STAR.

[DEAN STONE] Male, mid-30s, Caucasian. Dean is the antithesis/opposite of his heroic astronaut father, sort of an underachiever. When he isn’t running the low-level industrial waste disposal unit of his father’s company, he hangs out with his friends and flies model airplanes. He’s also running an illegal business with some of the materials from his father’s company…GUEST STAR.

[ALISON STONE] Female, mid-20s. Alison is a very pretty, former Olympic-level athlete in swimming who is now married to a much older former astronaut. When her husband is shot and killed, she is very sad and upset. However, his plans to go back into space one more time while he was alive would’ve left the couple bankrupt. PLEASE SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES…GUEST STAR.

[ALAN TUCKER] Male, 30s. The very athletic, extreme sports enthusiast who befriends the victim, a former astronaut. When they climbed K2 together, there was an accident that should have killed Tucker. He survived, but mentally, he never really came down off the mountain and believes he should be dead. PLEASE SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES…GUEST STAR.

[CHARLOTTE TUCKER] Female, early 30s. Charlotte’s husband, Alan, was an avid risk-taking enthusiast (i.e., mountain climbing, parachuting, etc.) until an accident on K2 which should have left him dead. He is now a shell of a man and Charlotte is left alone with her kids and bitter toward the victim, whom she believes is responsible for making her husband a walking dead man. PLEASE SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES…VERY NICE CO-STAR OR POSSIBLE 1-DAY GUEST STAR.

[JEFF WARD] Male, 40s. The helpful, extremely fit guy who runs the Perris Jump School, he is an extreme sport enthusiast who almost carries himself like a former military guy. Jeff is mortified when he realizes that one of the guys may have gone up into a plane without a parachute…CO-STAR. (8 lines)

[HAZMAT OFFICER] Male, 30s. The intelligent, well-trained hazardous materials officer working with the detectives who has never seen anything like the substance they have encountered. He isn’t sure what it is, but is pretty sure Crews should be more careful with it…CO-STAR. PLEASE SUBMIT ACTORS WITH COMEDIC TIMING sptv050769 (BUT WHO GET THAT THIS SHOW IS A 1-HOUR DRAMA). PLEASE SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES. (6 lines)

[BIG WHITE GUY #1 ] Male, late 20s to early 40s, Caucasian. A massive hulk of man, this guy is an intimidating-looking prisoner in jail who works for one of Crews’ enemies…CO-STAR. (3 lines)

[MODEL AIRPLANE GEEK GIRL] Female, mid-20s to early 30s. The naturally geeky girl who hangs out with the victim’s son, Dean, and his geeky friends to fly model airplanes. She also assists them in running their illegal side-business. PLEASE SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES…CO-STAR. (3 lines)

[MODEL AIRPLANE GEEK GUY #1 & #2] Male, mid-20s to early 30s. The naturally geeky guys who hang out with the victim’s son, Dean, and fly model airplanes. They also help him run an illegal business on the side. sptv050769 PLEASE SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES…CO-STAR. (2 lines and 1 line)

[DEAN’S LAWYER] Male, 35 to 55. The intelligent lawyer defending the victim’s son who wishes his client would stop talking. PLEASE SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES…CO-STAR. (2 lines)

[DOCTOR] Female, 40s. The intelligent, kind doctor who is treating a police officer who had been shot. PLEASE SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES…CO-STAR. (1 line)

[INMATE] Male, 30 to 45. A slightly-sarcastic inmate asking advice from a financial planner who is teaching them in prison. He’s probably in for some drug-related offense. PLEASE SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES…CO-STAR. (1 line)

Source: SpoilerTV

Episode 2×14 – Mirror Ball

Broadcast date: 09/02/11


METAL HEADS COLLIDE WHEN THE LEAD SINGER OF COVER BAND IS KILLED — When the lead singer of a heavy metal cover band is suffocated to death, Charlie Crews (Damian Lewis) and Dani Reese (Sarah Shahi) are on the hunt to find the killer. Crews and Reese question the remaining band members and learn that the previous front man had a bone to pick with the now dead singer after he was kicked out of the band. They track down the former front man who seems to have a legitimate alibi and their lead goes cold. The investigation then takes an interesting turn when the detectives stumble across a homeless man who appears to be a groupie. Could this groupie have been responsible for the murder? Meanwhile, Crews learns his father’s wedding to Olivia (Christina Hendricks) has been called off. Adam Arkin, Brent Sexton and Donal Logue also star.
(Source: NBC Universal)

