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From The Trader’s Desk: Beware the Stealthy Assassin

Billions Season 7 Episode 5 ‘The Gulag Archipelago’

by Lady Trader | Fan Fun with Damian Lewis | September 15, 2023

How I lied, went to hide,
How I tried to get away from you, now,
Am I right, if I fight?
That I might just get away from you, now
Megalomania – Black Sabbath

Welcome to the condensed version of “From the Trader’s Desk”! I will be heading out of a business/mini vacation trip mid-week, so my thoughts are going to be quick and dirty as they say!

I chose lyrics from a song on Black Sabbath’s sixth studio album, Sabotage, since it seemed fitting. Taylor has decided to join the fight to stop Mike Prince, so they are right to fight!

I really want to focus on Taylor and their brilliant move in dinging the good ship Prince, so just a few thoughts first.

I do not think for one second that Chuck helped Ira get his phone back purely out of friendship. Chuck never does anything for anyone unless it advances his own agenda. There may have been 5% friendship in his motivation, but I’m being generous. We know when he sets his site on whichever white whale he is after, he doesn’t care who he harms in the process. He threw Ira and his Dad under the bus in the Ice Juice caper, and in his focus to get Jock Jeffcoat, he abandoned Wendy to the point where that was the straw that cause their divorce.

I think we were all happy to see Bryan make a comeback to Billions. He was a popular pick in our “Our Top 3 Billions Characters We’d Love to See Return” post so points to everyone who chose him. I was surprised to see him as a Teppanyaki chef, but I think his days of volcanic onions may be coming to an end. I do think Kate will help get his law license back, but I also wouldn’t be surprised if he tries to be a fly in her Senate run anointment.

Wendy and Bradford seemed quite cozy together discussing Prince. Do I think Wendy is going to tell Bradford exactly what she thinks? Hell no! She is playing the loyalty role so well. Even making sure she got permission to talk to Bradford from Prince was a brilliant, calculated move. Prince trusts she’s all in on the “Prince POTUS” train, which I guess is the reason why he throws a computer through her glass wall when he finds out she really isn’t.

And now, let’s talk about Torpedo Taylor….

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