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Billions Season 3 Awards – June 10, 2018


by Alec Hare | The Breakshot | June 10, 2018

Season 3

Wow. What a season! In Billions Season 3, the plot went left when we thought it would go straight and it went up when we thought it was going to go down. The showrunners pivoting the plot at every turn made this season unpredictable and fun. The season was basically two different seasons as the show resets in the middle. Not to mention in Season 4 we will be getting the return of the big three Chuck, Wendy, and Axe. Enough of that, it’s time to hand out Billions Season 3 Awards!!

Season Finale LVP

Unfortunately Chuck’s winning streak came to an end by the hands of Connerty and Dake at the end of the season. Making him the LVP. He won’t be down long though, come on, it’s Chuck Rhoades.

Season Finale MVP

This award could go several different ways but I’m giving it collectively to Jock Jeffcoat and his sidekicks (Dake, Sacker, and Connerty). Chuck’s plan was too good to be true even though at times this season his plans have worked out that way. I sensed in the last episode that Jock wasn’t going down after the camera awkwardly hung over the cowboy hat, that Chuck was gifted, that he hung up on his monitor leaving the office.

Honorable Mention

Taylor. They finally got out from under Axe’s wing and started a hedge fund company and managed to bring Mafee with them. Unfortunately, Axe has a plan that involves Chuck which sniffs bad news for Taylor. Also Oscar rejects Taylor’s invitation to hangout after bringing treats and money to invest to Taylor. Lastly, Wendy didn’t even tempt Taylor’s offer to join the company.

Rookie of the Year

This is a tough one. I’ll go with Grigor Andolov. The Russion wrinkle to the Axe plot is interesting enough to reward Grigor with rookie of the year. Although he was more of a second half to the season type character his relationship with Axe seems like something that will be a major plot moving forward. Grigor didn’t have much competition as we didn’t have many new rookies this season. Not to mention Grigor was pushing to kill Taylor?! That was very intense and brought an idea that we haven’t seen much on the show.

Honorable Mention

Jock Jeffcoat. Chuck tried to take him out and failed. Although he would’ve succeeded had he not psychologically destroyed someone to the point of obsessing over vengeance. Connerty finally caught a break by ratting to Jeffcoat. I must say I really thought Jeffcoat was going to be a plot device that took Rhoades to the next level of becoming Attorney General. For now, Jeffcoat is an honorable mention. We’ll see how he performs next season.

Special Mention

Bonnie. Great addition to Axe Cap. The Dollar Bill-tamer.

Comeback Character of the Year

Bobby Axelrod. Coming off Season 2, the future was looking tough for Axe, whom was looking to face some serious federal offenses. The season starts off with Bobby losing his ability to trade and struggling with the lack of control over his money. Fortunately, over the course of the season, Axe is back! It wasn’t without help from multiple parties (millennial spy twins, Hall, and surprisingly enough, Chuck Rhoades). Bobby was able to tamper evidence throughout the trial to keep the heat off of him before eventually having to team up with Chuck to frame Dr. Gilbert, of the Ice Juice sabotage.

Once Axe is free of any wrong doing he still isn’t entirely free. Axe had to find investor(s) to invest into Axe Cap to make up for the investors he lost during the trial. Enter Grigor Andolov, the Russian Billionaire who decides to invest in Axe. Although Taylor decides to leave Axe, he decides against having her killed. Smart move, having just got out of legal trouble, good to stay clear of it. Also did Axe really need a hit man to tell him the ramifications of Grigor having Taylor killed? Obviously he would have that leverage over Axe. Either way good decision by Axe.

He was also able to keep Grigor’s business for now which is a win. Even though I fear for Axe’s life after that last scene with Grigor when he said he would return if any of his money was lost. Not to mention Axe has a plan to get back at Tayor which involves bringing in Chuck Rhoades! Axe Cap’s biggest asset (IMO) is Wendy and she didn’t think twice about staying on board. Axe ends the season in better shape then he did at the beginning of the season (not in legal trouble), became friends with his enemy, making him my comeback character of the year.

Least Valuable Player

Although he did win co-Finale MVP, I still had to give this award to Bryan Connerty. Easily. Poor guy tried to take down Axe AND Chuck and ended up getting embarrassed in front of a courtroom because of it. For a moment it looked like Connerty was a real threat to Chuck. Once Axe, Chuck AND Wendy were forced to team up (like the Golden State Warrior’s of Showtime) it was clear Connerty was going to take the loss and he did. After that, Connerty is to work under Chuck again which last about 5 hours of Chuck-esque punishment by making Connerty sit in an office until Chuck decides to humiliate/fire him in front of the whole office. Connerty, whom obsessed over taking Chuck down finally caught a win and ultimately Chuck’s job based off the info he found out from Sacker. Now that Chuck is teaming back up with Axe, I’m afraid Connerty is doomed. Especially after the last time they faced off.

Honorable Mention

Lara Axelrod. Had a lot of garbage screen time this season. Didn’t really move the plot forward at all and when she finally serves the purpose of telling Bobby he needs to give Taylor a fair raise, it back fires and Taylor leaves Axe Cap. Kind of pointless.

Most Valuable Player

After much thought to the most valuable player of Billions of Season 3, it is clear the winner is the one and only Chuck Rhoades. Chuck over the course of this season was playing 5D chess. He had Axe on the ropes to the point where he could’ve hid key evidence in Axe’s apartment and called in a search warrant. Chuck then pivots his thinking, and realizes that in order to save his wife’s freedom from any mishap in the Ice Juice case, he had to save Axe in the process. So he does exactly that!!

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Chuck made his case for MVP in episode 7, Not You, Mr. Dake, when he manipulates Dr. Gilbert into taking the plea in his wrongdoing (and also not wrongdoing)  in the Ice Juice case, whom becomes the fall guy and eliminates any further process to the trial.

Another case for MVP was demonstrated, when Chuck was able to fix the relationships that he destroyed in setting up Axe in the Ice Juice, his dad, Charles Sr. as well as longtime friend Ira. How Chuck was able to salvage Ira’s money and scare his new wife, Taiga into not leaving Ira is once again a strong showing of an MVP move.

These aren’t the only points to his case either, Chuck decides to take down Black Jack Foley in the span of like half an episode by catching him bribing in the act. Chuck decides not to run for politics to honor a favor he owed to judge Adam DeGiulio. What?! Someone actually keeping their word in this show!

It also looked like Chuck was going to get another win, on Attorney General, Jock Jeffcoat before being ratted out by Connerty. Although it looks like Chuck is in the dumps after being fired, keep in mind he’s not in legal trouble and surely Season 4 will be a bounce back season. For now, Season 3 MVP, Chuck Rhoades.

Honorable Mention

Wendy Rhoades. She leveraged her positions with Chuck and Axe to get them to work together to save her from any legal matter. Unfortunately, Wendy’s character felt marginalized this season and not as much of a force as last seasons making her the runner-up to MVP.

Now that season 3 has come to an end. The feeling is now sinking in that we have to wait months to see Axe and Chuck on screen again. The show pivoted from the feud between the two and now we find them working together again! The biggest question heading into Season 4: What is Axe’s plan?!?