Casting call:

[TYLER SIMS] male, 30’s to mid-40’s, Caucasian. A construction worker who also used to be the lead singer in a cover band of a popular 80’s “hair metal” group. When the group kicked him out, he attacked their new lead singer, who is now a murder victim. He is obsessed with the original band and is much more than just a fan. GUEST STAR.

[DR. ROB STANTON] male, mid 30’s to mid-40’s, Caucasian. A seemingly mild-mannered dentist with perfect teeth, Stanton is also the bass player for a cover band of a popular 80’s “hair metal” group. It turns out he also wants to sleep with just as many women as the guys in the original band did and will use any method to reach his goal. GUEST STAR.

[EMMA WAGNER] female, mid-to-late 30’s, Caucasian. A very sweet, suburban, and now grief-stricken mom who works for the city, it was her husband who was murdered. She supported her husband’s desire to be the lead singer for a cover band, despite not being from that world at all. She was happy for him and also for the extra income. GUEST STAR.

[AL] male, early-to-mid 50’s, Caucasian. Al is an overweight, bald, homeless guy with a little bit of an edge who lives near the theatre where the lead singer of a cover band was killed. At first, he seems like an average slightly “off” homeless guy. However, after digging further, Al turns out to be much more than that. GUEST STAR.

[MATT WAGNER, JR.] male, 8 to 10, Caucasian. The brave son of the murder victim, Matt is well-spoken, smart and willing to help the police catch his father’s killer to make his father proud. NICE CO-STAR. (10 lines)

[ERIK/HAL] male, 30’s, Caucasian. Erik is the drummer and Hal is the guitar-player in a cover band of a popular 80’s “hair metal” group, but in real life, they are a couple of average-looking UPS guys who seem saddened that their lead singer was murdered. CO-STARS. (9 lines and 8 lines)

[FOREMAN] male, 40’s, African-American or Hispanic. The blue collar construction foreman at a site where one of the suspects works. sptv050769 CO-STAR. (7 lines)

[RECEPTIONIST] female, 20’s. The very pretty, professional receptionist at a dentist’s office. PLEASE SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES. CO-STAR. (2 lines)

[SECURITY GUARD] male, 20’s to 30’s, African-American or Hispanic. A security guard at a theater where rock bands perform. CO-STAR. (1 line)

Source: Spoiler TV

Episode 2×15 – I Heart Mom

Broadcast date: 09/02/18


CONSTRUCTION CON-MAN FOUND DEAD IN HOUSE WITH NO ROOF—A man is found beaten and shot dead with a mouth full of money in a house with no roof. Crews (Damian Lewis) and Reese (Sarah Shahi) begin their investigation and discover the victim was running an elaborate construction scam that left his clients without roofs or money. While interviewing the duped customers, they meet an eccentric man with a violent streak and the intimidating son of an old woman with a long rap sheet. The detectives work to figure out if either of these men could be the murderer. Meanwhile, Crews has a confrontation with Mickey Rayborn (William Atherton) which sheds some light on the conspiracy against him. Adam Arkin, Brent Sexton and Donal Logue also star.
(Source: NBC Universal)

Casting call:

This episode will shoot between 6th and 15th January.

[WILLIAM FORD] African American. Male, 50’s-60’s. This is a big guy (6’3″, 250lbs) who used to be quite the scary/violent biker gang/bad-ass. He is now an ex-convict who tends to his aging mother who has convinced him to repent his sins and live a respectable life. He runs the antique business of one of his former victims, in a so called attempt to make amends and be on the straight and narrow. GUEST STAR.

[SASCHA TURNER] Female, 20’s. The beautiful and charming young woman who is helping to run the roofing business. She has a smile that makes men swoon and is hard to resist when she turns it on. She is also the fiancee of the victim and claims not to know anything about the schemes her deceased fiancee had been running. GUEST STAR.

[IAN RYAN] Male, late 20’s. Ian is the very charismatic, intelligent, handsome and charming businessman who helped run the roofing business for the victim. He claims not to know anything about the schemes his boss had been running. GUEST STAR.

[RED PESCA] Male, 40’s, Caucasian/Brunette. Despite the name, “Red” is a brunette who has had his roof stolen by the murder victim who took it off and didn’t fix it. His doctor told him that you live longer if you can laugh at things, but it becomes apparent quickly that Red has a temper problem. Red is a working man with a family who tries to make money flipping houses when he sees investors all around him cashing in. GUEST STAR.

[MARY FORD] African American. Female, 70’s to early 80’s. The incredibly sweet and seemingly-naïve mother of William, whom she describes as the loving son who bakes for her and sells antiques. It turns out her son is an ex-con biker with a violent history whom she has convinced to repent his sins and live a respectable life. GUEST STAR.

[ANN EARLY] Female, early 20’s, Caucasian. A student documentarian who has that film school /slacker vibe. She is also Ted’s (Adam Arkin) daughter who has come to interview him for a documentary about their family’s history, even though she hasn’t seen him since he got out of jail and doesn’t seem to want anything to do with him. POSSIBLE RECURRING 1-DAY GUEST STAR.

[ANDY AND CORY WELT] Male, mid-to-late 20’s. A happy, newly-married gay couple who had their roof stolen by a shady businessman who removed it and never fixed it. Instead of being upset by this, they decide to rebuild the roof together as a bonding experience and document the whole thing on the web. PLEASE SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES. CO-STARS (5 lines and 6 lines)

[MOIRA PESCA] Female, early 40’s, Caucasian. Red’s wife, she is living unhappily with her family in a house without a roof. However, when guests stop by, she greets them warmly, despite the cold and has no idea what her husband is really doing in regards to fixing their home.sptv050769 CO-STAR. (3 lines)

Source: Spoiler TV

Episode 2×16 – Hit Me Baby

Broadcast date: 09/02/25


Crews follows the trail left behind by a brutally murdered man, and it leads him all the way to CLAUDIA, an uncatchable hit woman; Reese is polygraphed by the FBI before joining a Task Force…

LADIES MAN IMPALED AND LEFT FOR DEAD — When Reese (Sarah Shahi) is asked to be part of a joint organized crime task force for the FBI, Crews (Damian Lewis) and Stark (Brent Sexton) must investigate the murder of a financial advisor who had a fondness for women and pigeons. The investigation leads Crews and Stark into a world of extreme corporate and political power. Donal Logue and Adam Arkin also star. (Source: NBC Universal)

Casting call:

[CLAUDIA / ALEXA] A woman in her late 20s, beautiful, with vivid eyes and a gorgeous figure, she lives in a bungalow in Venice, and is suspected of being an escort and committing murder using common everyday household objects. But Claudia insists that she’s a professional chef, and is remarkably cheerful and chatty when she’s taken in for identification. A woman who has left only one tiny clue to her real career, Claudia almost succeeds in making her getaway. GUEST STAR.

[EDWARD ZAKARIA] Male, 50’s – 60’s, slight, Middle Eastern, Indian, South American or Eastern European. Quirky, old world, refined, and articulate, he’s a master pigeon fancier who is an absolute expert on pigeons — not so good on people. The man who helped groom “Alexa” as a pigeon fancier, he’s questioned by the detectives. The kind of man who describes human beings in terms normally used for birds, he’s asked by the detectives to identify Alexa — but he’s hesitant, unable to firmly establish the ID sptv050769. GUEST STAR.

[AGENT LIZ RAY] Female, Mid 30’s, tough, African American, this FBI agent administers a polygraph to Dani Reese, who is under consideration as part of a joint FBI-LAPD Task Force. Intent on finding out exactly which aspects of Reese’s private life would make her vulnerable to blackmail, Agent Ray questions Reese closely about her relationships with her father, her former lover, and with Charlie Crews…ONE DAY – GUEST STAR (20)

[DEEPA] A very pretty East Indian woman in her 20s, Deepa works in Bluetooth customer support, in Bangalore, India. Though she claims her name is “June” for the American customers, and is under orders not to give out personal information, she’s charmed and a little worried when Crews starts calling her to talk about his caseload. ONE DAY GUEST STAR or VERY NICE CO-STAR.

[BRENDA TRILL] Early 40s, Caucasian and very pretty, Brenda is the head of a local escort service who is completely unfazed when asked about the murder of one of her clients. She’s the employer of high-priced hookers who were all hired on a steady basis by the murder victim. Later, asked to identify one of her employees, Brenda is unable to do so, as she rarely interacts with her employees or her high paying clients. NICE CO-STAR. 2 speeches & 8 lines, 2 scenes (14)

[MITCH & RENNIE DUFEK] TWIN BROTHERS, they are both skinny men with their pants pulled high, with thick glasses and slicked back hair, shirts buttoned up to the neck. Two very distinctive men who dress alike and look alike, they are pigeon fanciers, who show up at the coop hoping to gather a fertilized egg.
Very knowledgeable about the victim, and well acquainted with Alexa, his girlfriend and fellow pigeon fancier (they both carry a little torch for her), they are later asked to identify Alexa, and can’t do it. NICE CO-STAR. 12 lines, 4 scenes; 14 lines, 4 scenes, respectively (19).

[HARPER, TRISH, VERONICA] 20’s any ethnicity. Gorgeous, professional, upscale, with great bods. A trio of attractive professional escorts that are Brenda Trill’s employees. Interviewed by Crews and Stark in regards to the suspect and victim, they help give the police a close look at Jerome’s eccentric, old-school gallant relationship with his high-paid dates.sptv050769 9 lines, 1 scene.

[TEEN GIRL] Dazed and sickened, this teenaged girl is horrified by the sight of a dying Jerome Rafts, impaled on a broom handle…1 line, 1 scene.

Source: Spoiler TV

Episode 2×17 – Shelf Life

Broadcast date: 09/03/11


SOLDIERS DEATH UNRAVELS CORPORATE SCANDAL — Crews (Damian Lewis) and Stark (Brent Sexton) investigate the death of a soldier who was stabbed in the chest while on leave in Los Angeles. Their quest for the killer leads them into a world of extreme corporate and political power. Meanwhile, Crews makes a shocking discovery with the help of the late Mickey Rayborn�s security specialist Amanda Puryer (Helen McCrory). Sarah Shahi, Donal Logue and Adam Arkin also star. (Source: NBC Universal)

Episode 2×18 – 3 Women

Broadcast date: 09/03/18


SPECIAL GUEST STAR GABRIELLE UNION JOINS THE CAST OF “LIFE” AS DETECTIVE JANE SEEVER — With Reese (Sarah Shahi) still on loan to the FBI, Crews (Damian Lewis) is assigned a new partner, Detective Jane Seever (Gabrielle Union). Seever, the exact opposite of Reese, is an over achiever with a 15-year plan to one day become mayor. Crews and Seever get right to work on the murder of a court reporter who was clubbed to death with a three iron. The reporter turns up dead after becoming pen pals with a convict who was imprisoned for a jewelry heist. Sarah Shahi, Donal Logue and Adam Arkin also star. (Source: NBC Universal)

Episode 2×19 – 5 Quarts

Broadcast date: 09/03/25


CORONERS DEATH REVEALS DARK UNDERBELLY OF THE PROFESSION — When a Los Angeles Coroner is found murdered, his co-workers become prime suspects. Crews (Damian Lewis) and Seever (Gabrielle Union) are under pressure to quickly solve the case because if the killer is another coroner, countless murder cases could be compromised and guilty people set free. Meanwhile, Ted (Adam Arkin) attempts to reconcile with his daughter. Donal Logue and Sarah Shahi also star. (Source: NBC Universal)

Episode 2×20 – Initiative 38

Broadcast date: 09/04/01


A STATE POLITICIAN SEEKING TO BAN HANDGUNS IS SHOT TO DEATH�Crews (Damian Lewis) and Seever (Gabrielle Union) investigate the death of a California State Representative who is shot and killed in her home. The detectives discover the representative was the force behind a political initiative that would put a comprehensive ban on handguns and cost a gun manufacturing company millions in profit. Crews and Seever work to prove that the representative�s political ambitions may have gotten her killed. Meanwhile, Crews questions what Reese might be doing with the FBI. Adam Arkin, Donal Logue and Brent Sexton also star. (Source: NBC Universal)

Casting Call:

[HOWARD AMIS] male, early 40’s, Caucasian. Howard is a powerful political consultant who works for right-wing issues and is married to a woman who is also a powerful political consultant for liberal causes…namely gun control. When his wife is found murdered, he falls apart and becomes a wounded, sensitive man who we feel very saddened for. However, since he is the husband of a murder victim, he is also a suspect. GUEST STAR

[WHITNEY PAXSON] female, early-to-mid-30’s. Very pretty, strong and smart, Whitney Paxson is the CEO of a major gun-producing company. She wears a bold face at all times and is a hard woman to read. She is aggressively trying to stop the anti-gun lobby from passing a new handgun law. GUEST STAR.

[ELLA HOLDEN] female, late 20’s, Caucasian. The beautiful, intelligent, ivy-league schooled protégé to the murder victim, Ella is saddened by her death but with her tough-as-nails attitude, she looks for a way to use it against the gun corporations. She believes in her mentor’s philosophy of “Use Everything, Leave Nothing,” and is aggressive in implementing that strategy at anyone in her way. GUEST STAR

[JACKIE] female, late 20’s, Caucasian. The very pretty, put-together and liberal sister of the murder victim, she is working for Greenpeace in the Antarctica when she learns of her sister’s death. We learn that there was a great deal of tension between the sisters and that Jackie might be involved with the murder. 1-DAY GUEST STAR.

[DR. ANDERS] male, 45-65, Caucasian. An intelligent psychiatrist who is shocked to find that one of his patients has been murdered. He helps the detectives as best he can. CO-STAR (7 lines)

[ELLA HOLDEN’S ASSISTANT] female, early 20’s. A pretty, well-trained assistant in a high-power lobbying company. PLEASE SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES. CO-STAR. (2 lines)

[P&K ASSISTANT] male, 25-35. The intelligent, highly-professional assistant to the CEO of a gun manufacturing company. PLEASE SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES. CO-STAR. (1 line)

[REPORTER] male, 35 to 42, African-American, Asian or Hispanic. An on-camera (well-dressed, groomed, news-looking) reporter who is interviewing a murder suspect as they are being walked through a crowd by the police. sptv050769 CO-STAR. (1 line)

[SHORT FAT MAN] male, late 30’s to 40’s, Caucasian. A short, fat criminal who is in jail and is happily helping the mob. CO-STAR. (2 lines)

Source: Spoiler TV

Episode 2×21 – One

Broadcast date: 09/04/08


SEASON TWO FINALE EPISODE OF ‘LIFE’ – In the season two finale episode Crews (Damian Lewis) must locate his partner Reese (Sarah Shahi) who has gone missing while on loan to the F.B.I. Her disappearance is directly tied to Crews and he will do whatever it takes to get her back. In the events that transpire, shocking details about the conspiracy against Crews will be revealed. Gabrielle Union, Donal Logue, Brent Sexton and Adam Arkin also star. (Source: NBC Universal)

Casting Call:

[DR. ENGLER] Male, mid/late-40’s to early 50’s, Caucasian. The pasty and nervous Dr. Engler was treating the now-missing and presumed-dead Mickey Rayborn (William Atherton) and may have knowledge about what happened to him. He tries to stands up to Crews…until he is threatened and then he folds and tells what he knows. NICE CO-STAR. (11 lines)

[RUSSIAN CALL GIRL] Female, early-to-mid-20’s, Caucasian/Russian. The Stunningly Beautiful Russian call girl who thinks she is going to perform her usual services. When her “john” turns out to be a Detective who is using her to communicate with a mob boss, she gets very businesslike sptv050769. AUTHENTIC RUSSIAN/EASTERN EUROPEAN ACCENT PREFERRED. CO-STAR.

Source: Spoiler TV